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Fart alert.

Hey guys, listen up! As you may be aware, we haven’t seen any fart stories around for a while, the good news is Mert has just posted one for your reading pleasure. Go and checkout Mile High Flub.


8 Responses

  1. If there is anything that you will learn about me in the future… I am always good for a fart story.

    I’m just naturally effervescent.

  2. I forgot to say thanks for the link. 😀

  3. Totally cracked me up. But don’t you mean “fluff story”?

  4. Jenny – I tried to work fluff into it, but couldn’t find a way. So I went with flub, which by the way, I’ve never heard of before.

  5. Shit! I just got it! You should have said Fluff Story (with capitals) then I might have recognized it straight away.

  6. I read it at work during a break.. and laughed out loud. I’m going back over there to imitate bird calls.

  7. hehehe…one of my sisters is a flight attendant and she said you’d be surprised how many people fart…especially as the plane descends for landing…all that pressure does have an effect! heheh..

  8. there’s another one over atAn Island Life

    She is a flight attendant

    (remember me losing a blogger to … well.. you remember..
    this is a brand new blog)

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