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Just say NO.

This is my dog…


This is my dog on drugs…


No shit, this is really a drug induced state. The beagle gets really anxious if there’s thunder about so last time I was at the Vet’s I got some happy pills for him, I think they’re doggie Valium. The pug doesn’t seem to mind too much, anyway this morning around 4:00 o’clock there was some pretty loud and sustained thunder, so I gave him a pill. This is what he looked like at around 10:00am.

I love the way his nose and mouth are all bent out of shape, his nose is white and dry because he was playing in the dirt just before he conked out.

As a point of interest (and in case you noticed), his face went from the brown in the first photo to the white in the second in the space of about 6 months. He’s still only 5 years old.


31 Responses

  1. Aw, poor doggie.

    My brother-in-laws dog once jumped throught a plate glass window on the fourth of July when the fireworks went off, so they had to sedate him also.

    I noticed you got a new piture at the top of your blog. I think the dingo might be up to no good the dolls nickers are around her ankles.


  2. we have a wind storm roaring through and I’m a little nervous right now, too. You got anymore of that doggy stuff?

    Bently looks like me after 1 glass of wine.

  3. Pitiful. He looks absolutely spent. Pre-mature aging from thunder?…don’t think I’ve ever heard of that before. Doggie treats are in the mail.

  4. You gave your 5 year old valium just so you wouldn’t have to comfort him during a thunderstorm and *I* get yell out for being a bad mother?

  5. Jenny stole my line.

  6. Oh, but, seriously, we had a golden retriever named Rosie who turned white in her sweet face early, too!!

  7. ps.
    My rottweiler Karl Von Schwarz, lost his brown spots over his eyes – between 6 months and 1 year old.

    (His tail was lopped to short, also – which was only frightful if you were walking directly behind him )

  8. Wow, my beagle’s face didn’t turn that white until he was about nine or ten years old. There were days when he looked just as drugged as Bently up there but that generally followed lying in a patch for extra toasty sunlight for a long while. After getting sufficiently baked (as in cooked, not stoned) he’d crawl off to a cooler spot and sleep it off.

  9. I honestly thought from the looks at that second photo that you were giving him shotgun hits…I mean, look at those EYES!

    You’re going to have a lot of drool to clean up.

  10. You need to start posting video of your dogs in action. They’re so cute.

  11. Maybe the white hairs are from all the doggie valium.

  12. I did notice the difference in the face. I want some of those pills.

  13. The relevant question is: Have you tried the drugs yourself yet? Might be even better than Stephanie’s Haldol.

  14. I don’t think I have ever known a dog that didn’t freak out at thunder.

    Or maybe he’s just worn out from barbie.

  15. Aww, poor pooch.

    Actually, he looks exactly how I feel right now.

    I need to get some of those pills for my kids.

    That’s some serious graying. Maybe he’s trying to impress the females in the area? 😉

    My pooch (black lab) is now 11 1/2 yrs old, doesn’t mind storms, and isn’t gray at all, ha!

  16. poor Bentley. He doesn’t look happy at all. aren’t drugs supposed to make you happy? sheesh!

  17. Oh my gosh. I love your damn dogs, you blimey bloke bastard.

  18. Our doggie Freebea was scared of thunder too… more so of fireworks. That’s another story though because it was 4th of July when she upchucked the sedative, escaped her chain, jumped a fence and ran through the streets. She was hit and killed. I think the doggie valuim is a good idea!

  19. The white is probably just stray coke. Dogs are very messy drug-addicts. Please stop enabling him, pusher.

  20. um…is that a pillow and a blankie for your puppy?…

  21. I have a black lab who is totally scared of storms.. she crawls in my lap and gets in my face everytime one comes around.. she has the same type of meds to take… poor thing.

  22. This is not Karmyn
    This is Pamela.. testing the theory that Karmyn is blacklisted for spamming your site the other day.

    This is a test!
    from Pamela’s computer

  23. okay…
    apparently it is true.
    It is her IP address that is keeping her from commenting.

    She may have to Email you!!

  24. This is not Swampy, it’s Junior and Bubba asking if your dogs will send them some of their drugs.

  25. My tiger cat Wolfie is afraid of thunder also. He jumps behind the TV in our armoire, which is the best place to hide during a thunder storm. Right next to a large electric appliance.

    Bentley looks like I did about a week ago on Darvocet. Evidently, we are both light weights. I love that picture! :O)

  26. Hope he doesn’t get hooked! LOL just kidding. . .

  27. Oh, poor doggie.

  28. Willow…ok bub…gushing? I think not. sheeeeeesh!!

  29. i see you brought out the big guns for forgiveness…who could stay mad at Snoopy!! AWWWW!!!!

  30. Oh, that new photo under About is just naughty! Think about what you’re doing to that dog’s reputation! Without his knowledge! He needs his own forum to speak up on his behalf!

  31. Hey! I can’t believe how much that bottom picture looks like the one I just posted!

    LOVE big, squishy beagles! 🙂

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