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Did you check the oil?

It seemed to me that MDW’s computer was very slow, admittedly it’s only dial up, the same as mine, but it just seemed to take way longer to do anything, especially internet stuff. So I asked her if she had been updating Windows regularly and I got that same blank expression I get when I ask if she has checked the oil in her car. But difference is, the answer to the car oil question is usually "why would I do that, the oil light is on so there must be oil".

In this case I simply got "What do you mean?" So I checked the logs and the last update was performed in November 2003 (it was set to update automatically but had been failing for the last three years), which coincidently is precisely the time we settled the purchase of the farm and I got the hell out of Dodge. In case you have never done it, downloading and applying three years worth updates, including SP2 on a dialup connection takes over 14 hours.

So now you no why there was no post yesterday, you also know why MDW is no longer talking to me. (just kidding, we’re fine). It has sped things up considerably though, so the effort was worth it.


25 Responses

  1. Hello….is there anybody out there???

  2. a response from outer space.

    I have been very busy today — working on my calendar for 2007… waiting for the last week for christmas presents.

    boy howdy, do I relate to your DW…

    I make the hubby come help me with the updates

  3. I have to do all that stuff around here though thankfully I am past dialup. But I remember when I wasn’t and it would take a day or two to fix anything. Admirable job. Hope you got a…reward.

  4. I’m with your DW…blank stare…huh? updates?

  5. I’m with your DW…blank stare…huh? updates?

  6. I’m seein’ double….(Claudia)

    I sooo resemble her remark 😉

  7. You would have gotten the same look from me. Guess I have another project to tackle.

  8. Um, yeah. One word: MAC!!!!!

  9. If I told you that you were sexy, would you comment on my blog?

    Just another Sheila

  10. I cannot believe I wrote that…do you have a delete button on this thing or you could delete it? Please?

  11. So do I put the new oil in the floopy drive or the CD drive?

  12. hmmm…why am I one there twice? what is going on? oh, oh!

  13. Swampwitch looking like a Deer in Headlights

  14. Ha! Did you check the oil? That blank stare you received is one I get daily from our customers. Bless their hearts.

    About once a month someone will have a car towed in and it is only out of gas. I hate delivering news like that.

  15. I never knew cars needed anything but gas and a key in the ignition, until after I’d been at college for two years. Luckily, mine had that “automatic” shut off when the oil got low – so that I didn’t fry the engine. I had NO clue before then! Of course, all my guy friends thought I was a complete idiot – and rightly so!

  16. Funny you mention this, my computer was in the shop today to get the oil changed and some new plugs and wires. It’s runnin’ like a champ again. I love the Apple 3 year extended warranty that pays for all of these services.

  17. To all you apple owners: did you ever consider that we enjoy the the fact that Windows needs constant tinkering to keep it going? It is a useful diversion from an otherwise boring life.

    Beth, as to your request to delete to slutty comment. What was that other alias you used to use? Ah that’s right….No.

  18. Hey – I can comment – but only by cheating.

    I\’m using unipeak.com (anonymouse IP). It is s l o w like molasses, but at least I can comment! (so, until I\’m on the whitelist, I\’ll probably only be saying \’hello\’ on a weekly basis.) Frustrating.

  19. Hmmm…. Get a PC, it breaks, um, needs constant tinkering, and cannot write posts…. I see how this works.

    You’re right, my life is so boring because it never seems to break and I find myself with nothing else to do.

  20. regarding the oil and the auto bit…
    30 plus years ago I DID do those things with my car.
    But then the hubby spoiled me when we married.

    What can I saw. It’s all his fault I don’t do it anymore

  21. Mark – That’s exactly what I’m talking about! My life would be totally empty without the roughly 80 hours a month keeping M$Crap afloat.

    I really do feel sorry for you guys with those boring stable systems, how dull.

  22. Pamela – When I first met MDW, she not only checked the oil, she used to do her own oil changes. I’m telling you, it impressed the shit out of me.

  23. You can’t or won’t remove the comment?…and just to clairify…



  24. Breezin’ in to say hello :). Hope you’re having a loverly time w/YDW! Will you be there through the weekend?

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