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Unscheduled return.

I’m back at the farm, I wasn’t supposed to be back yet but those two idiot dogs caused a change of plans. Everything was fine for about three days, catching up with MDW, eating food that you can only get in populated areas and watching the big screen TV. Then in the blink of an eye it all changed.

As is my usual practice, I make the dogs go outside after I feed them, in one end – out the other, so to speak. The day before yesterday when they went out, they managed to find a bit of the fence where the termites had a party and were able to break enough of it to get out. I know these guys, this was planned over the three days we were down there, they would have been working on the fence every time they were out the back.

They escape up here all the time but that’s ok, as you know there’s nothing up here but cows, so they usually just run around for an hour and come back. But on the Coast it’s different, here we’re talking a good sized regional centre with a population of around 400,000 so there’s a lot that can happen to them. Plus our place down there backs on to a huge nature reserve.

MDW and I walked around in the rainforest calling them for about an hour with no luck, then it got too dark to continue so we came home and hoped they would show up of their own accord like they usually do, they have escaped down there a few times, but this was around dusk which is always a bad time because the beagle picks up more scents then.

The didn’t come home that night.

Normally when I arrive on the Coast, the first thing I do is change their dog tags to ones that have our Coast phone number, but this time forgot. While you can get messages off the machine up here from anywhere, as I get very few calls and am rarely away from here, I’ve never learned how to do it. So unfortunately I had to drive the three hours between houses so I could check the machine.

I got here around 10:30am yesterday and there were four messages from a kind lady who the dogs had chosen to adopt (she had 4 young kids and my guys love kids). The first message was from around 2 hours after they got out, it took them that long to make their way through the reserve and end up three suburbs away. She sounded fine but was a bit concerned that as she had no fence the dogs might take off again, plus she couldn’t understand why the tags had a phone number from 200 miles away. The next three messages increased in anxiety with each message.

So I rang MDW and gave her the details and she drove around to get them, she’s going back today to give the lady a gift certificate and a thank you card. So I’m up here by myself until MDW comes up on Saturday to spend Christmas and New Year, in truth I’m enjoying myself, it’s been four years since I have been able to do anything I want without thinking of the dogs. You see, usually when I go shopping or up to Tamworth, I take them with me, but it’s too hot to do that right now so I have to secure them before I go.

Here’s the thing that pisses me off, she didn’t even have any fences yet they just hung around her front porch for a night and a day! The bastards.


25 Responses

  1. I’ll betcha they laugh at you when they’re not around. You must be more firm with your children, Willowtree. Quit letting them walk all over you.

    OR…you could always send them to Ree’s for a little vacation! How ’bout it?

  2. Ree, send me your postal address and a big box with air holes and they’re yours.

  3. I’m not feelin’ the love right now. I think I see who’s in charge around here….;).

    (sorry the kids mucked up your plans…:/)

  4. Dogs are not really all that loyal, you know, like men. Oh! That was a typo! I mean men are like dogs…no,no that’s not what I meant either. What I meant was…er…
    It’s good to be home, isn’t it?

  5. How scary, and maddening! Did you sleep at all the night they were gone?

    So glad they found a nice person, and your story will have a happy ending.

    Sounds like you better find yourself a couple of kids before the dogs return 😉

    Sorry your plans were ruined, but enjoy the peace and solitude.

  6. I would have been a nervous wreck had I lost my Poo Woo. You are such a good “dad” to drive that far to check the machine!!

    Traitor dogs. Hope they appreciate all you’ve done!

  7. So much for man’s best friend!! Ha. My cat is more loyal than those mutts!

  8. Holiday Scavenger Hunt Clue #3:

    Maxwell Smart’s “cell” phone

  9. (*SHRIEK*) I’m back! I’m back!!!!! I can’t believe it!

    Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!


  10. oh man.. I was chewing my lip until I got to the part where the lady left frantic messages.

    It’s just like when you lose a child. You are scared – so very scared.
    Then you find them.
    you are MAD – OH SO MAD, that they made you so SCARED.

  11. Susan – and just in time for Ree’s contest.

    Min – I think was a message of support in there somewhere, thanks.

    Kila – yes she was really nice, and her kids loved the dogs.

    Tiffany – it would be nice to think so, but I doubt it.

    Claudia -They are only loyal to their stomachs.

    Agent 99 – thanks but no thanks.

    Pamela – I agree, to really put things in perspective, there was a 17 year old hiker lost in the Blue Mountains while all this was going on.
    There was footage every night of the search and the parents anxiously waiting. Sadly, a few hours after we got the dogs back, his body was found.

  12. DubYaT: Oh the worry involved when the dogs are missing I know the agony.Thank goodness they are ok and for the kind lady who called. Enjoy some peace and quiet for awhile. Maybe you need to take the fences down. BTW, Agent 99 is a nice gal…be nice!

  13. Swampy do you know Agent 99 or are you just saying that, because it looks a lot like Spam to me. Unless its Karmyn.

  14. Did ya ever see the animated Disney “Lady and the Tramp”? Remember that scene at the pound where all the doggies are howling “There’s No Place Like Home”?

    Though they go adventuring, even your little guys know it!

    I’m glad they’re home, the furry little brats! Hee!

  15. Good story but that’s exactly why when the last dog departed this world I said “Enough!”. It’s the same as having a kid.

  16. Okay. Now I’m back to leave a real comment. I was so excited that I could actually post a comment last night that I forgot to say anything about your post. Then I was scared that if I immediately commented again that I’d be blacklisted…again.

    Anyway, your pups sound so much like kids! Especially the part about “it’s been 4 years since I have been able to do anything I want without thinking of the dogs.” I hear you, man! Too funny.

    Oh, well. I’m off to check out Ree’s contest….

  17. Those little boogers! I bet they wont be getting any spilled milk any time soon .:O) Still, I bet you were relieved.
    I am sorry your plans got messed up, but you have the holidays to look forwrd to with your DW. I hope you both have a wonderful holiday together. Merry Christmas!

  18. I’m sure you’ll find something do with your time… like tinker with your PC.

  19. I am so glad your dogs are home safe. Once my dogs escaped. My Jack Russel and my White Lab. They ran to the Girl Scout Camp about 4 miles away. The ranger there was going to put them down (They had escaped from their tags too.) A kind young teenage worker had pitty on them and took them home with her 70 miles away. They have a cat. Jack Russel and Cat do not equal fun. So they then took the dogs to the pound. I called the Girl Scout Camp 2 days after they went missing. It took the Ranger 2 days to get back to me. Long story short, I got intouch with them just 24 hours before they were to be put down! L U C K Y!

  20. No, I\’m not Agent 99.

    But if my dogs pulled that crap I\’d be \”super spy kick ass\” all over them.

    Seriously – what a scary thing!!! Those dogs should be punished…. no beanbags for a week ought to do it.

    I\’m glad they were both okay.

  21. Karmyn – you’re back!!! How come there’s funny characters in the comment?
    Then A99 must be spam.

    Wow Vicki – that was lucky.

    Thanks Stephanie and Mert.

    Mary – I agree.

  22. I just hopped over to Ree’s and read your entry – DEFINITELY one of the better ones! And original!! LOL!

  23. Ree has 261 comments and I am having a very uncreative day. 😦 I might just live vicariously thru the creative people of the world.

    I worry that Kobe will run away… he still has some “bad puppy” tendancies. I sure am glad your children were safe and sound.

  24. Latest Ree Update:

    280 freaken comments!

  25. Get this my pokey girl ran away once.. she was like making me chase her on a regular basis the little shit, anywhoo she was totally gone for like a month or something i drive all over the neighborhood go to all the animal shelters seeing if she got picked up (she wiggled out of her color the monster) and nothing im giving up hope. but keep going to the shelter on the off chance cause i can’t give up on her… bam one day she’s there they say ohh yeah they said she’d been haing around the stores cross the street from my house for like a month… (i never seen her there and went every week) but she couldn’t come back home? yeah right… go figure…

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