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Happy Feet.

I found an old box of mum’s stuff tucked a

way in a closet in Gosford. There are some photos and some negatives and some other crap, looks like I don’t have to do too much creative writing for a while.

This first one is my Dad and his sister, Sister Margaret….


Now this one is Sister Agnes (no, not that Agnes of God, another one) she taught me how to shoot a rifle. Up until not very long ago Nuns always had to travel in pairs outside the convent, it has often been said that the reason was so that one nun saw that the other nun didn’t get none.


In the days when they wore this getup they weren’t even allowed to eat with others, it was really strange, mum used to set the table for two and they would eat alone, then we would have our meal.

This last one is my brother in his graduating class of sadists and pedophiles.


Oh shit, I almost forgot…why did I call the post Happy Feet? Well the common name for St. Joseph’s nuns in the old days was Penguins because of the oufits.



18 Responses

  1. This may get deep.
    Do I need to pull in a couch and a notebook?

  2. Did I understand that right? Your dad’s sister was a sister?

  3. Janice, yes you read that right. That would make her my Auntie Margaret, possibly the nicest person I have ever known.

  4. Nuns and priests always make me sad. Maybe because, well theres lots of reasons isn’t there.

  5. Your dad and his sister…Sister look so much alike – it’s uncanny! I thought you had doctored the photo for a second.

  6. I Say Willow…you look just like dear old dad..and do you think the clergy will be participating in the Global Orgasm for Peace tomorrow?

  7. Thanks for the comments btw. 🙂

    pair of sisters eat
    black and white on black and white
    no gray soul allowed

  8. Wow. Dig Brian’s haiku!! It’s deep, but I get it!

    And these pics are AWESOME!!

    When I was in high school I was a bit mouthy (can you imagine?!) and ended up spending a lot of time painting the convent. I didn’t think too much of nuns then.

    When I grew up and went to work at a Catholic hospital, I gained a loving appreciation for (most of) them. How lovely for you to have grown up with your Auntie Sister Margaret.

  9. A nun taught you to shoot a rifle? Need I state the irony?

  10. Badass Sister Margaret!! She looks nice…however…Sister Agnes..that picture is scary. Exorcist scary.

    Last time I went to Mass was in Balti when the whole scandal was erupting and the priest was trying to recruit during mass. I was so disgusted I never went back.

  11. Don’t leave us in suspense…which one is your brother? A sadist, or a pedophile?

  12. Well, that explains a lot! Everything about you totally makes sense now that I know you grew up in a Catholic family. My condolences. The recovery is a long one.

  13. In comment to Tiggerlane – I think WT has hinted at that before.

    My hubby grew up Catholic and I always joke that if my grandmother is probably rolling over in her grave (she disliked Catholics – thought they worshiped the Devil!! HA!)

    Oh – how do I get WV off my typepad blog? I haven\’t looked around too much at it yet.

  14. Nuns and Preists scare the heck out of me.

  15. Funny Nun/Catholic Story.

    Went to a small wedding to take pictures for my friend. First time in a Catholic Church> Beautiful!!!! Sat down. Noticed the flippy down thing at my feet. Flipped it down with my toe and told the friend next to me, “Look they have foot rests for short people like me.” So lucky for me (NOT) the Priest was standing in the isle next to me and told me they were to kneel on.

  16. Nothing like a heartwarming sadist/pedaphile
    reference to get you in the Holiday spirit!

  17. I don’t think I have ever met an honest to gosh Sister, I have met some priest… hmmmmm

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