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A short hiatus.

HI gang. I won’t be posting for a few days, no I’m not burned out (well actually I think I am a little, but that’s not why). I’m taking a break for two reasons; 1)MDW is up here so I’ve got someone to talk to, and 2) I’ve eaten so much over the holidays that I can barely reach the keyboard.

You know, I thought my 300th post would somewhat be more momentous than this….Oh well.


18 Responses

  1. Welcome Back!!! I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say “We’ve missed you!!”

    300th post? Really? Sounds like it’s time for another round of the OUAB Awards….oh, wait….I guess it would be the ADGMB Awards.

  2. You’ll be missed. Hopefully not for long.

    Go walk off the Holiday Food. I’m doing the same. =)

  3. Happy 300th!

  4. come back soon 🙂 Happy 300th!

  5. Wow…talking…out loud…to people. Don’t hurt yourself ;).

    See ya when she’s gone (and hope y’all have one heckuva visit).

    Cheers & Happy New Year!

  6. most men would never admit to a short hiatus

  7. Thanks everyone, and Pamela – it’s not the length of the hiatus that matters, it’s how you use it.

  8. ps. congratulations on 300 posts

    Your comment has not been posted because we think it might be comment spam. If you believe you have received this message in error, please contact the author of this weblog.

  9. I hope you have a good hiatus. I am a firm believer that a man’s hiatus is his own business.

    And, in unrelated news, I’ve taken to calling you Glen, because of the mental changes that have occured as I’ve been typing your url since you went to typepad. Besides I already know two other guys named Pete – I can’t keep all that straight.

  10. Oh, and I *gasp* posted today, and left a present just for you, Glen.

  11. Marry Late Christmas Peter (or maybe Glen?)! Hope you had a good one and ate a lot of wonderful things. I sure did.

    Mom had the usual Christmas fare… Turkey (followed by our “Official Family Turkey Soup Night” tomorrow), mashed potatoes (my favorite), cheesecake, spiked hot chocolate, and more cheesecake!

    My diet starts again soon.

  12. Marnie, I have got to hang out with your family once. Something is always spiked.

  13. Have a nice hiatus…and a good break! 😛

  14. Yeah. You just happen to go on hiatus on my birthday. Nice one. This is like when Victor tries to break-up with me the day before Valentines.

  15. Hiatus. What a weird word! You could totally do an entire post on the weirdness of that word.

    Happy 300th!!!

    Oh, and if you don’t come back before MY birthday, Jenny and I are totally hunting you down.

  16. you really weren’t kidding. No post today.


  17. Enjoy the visit with YDW!!!! Have a great New Year’s – you get to celebrate it before us – bummer.
    See you next year – WAAAAAAAA

  18. OH YEAH –

    Happy 300th. Wow – it seems like yesterday you celebrated your 100th. Where has the time gone?

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