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A short break from my break.

I just had to come back (I haven’t actually gone anywhere) to post these two three pictures. The first one is an artsy fartsy one of some long awaited rain (in case you’ve forgotten, we’re having the worst drought in 100 years), the second is to prove that not all kangaroos around here are dead….




The kangaroo photo was taken from the chair I’m sitting in typing this post, man I’ve got to get some exercise. While I’m at it, I may as well post a gecko photo (they’re cuter than goannas)….



18 Responses

  1. I really like the first picture – looks like fog is rolling in. cool contrast between the brown and whitishness.

  2. The gecko photo is great. I don’t like reptiles, but I do like that photo. I could even hang it on my wall.

    The kangaroo looks quite large and scary!

    Welcome back 🙂

  3. Is that kanga supersized?

    Glad you’re getting some rain; now there’ll be enough water for you AND ydw to take a shower….:)

  4. That kangaroo looks a little high.

  5. hey… great pictures..
    i love the artsy fartsy one and the gecko on the screen

    stupid question of the day.
    so the kangaroo is out hopping around your house. What does it do when you open the door and “shoo shoo shoo” does it shoo away, or just give you the roo?

  6. sigh – oh mom….

    What would you do with a roo? – Willowtree has no pouch to put one in. ha!

    (that’s me not being clever)

  7. I love the pics…esp. the gecko.

  8. I like the artsy one too.

    Robin – I don’t know about being supersized, but it was a pretty big one. Yep, the shower thing is an option now.

    Kila – if you like th picture, I can send you the original, it would print better.

    Pamela – depends on how close they are, if it’s nearby it will bolt, otherwise they just stare at you.

    Karmyn – what can I say?

  9. Hey congrats on the much needed rain!!!

  10. I love the kangaroo pictures. I laugh because it’s probably an normal, everyday occurrence for you to see one hopping around in your backyard – no different than it is for me to see 14 deer roaming around in mine. I can just imagine how freaked out I would be to see Roo jumping around in my yard.

  11. I’ve got family here from Seattle, and yesterday we went to a wildlife preserve near here. (Ooo, I’ve GOT to bring Jenny and Hailey!) Yep, they’ve got roos, and baby Bethany practically jumped out of my arms while we rode the tram and watched them hopping. I can only imagine what her reaction would be at your place!! Really cool pics!!

  12. Welcome back…I’m just now home, too, after 2,500 miles of driving through mostly snow and ice.
    I love the first picture, almost surrealistic. I love the second picture of the roo. I love the gecko. Where was he and where were you when you took that pic? Guess you might say, I love all three.

  13. I’m not going to say what pops in my mind when looking at that last picture.


  14. Great pictures. I really like the gecko on the screen. Very cool shot!!

  15. Okay I am new to your blog as you know so I am guessing you live in Australia?? Or it could be just my ignorance thinking that the only place you will see a kangaroo outside your window is in Australia.. lol

    Anyhoo.. I love the pics 🙂 and glad you got some rain!!

  16. ps… or if I really wanted to be the brightest crayon in the box I could have checked your details in the about me section to find your location!

    DOH.. anyway.. the australian accent is my favourite of all time!! lol

  17. Tonya – I just assumed that everyone has kangaroos outside their windows, but I guess you may be right…it probably only happens in Oz.

  18. Okay I am so jealous. Your pictures of animals are much more exotic than mine. I have a cat, a deer and all that hangs out on my screen are those stupid june bugs. argha!

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