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Not my fault.

I had every intention of writing a Pulitzer Prize winning post today, but there has been lightning and thunder all day so far.

What has this got do do with not writing a post? Good question and it deserves an answer….the stoopid beagle sticks to me like shit to a blanket when there’s thunder, so that means every time I try to use the computer he tries to hide under the computer desk. So far he has pulled out just about every cord that is plugged into the system box and every peripheral.


Maybe I should have saved some of those doggie valiums for him to take, oh well, maybe next batch I’ll put some aside for him. Looks like next year can only get better, they are showing Cleopatra on TV today, so it can’t get any worse!

If I don’t see you beforehand, have a Happy New Year’s party and a safe and healthy 2007.


25 Responses

  1. Happy New Year!!!!
    Give Bently extra loving from me!!!

  2. he’s the boogie-woogie beagle boy

    Happy New Year

  3. Tomorrow when the networks show me the fireworks in Sydney I’ll be thinking of you, all the while happy in the knowledge that you’re wearing pants in this picture and thus probably not subjecting your already anxious dogs to your panty fetish.

    Happy 2007 to you and yours. 🙂

  4. Aw poor doggies, I can almost see their little doggie touchies quake with terror of the big think in the sky that goes boom!

    Happy New year to you too!

  5. Willowtree, I am saddened to know that I am known in the blogging world as the depressed writer. ha ha But glad I could brighten your day and help you relax. I suppose it’s the hardships in life that give me the mose motivation to write. Sad thing isn’t it. Happy new year to you. I will have plenty of gloomy posts for you in 07 as well. No worries. XOXO

  6. the most* motivation

    excuse my error. rough night.

  7. A Happy New Year to everyone!

    and thanks for not kicking me off your blog for all of my Sheila/slutty comments.

  8. Amanda – someone has to offset Pamela and Karmyn’s permanently sunny dispositions!!

    Beth – why would I kick you off? You’re always welcome here. btw sheila is just slang for girl (like chick).

  9. whew..wiping brow..then I’m not a slut then, huh? Thanks for clarifying…

    Thanks for entertaining us with your …um..I can’t think of the adjective…blog..it’s been a fun ride.

  10. Happy New Year! Do enjoy it.

  11. Happy New Year WT!

  12. Cleopatra? What the hell are they thinking???
    Happy New Year!

  13. Hey willow… the good news is – your family doesn’t have to consist of the bloodline you were born into. I have lifelong friends that are just as close and important to me as my own sisters are. So, don’t get down about that! Just be thankful to have your friends and those cute, snuggly dogs. XOXO

    And you are right, I am the anchor in my blogging family. Someone needs to talk about the sad shit, huh.

  14. Looks like it’s already the new year in Australia so…..HAPPY NEW YEAR, WT!!!

  15. Perhaps you could build them a fort to hide in, like kids do, with blankets and chairs.

    Happy New Year to you all.

  16. I love the guilty look Buddy is giving you in that picture! I know what you mean about “sticking to you” only mine is my sick 20 month old grabbing my leg and hugging it and yelling “I WANT MOMMA!”, stopping momentarily to wipe her nose on my pants.

    Also, my kitten Zoey is a bit needy… she likes to take flying leaps from the near by couch to my shoulder while I blog. The problem is that she has irritable bowel or something (all cat food seems to give the trots), and she tends to fart mid jump. It follows her in a green cloud and I never fail to gasp for air.

    On that note… Happy New Year! May your furballs be less clingy, and may your year be filled with lovely visits from the DW. :O)

  17. Happy New Year, Willowtree! That’s all I’ve got.

  18. I can’t think of anyone else who can post two doggie butts and get away with it.

  19. Happy New Year, DubYaT ! Glad to know that some’one’ is in control at your place…Bentley and Buddy ! I would be in a world of hurt if Junior and Bubba unplugged all my wires from the system box and peripheral…whatever the heck those are ! Have a healthy, happy, and safe 2007.

  20. Dang it!! I really was looking forward to the Pulitzer worthy post. Happy New Year!!

  21. Nobody else commented on your feet…hmmmm, guess I will (since I have that foot “thing” going on)…I guess if Bentley wasn’t in thunder-induced DTs, he’d be licking your toes like crazy, right? That’s why you make them “available”, so he can “show you the love” whenever the mood hits.

    How come you didn’t credit Buddy with shakin’ and shiverin’? He looks just as petrified as Bentley.

    I just noticed you named the Dingo, and it made me grin.

    Oh, yeah, and sh$t to a blanket? THAT’S one I haven’t considered before….lol.

    Happy New Year to my favorite Australian friend!

  22. Um, “shit to a blanket.” That’s a new one one me!!

    Give the fuzzy babies some lovin’ for me!! Phydeaux Pheline the cat says, “Meow!” Baby Bethany says, “Dah-dah-dah-dah!!” Matthew says, “Is that damn parade finally over?! And I say, “Happy New Year, WT!!!!”

  23. That is too cute though!

    Happy New year to you and your family!!

  24. Robin – Buddy was just consoling Bentley.

    Tonya – nice to see you’re not just a ‘hit and run’, we’re glad you joined the gang.

  25. Poor pups. Happy New Year, WT.

    Please send me some doggie valium

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