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Vote for me!

I was going to disguise this as a public service type announcement telling you about this really neat thing they’ve got going. Unfortunately bullshit shines like a beacon, and too many people who read the Dingo know what I’m like, and would have seen right through my ploy.

So I won’t lie to you (this time). Look at the pendulum, watch it sway back and forth, you are getting sleepy, sleepy….Go to the Bloggies Site and vote for me… when I click my fingers you will wake up and feel refreshed and immediately follow the link. Hey I’m not asking for Best Blog of the year, best Aussie blog will do nicely.

Too bad the voting closes before my Wolfden episode gets posted, I would have been a certainty in about 20 categories based on that one post alone. Damn!!


19 Responses

  1. My votes are in! Thanks for the heads up.

  2. I couldn’t find the Best Animal Porn Weblog catagory… what’s the deal? Those were some amazing pictures you posted after my comment yesterday. I expect you’ll have to add an explicit content warning page before we get to the blog.

  3. I voted. 4U.
    Please don’t make we wear one of those sticky round “I voted today” or “I gave blood today” thingys on my breast tho.

  4. Is being nominated a “win” in and of itself?

    For you, I doubt it…so I’ll be happy to cast my vote ;).

  5. been there…done that… 🙂
    I hope you do win

  6. I thought you didn’t like politics..and now, I don’t know, you’re like..running for office or something…

  7. If Jenny doesn’t vote for you she’ll violate the T-Rex Beergarita Challenge. It applies to all elections, I believe.

  8. Well, you know I already got my vote in! And do you mean to tell me we could vote for ourselves? Dammit.

  9. Thanks for dropping by my blog….Campbell River is only about 1 hr 15 mins from me. Hope your got some fishing in while you were here. Can hardly wait to see you post on Wolfden Bar and Grill!!!

  10. Hope you win!!!

  11. Don’t worry, WT – I had already planned on voting for you….even if you’re the ONLY Aussie blog that I read, I feel certain that yours is the BEST!

    Now, next question: In which category are you voting for Ree?

  12. Thanks guys, but let’s not forget these are only the nominations, the real work begins in a couple of weeks.

    I’d like each and everyone of you to stand outside your local WalMart and hand out ‘Vote for WT’ leaflets. You know as well I as do that I won’t win on merit, so rigging the election is the only alternative (hey, it worked for Dubya).

    Susan, I actually nominated Ree for a number of categories, obviously best blog, but also photo and a few others.

    There were enough choices that I was able to nominate everyone who reads the Dingo for something. I hope no-one minds winning Best Asian Blog.

  13. OMG…. best asian blog…
    I snorted…..
    you crazy nut.

    I wish I’d have thought about just filling in the blanks with everyone

  14. *snort* your to funny… got you in there;) Good luck. Pimp it out dude LOL

  15. Done. You owe me.

  16. Okay, WT. I voted for you.

    But HEY!! Where’s the “Best Professional Commenter” catagory?! Huh?!!

  17. Voted. I’ll be checking my mailbox for my campaign button.

  18. You’re going to feel mighty embarassed when you win best Asian blog AND best Australian blog. How are you going to explain that one? I tried to write you in on best doggy porn, but just couldn’t figure out how to do it.
    I voted for you !

  19. Since you are the one and only Aussie blogger I know… I voted for you because I don’t want you to get your big girl, pirate panties in a bunch ;O)

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