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I’ve got wood.

I took a few pictures of some wood objects at the other house, they didn’t come out all that well but it beats writing a post.  That picture in the background is an aboriginal bark picture, it’s a landscape and all the black is achieved by burning the bark. It looks better in real life.


I don’t know how that seahorse got in there, it’s not wood!

Pamela, there’s the egg I told you I had some time ago.

Those wine glasses (wine woods?) are my favorites.

What can I say? I like keyrings.


23 Responses

  1. hey… nice egg. In much better shape than mine.
    Probably never got pushed around by an old hen.

    “Cackles” for the grover key chain. You never cease to amaze me.

    You should take another photo of the aboriginee picture so we can get a better look at it.

  2. oops cookie monster.
    I put my glasses on… sorry

  3. The Sheila in me wants to make a comment, but I won’t…

    You’ve got wood..hmmmmm..

  4. Have you ever used the wine goblets? They’re beautiful.

    This is quite an…interesting…display. I mean, the woods all gathered together is cool; the key chains hanging together is cool. Both, displayed together is…interesting ;).

    BTW, I’ll trade you some TN (or SC or GA) keyrings for a wooden elephant.

    Oh, yeah, and I’d kill the seahorse, stickin’ its nose in where he doesn’t have any business…….

  5. I like the animals. They are really beautiful.

  6. You know, I’d tell you all about this conversation Mark and I once had about wood and how I like the smell of it, but Beth’s aleady following your gutter-minded lead, and I’d get myself into some real trouble.

    So I’ll just share with you that I love your wine glasses. I have some from Tanzania that are carved Ebony. If I can get my act together I’ll send you a pic.

    Don’t hold your breath.

  7. Some of my favorite pieces are the ebony animals my hubby picked up in Africa.
    Just this past Sat., he tried his hand at some wood making and made a candlestick, a very cool candlestick, I might add, and one that will not be used to harm Mrs. Peacock in any closet or attic.

  8. Stephanie, as long as you don’t want to smell Willowtree’s wood, everything will be okay.

  9. That is an awesome collection! And I’m with Pamela on the Cookie Monster!!

  10. um – cookie monster? sweet.

    The cups remind me of this thing my grandma had. I think it was some kind of serving thing – all wood – at the top was a pineapple which held wooden knives (shaped like the pineapple top). There were little cups and stuff along the bottom. Probably some hor deurves type serving piece.

  11. I get the impression that walking through your house would be like taking a tour through a knick-knack museum. And that would be just awesome 😀

    I should send you a California keychain of some sort. Now what would be worthy of a place in that collection…

  12. I let the kids look at the keyring photo and tell me the first thing they saw:

    Funny Girl: I see Cookie Monster! And a cat.

    Golden Boy: Cookie Monster.

    Inquisitor: A yellow bottle.

    Me: A coffee grinder?

  13. Ditto what Robin said. Love the wood carvings, but having them next to a display of key rings just isn’t right! I can imagine the conversations those wooden animals have about you when you’re out of the room!

  14. Very cool collection. I have an assortment of cats as a collection. Hmmm, thinking a post would be a good idea! Thanks for the inspiration! D 🙂

  15. I like it when people ditto me;).

  16. Nice collection of keychains and you have them hanging up on little hooks and everything. Such a proud keychain owner you are!

  17. Knowing you, WT, I’m sure you’re just waiting for someone to say this or you wouldn’t have juxtaposed the keychains with the wood. So, okay, I’ll ask:

    How’s it hangin’?

  18. that’s some nice wood there.

  19. Okay, Willowtree, I feel like we’re in an unspoken competition for the strangest search strings. You’ve just raised the stakes with “I’ve Got Wood.” Lucky for me, someone recently gave me a comment about bestiality laws in South Dakota. Crap, I just gave it to you too. I’m pretty sure I can’t beat the strings you will get that relate to puppy / pup and dog / doggy / doggie pornography / porno / porn in provocative / suggestive / erotic poses. Are there any plans for a cat porn site yet? I know, I should, and I wanted to write the other word for cat, but I can’t do it, sorry.

  20. The wine glasses are beautiful and I love the koalas. Nice Wood! You and Ladybug Julie could combine posts for a theme today…with a stretch of the imagination.

  21. Hey Beth, where’s your blog these days?

    Robin – contact me about the swap.

    Mary – thanks for dropping by, I’ve tried to comment on your blog tons of times but keep forgetting you don’t allow non-blogger bloggers. What usually happens is that i write a long-winded comment that disappears when I have to log in to Blogger.

    Stephanie – don’t know what you’re talking about;)

    Melissa – oh now I get it! You guys are slutty.

    Karmyn – make sure she leaves it to you.

    James – thanks, but there are quite few Californian keychains there already.

    Susan – no surprises there.

    Kila & Robin – thanks for the vote of confidence in my decorating abilities.

    FelineFrisky – can’t wait to see it. If you do one, make sure you let me know so I don’t miss it.

    Stephanie – boom boom.

    Matt – you’re too kind, and a little scary.

    Mark – arrgghh! what are you doing to me!! Oh who am I kidding, thanks to you maybe I’ll finally get my kind of perverts visiting this blog.

  22. I love the wooden kitties, and I like the wine woods too, LOL!

    But I especially love your dust collection in the first pic. Do you collect dust bunnies too?

  23. Ya know I almost hate to say anything cause of the way it could be twisted… but I love the red/brown shades what doyou call it the mahagomy color? burnt sienna whatever shade it is beatiful.. and the wine goblest are so neat!!! Now thats pretty cool creating a pic out of the wood like that!!

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