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A walk on the wild side.

I lead a quiet, almost monastic, existence and I like it that way, it’s no coincidence that Magister Ludi is one of my favourite books. I don’t like emotional highs and lows (I know I’ve said this before, but in 26 years of marriage we’ve never raised our voices at each other), and I like my blogging that way too, that’s why I have a regular group of blog friends who’s blogs I read every day. I’m not saying you guys are boring or predictable, far from it, I’m constantly surprised by all of you. What I’m saying is that you guys are reliable and, dare I say it, wholesome (yes, even Melissa and Marnie), so I feel safe in your company.


Every now and then I like to take a walk on the wild side and check out blogs I don’t normally read. Well fuckme, this morning was a real eye opener! I’m not putting any links in and I’m not mentioning any names because I don’t want to be inadvertently drawn into the chaos.

First off there was a blogger who had failed to link to a blog and opened a real can of worms in doing so, unjustifiably I might add. All of a sudden there was an argument raging in her comments (very much like a flame war) between two people that I don’t think even read her blog. I had this mental image of a Mel Brookes type film where two knights in armor were fighting each other across a whole bunch of film sets that had nothing to do with them. I went to both of their sites and was saddened to see that this feud seemed to be consuming both of them (now do you see why I’m not giving URLs!). If you have an uncontrollable urge to take a peek, email me and I’ll give you the poop.

Then I checked on a blog that I read occasionally, although in truth it’s a bit too deep for me most of the time. Anyway, there in front of me was one of those news items that you read every now and then playing out right before my eyes. Seems this blogger liked the writings of another blogger and somehow communication began between them (nothing wrong with that, I do it myself). The thing is it developed into what seems to be a relationship so strong that one of them is moving 3,000 miles to be with the other one (who is leaving their spouse, though in fairness that relationship was doomed before the bloggers even met on line). This one made really good reading though, because all concerned wrote very well, even the daughter who was upset by it all. Let me be clear, I make no judgment and have no right to do so even if
I wanted to. I’m just glad that I’m not in that position. 

And finally, speaking of positions, here’s something that will make you stop and say "what the fuck?". I saw a documentary a few days ago about men living with Real Dolls, and while I was telling ET about it, I suggested that there may be something on the net, so here it is.

Kinda makes you feel normal doesn’t it?


31 Responses

  1. Wow, that creeped me out. The way the owners talk about their Real Dolls is what bothers me – they are in love with a big hunk of silicone. At the very end they said something to the effect of, don’t judge because you can’t understand what these men feel like. Well, I know all about the being lonely, living alone thing, and I don’t want a Real Doll. Is there something wrong with me?

  2. Mark – this is the second time in three days that we’ve been commenting on each other’s blogs at the same time!

    I had exactly the same thought as you while I was watching the documentary (that Davecat guy was in it btw).

    Oh shit I just remembered, he had to send his away for repairs and he was heart broken! It was the first time in six years they had been apart. He said that he was looking forward to her coming back because it would be like a second honeymoon!

    Anyway, I fully agree with you, it’s terribly sad, one guy actually said that he would hate to live alone, now that’s tragic.

  3. Cory and I saw a thing about those real dolls a few years ago. They’re creepy, but hello. They’re hella expensive! I mean for that price you can seriously take a few ladies out to dinner. Mark, there’s totally nothing wrong with you.

    Btw, Pete, you know you have to email me those links. Marnie and I only appear wholesome.

  4. uhhh the doll thing was kinda creepy…

    as for the rest… gotta love the drama LOL though I think i’ll just step this side of it ya know?

  5. sweet WT, now I know what to ask for for Christmas this year!!!! LOL

    Checking out your blog for the first time… will save you in my favorites…


  6. Melissa – that’s funny, I was actually going to say something like that but didn’t want to kick you while you were down;) When Corey gets back, I’ll be releasing the dogs though.

    Wolfbaby – me too.

    Hey Doug good to see ya! Everybody, this is Ree’s available brother (if you get lucky because of this you owe me). When can we expect to see your blog?

  7. All right – the living dolls thing is weird. But – I can understand how great it would be to never have a fight or have your “partner” talk back. However, if the guy were to fall (or maybe the fridge fell on top of him). Who is going to save his ass? His doll? I don’t think so.

  8. Karmyn – even worse, what if his doll fell on him, those things weigh in excess of 100lbs.

  9. Well, first I need to figure out how to work the digital camera that Ree gave me for Christmas and get the mechanics of a blog site down(shouldn’t be too hard)… but also need to strategize about my themes and organization of topics (will take longer)… and I have to find time. I will start the process of the above now and shoot for March 1, with a harder deadline of March 31 in the back of my mind….

  10. “I’m one of the rare [doll] users who uses a condom,”

    Do you suppose she cheats on him during the day with the door matt?

  11. Shit Doug, if Dubya had taken the time to put a proper plan together like yours, there’d be no Americans in Iraq now!

    Good luck. If you need help or input don’t hesitate to ask, but I’m thinking you’ll work it out yourself.

    Just out of interest, I started my blog about 30 minutes after I decided to start blogging. I know, it shows.

  12. Thanks, WT. I’m a former emergency room nurse, and I thought I’d seen EVERYTHING, but…

    Well, now I have. I hope.


  13. Hi WT,

    I’m glad that I am not on your weird list. 🙂 I have safe blogs too, and others that I know will have funny topics. I have a low threshold for BS so I tend to stay away from drama. I have enough of that on my own. Now where did I put my doll…..

  14. Oh how sad ! But maybe the guy’s not sad and really enjoys his blow up doll. They seem to come in handy in Denver. One guy used his to be his “car pool person” so he could drive in the HD lane. But some cop noticed it after awhile and pulled him over. He was ticketed and had to pick up trash along the highway or something like that. I don’t know where I’m going with this, other than I’m off to order one for theHansMan to see if he notices ‘the doll’ lying next to him.

    Hey WDS, I can’t wait to see your blog. 🙂

  15. P.S. I keep forgetting to change my sign in name to SWAMPY. That was a New Year’s Resolution.
    Swampy 🙂

  16. I don’t know who’s more sick… the guys using these things…or me for reading the whole article.It was a train wreck and I couldn’t look away.
    I was thinking the whole time that in some cases the dolls might be used in horrible fantasies, and then the part came up about the “Doc” fixing disfigured/mutilated dolls.

    Yup, it makes some people in my family look normal.

    On another note, I am glad I found a REAL man who likes a loud and obnoxious REAL woman, LOL! Ok, I am going to go take 5 showers now. :O)

  17. is Resilient Doug?

  18. Well thanks, WT. I appreciate your…thoughtfulness? I’m watching a new batch of army guys deploying on TV right now – I am so sick of this bullshit. I’m sure to be pacing around yelling when Bush is on later.

    Back to your topic – that article got worse and worse as it went on. There was that one person who liked them because he didn’t like the politics of relationships or something? Yeah. I think those politics are called, “can’t get laid.”

  19. That is some seriously F*ed up stuff! WoW!! Hey…you can incorporate the drama into your upcoming story!! LOL

  20. i posted today, actually, about this virtual reality phenomenon. funny how you saw the extremes same day.

  21. I saw this stuff on an episode of HBO’s “Real Sex” a few years ago, and what was even MORE disturbing was the segment that had of several women sharing their man doll. They were seriously wearing out the silicone. He was heavy, too – that seemed to be the big complaint – the difficulty in lugging him around.

  22. Whoa! Drama, I try to stay away from it – too messy. My blogroll is safe and fun.

    That Doll stuff is really creepy. That seems to be the word for it.

    Brian, love, The doll is right where you left her? Didn’t we discuss this sort of thing over at Swampy’s??! LOL D 🙂

  23. Dangit, now I want to know what the links are. I need some drama. 😉

    Been missin’ ya, WT. I had company all weekend and lots of Mike shenanigans. All I want to do is sleep.

    And drink wine.

    Glad to have a couple o’ posts to read on the ole Dingo/Barbie blog.

  24. Pamela…aka: SuperSleuth, may be on to something.

  25. OMG that doll thing is way creepy.. I cannot believe the world has come to this.. well I can believe it but still.. lol

  26. Oh, and by the way, I’ve had the song stuck in my head all day.
    Da, da-da, da-da, da-da-da-da, da…

  27. I read about those Realdolls a while back and was appropriately creeped out by them. As I recall there are sites with journals and entire galleries dedicated to guys and their Realdolls.

    As for those blogs you’re discussing, not sure if I know the first one but the second one I’m a regular reader and commentor on so I recognized that one right off the bat. With all this craziness going on around the world sure my life seems fairly normal but it also makes it look kinda drab.

  28. Stephanie – you’re welcome.

    Brian – you idiot, don’t you realise Frisky might read this, oops – too late.

    Swampy – two things, they don’t blow up, they are solid , and if you want to buy Hans one then go right ahead, but remember they cost nearly $7 grand.

    Ah, Mert – ordinarily I’d say the ones doing it are weirder than the ones reading it, but then you did come up with that whole torture thing, so now I’m not so sure.

    Pamela – I think the question is “is Doug Resilient”, but why do you want to know, you’re already married.

    Melissa – yep.

    Claudia – too late, I’ve already finished my masterpiece.

    Heather – now that’s just plain weird.

    Tiff – ‘he ain’t heavy, he’s my hobby’

    Frisky – that’s not Brian’s doll, he’s just minding it for a friend. (best I could do Brian)

    Ree – I saw the Mike stuff, he’s got you guys well trained.

    Swampy – no shit sherlock, what gave it away? when he mentioned the camera he got from Ree for Christmas?

    Tonya – what can I say?

    Heather – thanks, now we all have.

    James – I knew you’d know who I was talking about. As I said, I have no opinion other than I’m glad it didn’t happen to me. Seems like quite a big upheaval for all concerned.

  29. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: “I HATE CONFRONTATION!”

    My DH and I have never raised our voices at each other either. That being said, I can’t stand to hear confrontation, to read other people confronting each other, etc. The thought that I may have inadvertently offended someone completely freaks me out – now don’t get any wise ideas 😉

    I’m afraid to click on the Real Dolls link. I’m just going to take your word for it.

  30. I hear you WT… it would take me less than a day if I focused my energies on that… however, most of the time i’m online, I’m focused on poker… you’ll see when I sort out my blog… I will hit a day when I have time and desire to get it done.

  31. Art imitating life? Is that what this is??? Oh!My!everlovin’WORD! IckIckIck! Realdolls…RealWERID! RealSAD…RealTWISTED…real alot of things, none of them good :/. I couldn’t get past the second page of the article, I had read enough… Just when I think I can’t be surprised by the depravity of man, I see something like this. Ew. Ewwwwwwwwwwww! Cleanin’ with a turkey baster…. Gosh, can you imagine a CSI episode on THIS??? I can see the blacklights now! EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! Sorry, I’m grossing out, lol.

    And for the record, Tad and I DO raise our voices from time to time, we both can get rather loud. BUT, neither of us are ever threatened by it…that’s just the way we work through some heated exchanges.

    Oh, yeah, and I know one of the drama links you referred to in this post, and you’re right…makes me glad I’m just fat, dumb, happy and boring in Tennessee….!

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