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See, I really am deep.

I just saw this at The Dust Will Wait, and thought that I might be able to make a valuable contribution…

Q1. As a child, what did you always say you wanted to be when you grew up?
A1. Taller.

Q2. If you had to choose one thing that you’ve always dreamed of doing, what would it be?
A2. Playing guitar with the Eagles.

Q2. (supplemental) What is stopping you?
A2. (supp)I don’t play guitar.

Q3. Who is your biggest fan?
A3. That would be me.

Q3 (supplemental). Who is always encouraging you to be all that you can be?
A3 (supp). That used to be my mother.

Q4. What book has most impacted your life to date?
A4. Can a bound collection of Playboy be considered a book?

Q5. When are you the happiest?
A5. See previous answer.


18 Responses

  1. Yeah, I was totally thinking that your “dream commenter” would be Pamela Anderson or some other Playboy chickie-pie.

    And now I know why you didn’t answer that question yesterday. You know as well as I do they don’t read.

  2. Hey Darlin’,
    It’s neva too late to learn to play guitar.

  3. Hmmm.

  4. For a guy, that was deep.

    How about having your posse answer those questions?

    You don’t have a guitar in your collection? No worries, mate, you’re never too old to learn new tricks.

  5. Well, not playing guitar might be an obstacle for some peopple, but it never stopped Milli Vanilli or The Monkeys.

  6. I liked the Eagles… but I would have liked to play with Three Dog Night.

    (the guitar I mean …snicker)

    yes.. it is good to be supportive of oneself….and to enjoy some intellectual pursuits, too. Who needs those dolls?

  7. Deep?? Yep….I need my rubber boots for this one!! 🙂

  8. Q3 – The army still does this.

    PS. Get a guitar.

  9. i can relate. except not the eagles.

    greg allman.

  10. Man, you’re so deep, it’s like, um, you’re just so deep, you’re like as deep as magma and magma is hot. Sweet.

  11. Stephanie – I’m still pondering yesterday’s question. That Playboy chick comment was a bit cruel, they can read, it’s just that they don’t like getting ink on their fingers.

    swampPamela – WTF? who are you?

    Heather – huh?

    Kila – good idea, might just try that.

    Pamela – I hear you are having some three dog nights over there at the moment.

    Karmyn – that’s a coincidence, I saw an old Milli Vanilli clip on TV the other day. Careful what you say about my Monkees!

    Claudia – now that’s just plain crap.

    Jenny – err, ok?

    Matt – I would have gone for the Allman Bros (one of my favourite bands of all time), but with all those drugs and personality conflicts, I don’t think I would have liked it, oh shit! Did I say Eagles? I meant Hanson.

    Mark – wow thanks man, that’s like real cool and not like magma cool but like, real cool.

  12. Okay now listen! I say really funny stuff here and then I come back to read your even funnier comment and there is not one trace of my funny(ness). What’s going on here?

    I can’t remember what I said. BUT OH YES! I assure you. It. Was. Funny.

    well it made me laugh anyway

  13. WT, wha’ tha? They don’t like getting ink on their fingers, but they don’t mind getting staples on their arses!!

    Or other… places…

  14. Vicki – wait, am I being abused for not replying to a comment you didn’t make?

    Stephanie – Mmmmm… stapling their arses…..where’s my chook?

  15. (*snicker*) LOL!

    Okay, okay. ROFL!

    Every answer. Hilarious. You’re a nut, man. That’s meant to be a compliment.

  16. Now see thats why you get the play station two video game guitar hero;) cause then you can totally pretend that you can actually play the guitar LOL see my daughter does it and loves it;) warning you must have rythm to play guitar hero…*grin*.. your funny..

    the chics like to read they just will not put on there glasses to do so;) can’t risk looking bookish ..ohh wait some guys like bookish …

  17. Okay. I’m printing this out and reading it before I turn in. I’ll be back in the morning to comment.

  18. Funny comments, my favorite was Karmyn’s. And yours…playing Hanson (HA!).

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