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Wot Tha?

Even I couldn’t come up this something like this! I’m going to copy this word for word from The Sunday Telegraph….I don’t know where it is within the link I just gave because I’m copying it word for word from a real live newspaper.

Shit! I’m just now proof reading and I suddenly realized I could have cut and pasted the article from the link I gave…derrr, too late I’ve already finished typing it out, fuck! I hope you appreciate the effort I’ve made for you.

An elderly man was found decapitated in a suspected murder in the back yard of his Armidale home yesterday. Relatives found the 82 year old’s body in the rear garden of his Markham house about about 2pm.
Police refused to confirm details of the man’s injuries last night, saying only that they were treating the death as "suspicious". Sources confirmed last night that the pensioner had been decapitated, and told The Sunday Telegraph his head had been found near his body.
"All we are saying at this stage is that we are treating the man’s death as suspicious" a police spokesman said.
…Police said it was too early to tell how long the man had been dead, although he had been seen alive the previous day

Suspicious, nah…seems like natural causes to me. I sure hope the cops can figure out how long he’s been dead though, that would make things much easier.

Anyway, enjoy your weekend, I’m back down on the Coast.


16 Responses

  1. Totally Not suspicious. That happens all the time, just like men cutting off their “hangy-downies” while working on their running lawnmowers and when vacuums slice and dice like a Cuisinart food processor while vacuuming naked. Happens All The Time.

  2. maybe he was playing with a very sharp boomerang.

  3. It was a kangaroo – I know it.

  4. Obviously a very bad paper cut…

  5. When you figure out what happened to the decapitated man, would you also figure out what’s going on with Typepad? For awhile, you had no sidebars. Everyone’s post are about a mile down the page, sidebars all on one side…hitting refresh helps sometimes…AARRGGH !
    Supposedly, there was a maintenance on Friday…DubYaT, please diagnose the problem and then fix it.

  6. Wow! Suspicious – ya think? Do you all have different natural causes than we do?

  7. EEEEYIKES!!!!

    Suspicious? Nah.

    I’m with Karmyn. Probably just your run-of-the-mill kangaroo attack. Or it could’ve been the wombats. They’re vicious little creatures.

  8. Wow. I like how your “newspaper” is done. Have fun on the coast.

  9. I think he was doing his daily ninja practice with his numchuck (sp?), and things got out of hand.

  10. Same thing happened to my grampa. Tried to comb a knot out of his hair and pulled his head clean off. They should scout the scene for a brush.

  11. Wasn’t there an episode of CSI like this? Left-handed man using a right-handed chain saw. Cut himself DEAD.

    Find that saw!!

  12. Oh that is not suspicious.. Im sure it was just some kind of totally, weird, unbelieveable freak accident.. they happen all the time.. heads rolling etc..

    Geesh.. since he was seen yesterday I sure hope they figure out how long he has been dead!

  13. I like Jenny’s theory, seems plausible to me…

    or maybe it was a Sorority Barbie eating Dingo.;O)

  14. Perhaps the dingo got more than your barbie.

    Some of your friends have come over to visit–we have a Wiggles tour kicking off, and the Irwins are visiting… I wonder how Bindi will do with all her scheduled appearances. (Did you see the photo of Terri in a black dress?)

  15. I think I missed delurking week, but since I do lurk here sometimes I’ll delurk now.

    Maybe the elderly man’s children (or grandchildren) came to visit. Sometimes I think my head is going to spin off when dealing with my kid.

  16. Sounds like a case for Mythbusters! Or at least a cheap imitation of the program involving a HI-8 video camera, some hobos, and a series of unfortunate accidents waiting to happen…

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