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I give up.

I’ve got nothing.


19 Responses

  1. I’d be willing to bet that you’ll get more comments here than ever. Let’s make it happen, gang! (Am I a part of the gang? If not, then someone who is needs to make it happen). Comment-palooza ’07, in the making.

  2. I ran out of ideas too… started posting old crap. BTW – You ask why I pick on you… why do the boys in the schoolyard pick on the little girls?? huh? huh?

  3. Thats not true. I saw it – I even made a poster out of it.. remember?

  4. you don’t know how lucky you are to have nothing. Freedom means nothing left to lose. Enjoy the peace and quiet, it’ll all come roaring back before too long 🙂

  5. Dude, ya just…

    Well, I can think of several songs to put here but…Well, I feel like I’m starting to piss people off.

    But you DO NOT have NOTHING! I promise.

  6. It’s just that you miss me, right? Y e a h…THAT’S it…it’s nice to live in my little imaginary bubble.

  7. Pretty different for you not to have anything. . .Bet you get a comment to write about 🙂

  8. I’m sorry but that was something…at least three words. I know you’ve got more…you never finished your mining story did you?

  9. EXACTLY CLAUDIA – He NEVER finished his mining story with the horrible 3000volt ending.

    (unless its hidden in the archives)

    nothing? Do a blog whirlwind – that will give you some crap to talk about.

  10. There was a mining story? Dang, and all I got was a lousy photo of a pirate in his panties.

    I know how you feel, DubYaT, I just wrote a post about nothing today, and thinking about taking it back. It would have been less lame to write “nothing.”

  11. A comment????

  12. You’ve got knee socks and a speedo. I’d say that’s quite a bit.

  13. Yeesh, your entry about having nothing is gathering more comments than most of my little stories. I think I’ll take my girlfriend’s advice and make the next story more explicit. That should make the associated podcast interesting.

  14. I’ll give you three things to talk about:

    1. What is your best childhood memory?
    2. What’s the worst fight you and YDW have ever had?
    3. Do you ever blow spit bubbles and let your dogs lick them off?

    That last one won’t facilitate too long a post, but it’s something I’ve been wondering.

    There ya go…three posts right there.

  15. Yup.

    Been there.

    Done that.

    (#3 Ree? Ewwwww!)

  16. The question, Ree, is do the DOGS blow spit bubbles and have Willowtree lick them off? We know who’s running the roost over there!

  17. See, this is the kind of post I love.

    So poetic, so.. capturing of your mood. This post should go down in the Post record books as being the post that every post should hope to be when they grow up.

    I didn’t even have to scroll to the end.


  18. Oh.. maybe we should have an acronym war now that I am all schooled in useless shit I’ll never remember.

  19. This rules. I’m not sure I’ll ever have anything to say ever again. Ever. But I’m totally not stealing this. I have priorities.

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