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You guys kill me!

Ha ! you guys are crazy, probably crazier than me, but fortunately theres no way of really knowing, so we can all rest easy assuming that each of us has someone even crazier.

I was busy fixing MDW’s computer yesterday, ok I’m making that sound more technical than it actually was, I just got her a new keyboard and mouse. Before you ask, no, I didn’t lose my temper and break something again. The mouse I bought her last time was a real crappy one and the keyboard was getting old, so I upgraded her. These new ones are great, they are so advanced that you just think it and it happens!

Anyway, I really couldn’t think of anything to write, hence the post, but the funny thing is, when I posted it I though, "shit, I’ll probably get more comments from that than the ones I sweat bullets over?" And I probably would have if I didn’t post this one to distract you, it would be just too embarrassing to get more for that one than anything else I’ve done.

There were some very interesting comments, and some were almost as good as the original post. I’ll take them all on board and get back to you (anybody who’s ever worked in the Corporate world knows this is management speak for "Thank you for your input, but I’ll be ignoring it completely, so feel free to go and get fucked").

However it would be remiss of me not to respond to the pertinent comments (and ignore the impertinent ones)…..

Mark – "Am I a part of the gang?" You may be part of the gang I’m not sure, but we are a color gang, so what color underwear are you wearing?

Amanda – I’m not talking to you since you posted that picture of yourself and said that I was your boyfriend.

Pamela – Thanks a lot, four hundred bucks worth of counseling to help me to forget and you just go and bring it all up again.

Spado – "Freedom means nothing left to lose." I guess that makes me totally liberated.

Stephanie – I thank you, the world thanks you.

Robin –  You’re still on a period of grace, so your safe for the moment. But eventually you’ll have to stop mourning and then your mine!

Shauna – "Pretty different for you not to have anything…Bet you get a comment to write about:)"  I am insulted that you would suggest that I am capable of such tawdry practices.

Claudia – The Great Mining Disaster post is coming…..

Karmyn and Tiffany –  Err yeah, that’s right, I forgot…I already wrote it and it’s in the archives somewhere.

Brian – "A comment????"  How very Zen of you.

Vicki – "You’ve got knee socks and a speedo. I’d say that’s quite a bit." Hey is this another one of your kneeslappers that you say always disappear?

James – That’s just plain spooky.

Ree – You may be right. As for #3, they both know that licking my face is off limits, but what they do when I’m asleep is anyone’s guess.

Susan – What are you getting so grossed out for, you’ve got three kids, I’ll bet you’ve seen far worse than that!

Robin – Thank you for that last comment, it arrived just as I was proofreading this post and all I can say is "That’s it, times up!"

21 Responses

  1. See – that’s what friends are for. We give you so much.

    That post FORCED me to go back and read all the comments from the previous post – Tricky.

  2. …. you are not lighting up my bloglines

    and I thought I’d be your first.. but there is my daughter….right on cue, que, kew, or is that fe?

  3. Oh, I am behind in reading, but it was really worth it! What a hoot!

    Yea, there’s NOTHING suspicious about a decapitated body. Sounds natural to me, too.

    I shall copy that one some day, and credit you – I GOT NOTHING. Great stuff, honesty. Love it!

    Ha! Thanks for the smirk and Haha’s! D 🙂

  4. Checking….. friggin belt… Blue… no Green? Maybe Red. Damn, colorblindness sucks.

  5. Queue, Pamela…since you asked;).

    I’ll throw the friggin’ bereavement card whenever I feel like it, thank yew very much! I’m entitled.

    But, oh, my! I’m flushed…I’m “yours”???…hush your mouth–people are gonna talk!!

  6. Alright, you Barbie-eater!!

    I see your insult, and I raise you!!

    NO cyber-singing this time! Just lyrics:

    I guess I just lost my head
    I know we should really know much better
    I guess I just lost my head
    I know we don’t really know each other
    So pardon the things I said
    Won’t you tell me you’ll forgive me

    To your decapitated friend!

  7. Alouette, petite Alouette…
    just because…must be the meds

  8. LOL that works every time don’t it 🙂

  9. Karmyn – There’s no such thing as a free comment. When you have to work for something you appreciated it all the more.

    Pamela – Shit, is something broken? I’ll have to check.

    FF – you’re welcome for the smirk, and you’re welcome to use anything you find here.

    Mark – I was reading your comment…Blue…no Green? Maybe Red and I was thinking “boy I sure hope he is not going commando here, he could really have a problem with those colours”, well I guess red would be ok but the others would be a bit disturbing.

    Robin – Hey we can’t stop people talking.

    Claudia – Ah…Okay??

    Wolfie – It has so far.

    Alice-Anne – Howdy, nice to see ya. I’m responding here because it’s more current. Glad you decided to de-cloaked for a minute.

  10. Alice-Anne, WT responded HERE b/c he knew he stood a better chance of his regulars seeing that he had a lurker delurk on his most current post, not one from days ago.

    Show off.

    And, Claudia, you DO know what you said to him, don’t you??? It MUST be the meds (what meds???).

  11. I am always a day late.

  12. WT, whatsamatter? Barbie got your tongue?

  13. Barbie has left the building.

  14. LOL! Sorry to insult you. . .LOL 🙂

  15. Robin…I was singing…I don’t know, it just popped into my head….trust me, no other meaning than that!! LOL!!

  16. Hmmm…Claudia, people say stuff about ME…

    See, it’s catching! Hee!

  17. I’m with the first Mary… day late and a dingo short. Let me just say that your previous post was elegant in it’s brevity, heart felt and mournful. I am wondering if I can submit a second nomination for a Perfect Post award, like I did Swampy.

    I always miss the good stuff. That’s what I get for going on a blog-fast.

  18. Yes…Stephanie…I am blaming you!! It’s all your fault!

  19. Robin – busted! I was just so thrilled to have a lurker.

    Stephanie – I was driving back from the Coast.

    Mary – that’s ok, I know you’re busy and have a lot on your mind.

    Shauna – all is forgiven.

    Claudia – please refer to my previous response.

    Stephanie – let me get this straight, you think having people think you’re nutso is a good thing right?

    Mert – no need to go on a blog-fast when the Dingo’s around, just come here and read, after all we’re certified blog-lite.

  20. Aw, WT, really, people thinking I’m nutso is just people knowing the truth.

    Glad you’re back safe. And the fuzzy people.

  21. Blog-lite, 99.9% less calories… none of the taste.
    *cheeky grin*

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