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This is BIG!

Lately my readership has been flagging and I couldn’t figure out why, then it dawned on me…most of my readers are American, and they’re always waving flags for some reason or other. Ha! I kill me. Seriously, I have been worried about a drop in numbers recently and I finally realised what the problem was…I don’t offer prizes.

Well that’s all about to change. The Dingo is about to hold it’s very first, and very possibly last, competition. And get this…there will be actual prizes (two of them). So here’s how it works: shortly after taking a few pictures of couple of mystery objects, I will ask you to guess what they are. Seeing as this is all about self gratification, ie getting my numbers up, I will be dragging it out to the point of being downright annoying (I learned that from American Idol).

So just hang on a tick while I take the first photo……

Ok, done. Here’s the first clue (and if you get it from this picture you deserve a prize!)


Marnie, you are disqualified from this contest for obvious reasons.  But don’t fret, there is something rather special coming your way even as we speak.

Later today I’ll be showing you another picture of the mystery objects (maybe) plus what you’re fighting for (definitely), and may the best blogger win.


30 Responses

  1. Okay, knowing you and Marnie it’s got to be something techie…

    And if it’s not a heart monitor or a defibrillator or a fancy transfusion device (which is the most techie I get in my field) I am at an unfair disadvantage.

    But I commend your creativity. And I wonder if your prize will be as creative as Jenny’s Mr. Poodlestein or Mark’s pot!

  2. Steph – That’s not why Marnie is ineligible, she’s the one who sent me these objects. Obviously is was only obvious to Marnie and me, sorry.

    And yes I think the prizes are pretty spectacular, but then I set the bar pretty low.

  3. Aw, Willowtree, I can see you deciding paw prints from the fuzzy babies were pretty spectacular and thinking no one else would agree with you.

    But you’d be wrong. ‘Cause we love your little fuzzy babies here in Howdyland.

    So, I trust your judgment. Scary, huh?!

  4. Inflatable sheep? No, wait, the box for inflatable sheep looks a lot different. Inflatable dingo mauling a sorority slut barbie? Please please please.

  5. I tried making out the words on the side, but I can’t. I’m guessing it’s something for in the kitchen.

  6. Hmmmm….something from Marnie. Hmmmmm….I don’t remember her ever saying in a post she sent you something. i’m going to be a cheat and look back through her archives. Hmmm….let me think.

    Something wooden.

  7. Bah, sorry about that, my pic didn’t show up. yes, I was talking about wine in a box with a plastic tap, cuz that’s the kind of classy broad I am!

    How about another guess? Hmmm…I just read Marnie’s post from today… A 3 year supply of Qtips?

  8. Hey Dingo, it’s working you have extracted you’re first lurker (short term only) from the woodwork, the power of prizes eh!!
    My immediate thought was an old kerosene tin when I saw the package, so I’m goin’ with that.
    BTW in case you hadn’t thought of it, delivery of a prize within Oz would be lots cheaper than overseas.

  9. It’s the first working teleporter (please say yes)

  10. Thanks for the advice on editing. I am usually a learn it do it to perfection kind of gal…not so when it comes to computers! Very humbling, sigh!

  11. Oh, by the way, my guess is a pair of socks and a bottle of wine!

  12. Man…I’m obsessive enough about my blog without trying to follow numbers of who’s reading!! yikes!! I think Pamela had the right idea…bloggers anonymous….

  13. Did she send you a Precious Moments doll depicting a dingo? No? How about manscaping supplies…er, grooming products. Marnie sent me some delicious bath stuff.

    Is the prize money? I really need money.

  14. Dog toys!!!

    Am I right?!!

  15. Mark – You really don’t know me that well if you think for one minute that I would give up my inflatable sheep just to pimp my blog.

    Karmyn – Good luck, she did mention it but not what she was sending.

    Mert – Mm-mmm a five liter box of red wine with ‘natural flavors’ that’s best served chilled…now that’s my kind of wine.
    btw did you know that wine in a box was invented in Oz?

    Peter – No that’s not right, but you do make a good point about the postage, and may therefore ultimately be named the winner.

    Hey Bean! How is is going? Are you any closer to Margaret River yet? Oh, I just realised by your entry how dumb that question was.

    Devon – Wow I love that name, it’s my favorite lunch meat! And no it’s not socks.

    Melissa – No, but she did send me a Precious Moment box. She must have a house full of them!

    Stephanie – No, you’re not, but then I suspect you knew that.

  16. hmm could it be a pirate outfit? hat and sword? or barbies for the dingo? LOL

  17. Did anybody see Mario Cantone talking about how in Michael Jackson’s mugshot he looks like one of the Precious Moments characters? Because he did an impression that was spectacular.

    Oh yeah, nobody here is a stand-up junkie/political wonky wonk that shares my sense of humor. Oh well. It was funny.

  18. Sorry man, I should have known better. My new guess is a jar of pure liquid imagination*. Oh, and in using my newsreader to fix that RSS/Atom problem we talked about I’ve now become addicted to it. I even bought a license. Glorious. Thanks… I think.

    * this idea comes directly from an episode of Wonder Showzen. Credit given, where credit is due.

  19. A stuffed kangaroo?

    OH – by the way, I won’t be guessing 11 times in a row. I’ve learned my lesson.

  20. You had me with “This is Big”
    A Canadian Flag?

  21. The number of hits to my blog seem pretty good still but the number of commentors has dropped as well. Perhaps we both need more controversial content, huh?

    Now, as for guess number one: CDs or DVDs?

  22. Prizes? Oh, you just know how to real this ugly American in, don’t you?

    Is it a box of computer paper turned upside down or sideways?

  23. When did you post this??? How did you get 23 comments to this post when I checked it YESTERDAY??? Friggin’ lurkers coming out of the woodwork to win a prize (you’re ingenious).

    I cannot believe YOU, of ALL people, gave out your mailing address…YOU! Mr.-I-could-care-less-about-meeting-bloggers-in-real-life-because-I-don’t-like-anyone- better-than-myself Pirate Peter. Except it’s Marnie and she’s stinkin’ adorable so I think there’s something going on here.

    My first thought was a RealDoll since you dedicated a 6-page post (well, link) to ’em, except 1) I know you’re too cheap and 2) if you had one, and you aren’t giving up your inflatable sheep, you sure as heck wouldn’t give it away! I also thought kanga balls, but you’ve already “been there, done that”, except in that case, the salesgirl wouldn’t even look up to sell ’em to ya….

    Let the games begin. Play nice.

  24. The box form Marnie contains: dental floss, q-tips, her homework assignments, a green giant sqiud, razor blades, a Porky Pig cookie jar, and Mickey Mouse who she abducted from Disneyland.

  25. P.S. (Post-Swampy): form = from in my world

  26. I’m late. Darn it.

    I think the box contains a pirate hat and knee socks.

    (YES! This is me being funny!)

  27. Oh wow, shit, crap! I soooo wish I wasn’t held hostage at my parents for the last 48 hours!

    This is much needed excitement on a rather crap-tastic day. I had moles removed. Oh joy. I think I already popped a couple of stiches.

    I’m so glad that the mystery objects have inspired something totally awesome.

  28. PS, I do not own ANY Precious Moments dolls of any sorts.

    Sheesh guys, I figured you knew me better.

    It’s my MOM with the stupid dolls.

  29. Sure Marnie, we all assumed that you go around to your mother’s place and get one of her empty Precious Moments boxes whenever you need to send something. Yeah sure.

    I’m betting that you have had built in shelves made just to house your treasures.

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