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Behind door #2

OK folks, here’s what you’ve all been waiting for! The consolation prizes. So, if you don’t have a problem with horses propositioning you, but you do have a problem with kangaroos and koalas wandering across your street, then these may be the answer.

These are small plastic replicas of real life signs that you see around here. You don’t see so many koala signs, but there’s lots of kangaroo signs….


And now for the all important second clue. Seeing as I’m actually showing you the objects, you have to be pretty precise with your entries, I mean we’re talking major prizes here.  And Marnie, I know you haven’t read the competition guidelines in the earlier post (because you haven’t read the earlier posts) so I’ll re-state them here, you are not allowed to play…


And finally, just to prove that we really do have those signs…


Now before you all jump up and down and start yelling "Hey, that’s not like the sign you’re giving away!", let me splain.  a) this picture was taken 20 years ago, and b) it was taken in QLD and we live in NSW. So there, that’s why they are different, get over it! Plus these things are made for Japanese tourists so they have to look pretty.

I’m assuming that I will start getting correct entries from this point on, so it’s first in first served.


35 Responses

  1. How many times to we get to guess?

    And how big are those rock thingys? There’s nothing else in the photo for scale.

    Okay, I’m guessing a chunk of granite and a chunch of agate.

    But if you let me I may guess again.

    And I might even get creative!!

  2. Dude, I already guessed manscaping products. If that’s not xxxx xxxx or xxxxxx xxxx then Marnie’s metaphorically throwing rocks at your head.

    Oh, and I just got an Australia trivia question on my string cheese wrapper, so email me if you want your next hot contest question. Hint: the questions are made for kids. Imagine how long you can string it along if you prohibit all the parents from guessing…

    Sorry Melissa, I had to edit your comment, I forgot that you would know what they are, don’t worry, you’ll get a prize.

    Damn that Willowtree is HOT!! hey that wasn’t me

  3. Stephanie – Take all the guesses you need, there’s no limit.
    Just be careful though because Karmyn once put 11 comment in a row as a joke, which I found funny by the way, but TP did not and it banned her from commenting. It took some doing to get that remedied.

    Hey tell Jenny there’s a comp going on over here will ya?

  4. Melissa – hey you appeared while I was typing.

  5. 1)Lime flavored rock candy
    2)Handmade soap
    3)Blue Balls…I mean ill-shaped green testicles.
    4)Bird suet

    I would have posted 4 different times, but I want to stay on the safe side of TP.

  6. Crap! I’m out the door and don’t have time to “research” this…but the one on the right–jade???

  7. Well, okay, since I get to guess some more:

    1) One is a pumice thingy to get the callouses off you feet and the other is fancy soap.
    2) They’re interesting kinds of chalk for you to use to color on the driveway. Wait…no, you don’t have kids…
    3) The metaphorical stone you don’t leave unturned and a magic green rock that gives you three wishes.
    4) A stone from some historical church and some chunk of stained glass from same church. (Well, I don’t see how that applies to Marnie, but I know you’re a good Catholic boy.)

    That’s all I’ve got for now, but I’m still thinkin…

  8. Quick guess would be geodes. Not much of a geologist/gemologist myself, so that’s probably about as good as I’ll get.

  9. 1. The blarney stone

    2. Glass made from a lightening strike in the sand.

    3. Cookies?

  10. Victor thinks it’s a piece of the Berlin Wall but since it’s from Marnie I’m changing it to a piece of the Columbian wall.

  11. 1)Gravel

    Clearly, I have no idea. And clearly, it’s been 3 posts since I’ve commented on your blog. Where have I been?

    I can tell by the pictures of the yellow balloon you posted the other day I haven’t missed too much.

  12. Susan – You wouldn’t be so dismissive if you won one of them!

  13. Meteorites!!

    I only thought of that ’cause they just updated my homeowners insurance and although I am NOT covered for wind, rain, or tropical cyclone (here on the Gulf Coast), I AM covered for space debris including spacecraft.

    Yeah, are those pieces of spacecraft?

    Oh, and Matthew just glanced at the screen and said, “Diapers!!” Yeah, you can see what our world revolves around…

  14. Man, give Swampy a prize for ill shaped green testicles. That’s awesome.

  15. well hubs thinks they are Quartz and limestone on the left and jade on the right

    I personally think they are pretty rocks you find when you go cave climbing… like in branson lest thats where i seen stones like that last;)

  16. Haven’t the foggiest idea!!! I guess they can’t be opal, and they are way to big to be kidney stones. Unless they came out of the horse.

  17. Does Marnie know you’re playing this game? She’s gonna have so much fun reading this stuff.

    Hmmmm, is the one on the left a chunk of the concrete she chucked at her ex when she told him “See ya”? Or something they extracted from Kobe when they removed the razor blade? Or, petrified Kobe crap?

    Hey you have your next contest already underway…”Vote for your favorite WRONG guesses on this one”. I’d have a hard time deciding…:).

  18. OK now it’s easy, a chunk of blue/gray rock and a chunk of blue/green rock… right?

  19. I think its that soap they make that looks like rocks.

  20. My answers has already been given (soap).

    So – I will come up with a new one:

    The one one the left is a fake rock made from foam or plastic used to hide keys.

    The one on the right is actually a piece of rubber used to erase things.

  21. You guys are totally cracking me up.

    My fave is from Susan…


    Brilliant. And not terribly far off.

  22. and arrowhead and a piece of a hatchet

  23. probably used in whaling… or hunting baby seals (ouch)

  24. A rock and a mineral. How specific were you looking for?

  25. Originally I was thinking that some how Marnie had gotten her hands on the hearts of Heather and Stephanie from Go Fug Yourself. Those cold hearted b#tches… I love them. :O)

    Well, I think the green one could be Helenite, and the gray one maybe granite or soapstone.

  26. I don’t know how I missed this earlier, but Swampy is a true Testicle Sorority sister!

    Testicles!! Hee!

  27. Marnie, I KNOW! I always LOVE Susie-Q’s answers for WHATEVAH! But Stephanie’s & Jenny’s cracked me up, too. And everyone else was right behind them ;).

  28. Blue balls! ha! Swampy! I caught that one too Stephanie.

    Okay. Rocks. Minerals. Names. I’m not good at this stuff but I desperatly want a prize.

  29. Quartz and volcanic rock

    Please Please Please!

  30. Okay I have no idea what is going on now since I have missed a few days ..lol How neat it would be to see those signs around though.. don’t get many kangaroos around here.. lol

  31. yay, rocks. you sent away for rocks.

  32. I was going to say the left was a piece of the Berlin Wall…but it looks too rock-like, not concrete-like.

    Are they from some historic building? Your first home w/ YDW?

    The second one? Weird. All I could think was Kryptonite.

  33. My parents were rockhounds in their spare time, and I grew up with all manner of geodes and crystals and agate and such instead of Hummel figurines on our shelves and coffee tables. They would be totally ashamed of me for not getting this right. But I HAVE to take a stab…

    The one on the left looks like an unpolished chunk of chrysocolla, but the blue is usually more turquoise than what is pictured.

    The one on the right looks like a hunk of malachite, but it’s a little dark and doesn’t have enough patterns.

    My parents would be SO ashamed. I should send them your blog. They would know immediately – but then, they’d also see that I was an idiot.

  34. Malachite!! THAT’S what I meant instead of agate.

    Thanks, Tiggerlane. I’ll bet you’re the closest to right of anyone.

  35. Okay – now I am going to say they are “NOT ROCKS” but something else entirely – since rocks can’t be quite right. Why would Marnie send you rocks?

    What would Marnie send you? That is what I’m trying to come up with now.

    Are they something from Disneyland? DAMN – This is killing me. Tell us already.

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