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Ok, Pens down, your time is up.

Well, there’s good news and bad then of course there’s bad news. The BAD news is that no-one got it completely correct, the GOOD news is that this allows my to utilize the ‘G.Dubya method of decision making’, whereby I totally base my decision on my own opinion while completely disregarding any and all relevant input. That should work out well, I don’t foresee any problems using this method (this is also part of the method).

There were some half correct answers and there were some totally wrong answers that were so wrong they probably deserve a prize of some sort. In fact I think I might even award some (it means driving into town, but hey, you guys mean so much to me you’re worth it).

So the correct answer, if I had gotten it would have been Shampoo and Soap, and if you don’t believe me, here are the items before I unwrapped them…


It’s not every day you get given a block (huh?) of shampoo that has instructions that include "peel of wax before using", and how many of you can honestly say that your soap is made of sea vegetables. All I can say is that sometimes it may be a good thing to be in the middle of the worst drought in 100 years.

So, now I’ll have you sort through the mess that is the comments to determine who gets what, this will be based on what crap I can find in the five and dime (no, we don’t call them five and dimes) and how much I want your address (hopefully that will freak out enough people that I won’t have to send out much stuff at all!).

I don’t see this happening before tomorrow, after all I have to drive 80 miles round trip before I can even think about awarding prizes (because I don’t know how many I’ll have). Obviously if soap was part of your answer you should get a horse condom, but I think there were a few that said soap so I have to try and get some more.

Oh yeah! For all you geniuses that guessed rocks…Have you any idea how expensive international postage is!!!   And do you realise it’s based on weight!!!


19 Responses

  1. I’d like to add that this package was mailed in October, shortly after my Run for the Cure… it took 3 MONTHS to arrive!!

    I’m surprised that the Precious Moments box wasn’t smashed to bits.

  2. Ha! Truly I never would’ve guessed that. Good job Willowtree, and Marnie for sending him such mysterious objects.

  3. You mean to say Marnie wouldn’t consider you worth spending that much in postage?!

    Oh, and yeah, I’d have never guessed shampoo. They still look like space debris to me.

  4. I was pretty confident about my answer. Which by the way I consider 100% correct. And knowing that is prize enough for me 🙂

  5. LOL….not to mention that rocks would have been a bit to obvious…

  6. And anyway I did give my address out last time I won a blog contest for my prize WHICH never came. Probably because the guy is making his way across the planet to come and do away with me.

  7. I just wanted to say that I got the same thing from Marnie when I donated to her cause. A block of bubblebath(?). And even knowing that I still didn’t guess right.

    I’m the asshole in the comments section.

  8. Soap – I KNEW IT. and everyone guessing rocks – they didn’t look hard enough to me – smooth edges, rubbery looking. HA!

    Very interesting soap, I will say! Too cool. She must have bought it by the slab.

  9. For an 80 mile trip to pick up extra prizes I sure hope you drive something pretty economical Dingo.
    BTW as there was no scale shown in your photos they may well have been rock fragments MUCH lighter than your shampoo and soap.

  10. Man. I’m sure glad I didn’t go with my second guesses: molded cheese and green peanut brittle. I would have felt pretty stupid.

    Who am I kidding? I’m pretty stupid already.

  11. HAAAA I should have gone with my first instinct.. never listen to the man ok.. i told him i didn’t think it was rocks but he said ohhh no it’s rocks… blahhh

    and no this is not a fall back.. thing… i really did think looking at the one on the right the green one that it wasn’t rocks.. sigh… didn’t know what it was but didn’t think it was rocks.. LOL

  12. (la la) soap soap soap soap, soap soap soap soap

    I’m just getting ahead of Stephanie and making some music

    I just thought I’d sing about 8 bars…………..

  13. Which one was the shampoo?

  14. Does this mean your first video post is going to be you washing your hair with Marnie’s shampoo? I’m sure we’re all waiting to see that.

  15. Marnie – It’s too bad they didn’t get here 3 months ago when there was still a little bit of water left in the tanks.

    James – I agree with the Marnie comment, I started the contest before I actually saw what the soap looked like. When I unwrapped it I was pleased to find it looked like rocks even from close up.

    Stephanie – Is that a rhetorical question?

    Mary – Your answer was correct, and you do qualify for a prize.

    Mary – again, I don’t want to do away with you, I want to have my way with you. Kidding!

    Jenny – you’re half right, I would have called you the dumbass of the comments section.

    Karmyn – Oh you knew it did you, well why didn’t you say it then? My camera is better than I thought, you can even tell how hard something is from my photos, pretty impressive.

    Peter – Yes it is a small 1.6ltr matchbox toy. But the big savings was on the cost of the additional prizes.

    Susan – You ain’t kidding, it would have been a pure shame to say something stupid after you looked so brilliant with your gravel and kryptonite answer (which btw, gets a sympathy prize)

    Wolfbaby – I can’t believe you listened to your husband!

    Pamela – I got it. Eight bars.

    Robin – the one that wasn’t the soap…ha ha ha! The one on the left.

  16. “Splish Splash I Was Taking A Bath…with my soap”…

  17. P.S. (Post Swampy)…Save your postage on me. Just keep visiting The Asylum and leaving your comments is “prize” enough for me. Although, I’ve never seen a horse condom before, it would be quite interesting.

  18. I was always taught that if it walks like a rock and talks like a rock… it’s a rock. *sigh* That’s the kind of messed up world we live in, using chunky shampoo and vegetables for soap. Who would have guessed? Obviously not me! LOL!

    I am guessing that “soap”stone doesn’t count. ;O)

  19. Oh well that’s different.

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