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The Prize Winners.

For those of you who assumed that the reason I haven’t posted today was because I skipped town so I wouldn’t have to give out prizes…shame on you!

As it turns out, I was reading and commenting around 8 o’clock this morning when I heard a whole bunch of sirens. About 10 minutes later, mid comment, my computer died. In fact everything died, including the driver of the truck that hit the power pole about a half a mile from here. It’s now 5 o’clock in the afternoon and they have finally reopened the highway and got the power back on.

Funny how things are different depending on where you live, I for example live out in the bush and am not on town water. My house water comes from rainwater tanks, and my yard water comes from an underground bore, both are regulated by pressure pumps which means that when the power goes out, so does the water. So in addition to it being 112F with no fans, TV or air conditioner, I’ve had no shower, no toilet flush and no morning coffee. So, how’s your day been?

Anyway, enough of my complaining, on to the winners.

Horse condom winners:
Congratulations Swampy and Mary you are now the proud owners of some beautifully tasteful horse condoms. Legally Melissa qualifies too, but since there’s a question over her entry, she has been awarded the used one.

Sign Winners:
Karmyn and Susan take out the coveted Australian road signs. What?? Yes I know that Susan said they were Kryptonite and Karmyn blamed her kids for making her write funny, but the truth is, these prizes have been awarded for their ‘Sleeping Kid’ post-off the other day. Amanda would have won one too, but it would really be stretching it to award a prize to someone who didn’t even enter.

Runners up:
Vicki, Mert and Robin all win a stubby holder. Vicki was just so darned pitiful with her pleas, Mert got left out of the wrap-up and I’m not prepared to listen to Robin bitch at me for the next three weeks for not winning anything.

Not even Close:
Jenny and Stephanie win a special secret prize, Stephanie for guessing the most wrong answers and Jenny for actually having been sent the same stuff from Marnie and still getting it wrong.

So there you go, the prizes actually do exist so if you want them, email me with your details. I’m quite happy to send them to you, but in truth, they are pretty tacky and if I won I’d say "thanks, that’s nice of you, but don’t worry about it" (which is what Swampy has already said but she can change her mind if she wants to), but it’s up to you. Just remember that I’ll be sending them seamail so it will be at least 3 months before you see them.
It’s safer for you if you can get a way with using your work address (who knows how crazy I really am)

In other news, it seems like I’ve got another dog. I almost had two but the other one (a beagle) wouldn’t come into the yard and just took off. He looks like he’s been on the road for a while and is the skinniest dog I’ve ever seen, hopefully I’ll be able to beef him up a little. He doesn’t have a collar so I’ll be taking him to the vet’s to check for a microchip.  More on him later.



19 Responses

  1. Awww….a new addition to your crew! He looks like he’ll be a good boy…too bad about the other beagle.

  2. The beagle will be back looking for his friend.
    I’ve already picked out names.
    Skip and Skinny.

    And you, hope you got coffee and a shower… and a flush.
    (especially after seeing Marnie’s post.)

  3. Aw-w-w! I hope you find the owner, but if not, what a lucky dog to have found you. Maybe the Beagle will come back.
    What’s with the teeny tiny font? Remember when I nearly put everyone’s eyes out back in October? And, everyone yelled at me?

  4. I just hate it when I hit post and I’m still talking.
    Hope your water is back on. Until then, just don’t floss.
    I would love to have a beautifully, tasteful horse condom but save your $$$ and time. You can mail mine to Mary. She might like to have a pair.
    Fun contest. When is the next one?

  5. You know what? Saying that I cheated is getting old and it’s starting to piss me off. I’m not going to explain myself – it was just a guess, just like every other guess about cookies or rocks.

    So knock it off already.

  6. It’s a Border Collie! He looks just like mine. Take care of him and he’ll turn out to be a good worker.

  7. For the record, there was no cheating, of any kind going on, by anyone.

  8. Man, get this guy some coffee! Sheesh…! :/

    Am I the only person in the world who doesn’t know what a stubby holder is???

  9. I tried to cheat, Marnie (your comment came in as I was writing mine), but you were playin’ it straight up ;).

  10. Dude, yes I did guess the most wrong answers, but I did actually get one of them right! Hmph!!

    Oh, and you get the sweetest-looking little fuzzy babies where you are!!! Congratulations on the new addition. Hopefully additions. And I like Pamela’s names.

  11. Robin, I didn’t know what a stubbieholder was either… and considering the horse condom thingie, I was a bit concerned. Actually, it sounds like the exact opposite of a horse condom.

    I Googled it, its one of those neoprene cozys for soda or beer cans, to keep ’em cold. Seen as WT said the condoms don’t actually keep the beverage cold, I think we are coming out on top. ;O)

  12. the Border Collie doesn’t know how lucky he is to have run into you!!! Will he get his own beanbag chair too?

    Poor Beagle….he doesn’t know what he is missing. Of course, Bentley may have some words to say about that.

    I’ll be e-mailing you shortly.

  13. Sorry for spamming…I forgot to say that I would love a stubbie. Holder that is.

    I will love it and cherish it, and I shall name him Big Mouth. I promise to feed him 3 times a day or more with an icy Diet Pepsi, and try to bath him at least once a month.

    WT, can you make sure you rip up some newspaper for his box before you mail him… A 3 month cruise is a long time to go without the use of a toilet. ;O)

  14. Oh yeah, I also forgot to add that the pup is very sweet. I hope he stays, and gets along well with Buddy, Bentley, Ken, and Booey.

    Sorry about your coffee and “facilities”. that really stinks.

    Ok, I think I’m done now.

  15. Ree – yep, it’s a Border Collie alright, good pick up.

  16. Stephanie – What are you Hmphing about? Didn’t you read the results? You and Jenny both win prizes. But you won’t get them if you don’t provide a mailing address.

  17. Oh oh… he’s cute as anything. Please give him a huge hug and a big feed for me. Man, I have such a soft spot for collies. You the best.

  18. Okay so whining works? Really? It never works in person. maybe it’s the high pitch Stewart voice that I use. ??

    Note to self: Type Whining works. Paint yourself Pityful.

  19. Sorry about the power loss. I have the same problem when power goes out. I can live w/o alot but no water just plain sucks. Aren’t you sweet to take in the stray.

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