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I didn’t set this up.

Yesterday while the power was off all day due to the truck hitting the pole, thanks to MDW’s birthday and christmas presents, at least I had music to take my mind of the fact that I was suffering severe heat exhaustion. At some point it dawned on me that I should take a photo….


This is a very old writing bureau that belonged to my paternal grandmother, I restored and refinished it,

as it had an almost black wood veneer that was peeling off and the glass had disappeared years ago (my father used to store paint, thinners and all kinds of crap including his stash of wine in a box in it in the garage). There’s a wooden cookie jar behind the iPod that belonged to my maternal grandmother, and if you look closely you can see a Mason jar behind the coffee cups.

Anyway, all of that is irrelevant, what this post is about is the coincidence that I didn’t even realise had occurred until after I transferred the pictures to the computer and had a look at them this morning…


So, I took a close-up to show the iPod MDW gave me for my birthday last August and the speakers she gave me this christmas. Oh yeah, she also gave me that leather case on the left. Anyhow, when I saw the photo this morning I wondered what was playing at the time. Now I swear I did not set this up, but if you click on it you may just be able to make out that the song is ‘Way out West’ by the Dingoes, off their self titled album.


10 Responses

  1. You did a wonderful job refinishing the bureau, it looks really nice! I can’t even imagine the shape it was in. I really love the cookie jar. :O)

    We are fortunate to have several older pieces including a secretary from John’s grandma, an old Singer sewing machine that folds down into a table and a buffet from his dearly departed dad- passed down from HIS mom.

    The iPod thing is funny! Now if only you had Barbie Girl by Aqua playing after that! ;O)

  2. that’s a nice little setup! me with no coffee=me thinking…how on earth did they have the cd racks back then?? duh. They match very well.

  3. I love old things too..
    except I don’t like getting old

    ps. How is skinny?

  4. Wow, the iPod belonged to your maternal grandmother? Cool. Sorry, I couldn’t resist. That’s a fine looking piece of furniture and you did an outstanding job of refinishing it. Well done. So what kind of cookies are in the cookie jar?

  5. I enjoyed the combination of the old and the new in that photo.

  6. I love it when people have the forethought to keep things like that and make them “keepsakes.” Nice job of refinishing it. Do you play the keyboard?

  7. Swampy – Yes but not very well.

  8. You’re supposed to play it with your fingers, not your face.

    Maybe that’s the problem? Just a thought. Get back to me on that and let me know how it goes. :OB

  9. Great juxtaposition!!

    Serendipity ain’t just…a really big word folks don’t use often.

  10. I left for NYC for 3 days. Just 3 and I come back and have missed 7 posts!

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