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After the last round of comments, I’m not game to say anything in case I upset even more people, so I’m just posting a couple of pictures of the bark painting I mentioned a while ago that some of you were interested in.

This is it…..


It’s painted on the bark of a Paperbark Gum. The figures are painted with either ochre or the ash mixed with water. They actually burn the bark for effect. Here’s an angle that let’s you see what I’m talking about…


So there ya go. If you like the picture, feel free to comment, if you just want to give me a hard time, take it somewhere else.


15 Responses

  1. It’s very pretty… I love the way the wood is rough and how the rough layers enhance the effect.

    Thanks for posting it. :O)

  2. Now that’s art. Thanks for sharing with us.

    How are things with the new dog? Did the beagle join in yet?

    Sounds like your drinking water is rainwater? Just curious, do you test it to see how healthy or unsafe it is?

  3. That’s very cool, WT. I like it. Did you buy it locally? I’m all for supporting local artists & the art community.

  4. Mert – Apart from the charring, that’s a natural effect. It’s one solid piece of bark, but it is in layers, hence the name ‘paperbark’ gum.

    Kila – The stray beagle hasn’t shown up since that first time, although I heard something last night that may have been her.

    My beagle isn’t all that pleased with the situation as I’m feeding the new guy fairly often trying to get some condition into his coat.

    Mark – It was actually a gift, so I’m not really sure where exactly it came from. There are several large Aboriginal communities around here so I’ll have to see if they do them too.

  5. Kila again – I meant to mention the water. Truth is I don’t drink that much of the stuff (mostly coffee and cooking), but there’s a frog living in the tank so I figure if it doesn’t kill him it won’t kill me.

  6. I burn alot of my art, too.
    In the fireplace

  7. First, the bark painting is awesome. Very primitive.

    Second, the border collie is a great addition to the family. Can’t wait to see him with some meat on his bones and a beautiful coat.

    Third, thank you, thank you, thank you for your comment on my Water Music post. I was trying to be clever and funny with my reference to Mick and Keith and it did my heart good to read your own clever and funny comment!

  8. Okay well first let me say

    I heart Willow Tree and I heart his picture also!

  9. My cousins used to do woodburning when we were little. They mostly burned their fingers though, as I remember.

    Oh Vicki, we all heart Willowtree. Even me and Marnie. And even when I’m the asshole in the comments!

  10. Holy fuck….those are amazing.

  11. The pictures are very different to the ones I have visit here for a look.


  12. Sorrt meant to add post date Dec 5th 2006

  13. Hey do they have to do something to the bark so it doesn’t just… you know… crumble to bits? Cause that stuff isnt exactly the longest lasting artistic material in the universe…

  14. Bean – It should be framed behind glass. I keep it in one of those A4 plastic sleeves for a three ring binder. I just took it out to show the contours, you are 100% correct, it would probably only last a week if it wasn’t protected.

  15. Wow, that’s amazing!! Beautiful!

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