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Et tu Pioneerwoman?

Yesterday the Pioneer Woman insulted me (ha! get in line baby!) by saying, and I quote "Willowtree, you’re the biggest smartass in my Comments section."

Now I could take the time to prove her wrong by demonstrating that I really am a kind, nurturing, sensitive guy, but it would be much easier to prove her right, so here goes….

Question:  Name two things Willowtree has that the Pioneer Woman doesn’t.


Answer: A Pug and a Border Collie that can run.


Or to be more precise, a freshly washed Pug, and a freshly washed Border Collie that can run.

Hey come on guys, it was a joke! Please send your hate mail to someone else who really deserves it (you choose). I honestly do feel bad for the PioneerWoman right now, it’s awful having a pet get injured and my thoughts go out to you Ree. I don’t feel so bad about you not having a Pug though, after all you killed the last one you had. (damn! maybe I should have stopped talking)


15 Responses

  1. Seems like the last time you did this sort of thing it worked out to your benefit. This should be fun to watch, again.

    I’d take being called the biggest smartass in her comments section as a compliment.

  2. aw sheesh….you’re killin’ me heah…

  3. Death wish, anyone?

    Yup, I agree, this should be fun. ;O)

  4. HELLO, WT!!! I’m commenting here because I’ve been out of town for several days and instead of leaving my comment WAAAAAY on down the page…oh good day…I’ll just get to the point….I just read that I won a sign! Woo Hoo! Yipee! Hip-hip hooray!

    And your comment that I somehow decreased my chances of winning by guessing something that doesn’t exist….are you saying that kryptonite doesn’t exist? You don’t believe in Superman? What are you telling me? Superman’s not….real?

    And what’s all this talk about you being a smartass? Where exactly can I find this incriminating comment? I won’t believe it until I read it for myself!

    No Superman? WT’s a smartass? What’s this world coming to?

  5. I agree with Susan – I’m gone for a couple of days and now I have no Clue what is going on.

    Cute dog – is he there to stay? Does he have a name?

  6. Beings yours is probably the only ass of any of her commenters she has seen…………….

    hey… dog looks great.
    Where’s Bently — bently out of shape???

  7. Susan – So glad to hear from you and yes you did win a prize, now just to make sure I’ve got this straight, you want me to send your prize for guessing something that doesn’t exist to an address you haven’t given me. Does that about sum it up?

    Karmyn – We’ve decided to call him Bobby, and at this stage it looks like he may be staying. I took him to vet this morning to check for a chip and he didn’t have one (as I suspected). I put him on their found list, but I think he was dumped (he’s turning out to be a bit of a handful).

    Pamela – Bentley was around, he got washed too so he was probably rolling in the grass. I must say he’s none too pleased about the whole thing, in fact he beat the crap outta the new guy yesterday.

  8. You…you…you…

    BASTARD! I’ve seen some low blows in my day, but this one? This one?

    Yeah, well…the pepperoni on your pizza over there tastes like Koala meat. And your McDonalds tastes like Kangaroo meat. And I don’t even wanna talk about your eggs.

    If you ever want to be my bestest friend again, you’ll send me that pug. Then we’ll call it even.


  9. Ree – Yeah? Well I’ve got news for you, the pepperoni was koala meat! Plus I’ve had a tubal ligation so I don’t even have any eggs! Did I mention I’ve got a pug and you don’t?

  10. I think you need to elaborate on “he’s turning out to be a bit of a handful.” Oh, and koala makes the best pepperoni, doesn’t it?

  11. Oh, I totally prefer possum pepperoni, it’s so much more alliterative… actually I think I might market that, sounds like a winner to me.

  12. Once again, I was entertained by the comments (NOT the best I’ve ever read;) but was somewhat at a disadvantage since I haven’t read Ree’s posts over the weekend…. GLAD to hear Bentley wasn’t slighted, he reacted the same way Aussie does after bathtime (NO WAY we could get a picture of her then, she runs around the yard like a crazed lunatic!).

    Hmmmm….writing an entire post about PW to get her attention…and insulting her…and admitting to having your tubes tied…

    …what to think, what to think (she says, scratching her head).

  13. WT, at least Ree didn’t say you had the biggest ass in the comments section. I mean, come on, look on the bright side!!

  14. Hmmm… Robin was thinking the same thing I was, but she was brave enough to say it, LOL!

    Yeah, I recognize attention seeking behavior when I see it. I have a 5 yr old, a 22 month old, and a 480 month old.;O)

    Bad boy, BAD BOY!

  15. Love your Border Collie! He looks adorable!

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