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Fun Monday #1

I had this great idea a while ago, about everyone posting a picture on the same day with the same subject matter. Ok so it was Vicki’s idea, let’s not get pedantic, I would have thought of it eventually, maybe, perhaps. The idea this time is to post a picture from your front door. I’m going to post several (we live in two houses).

For a full list of the participants check out "Vicki’s you show me yours and I’ll show you mine" posting challenge.

Just your standard shot from the Willow Tree property…..


And this one is from the Wyoming property (Wyoming NSW, not USA)…


And now one with some colour, looking in the same direction as the first pic….


And of course, here’s my front door….


32 Responses

  1. verrah purty Willow. I am particularly jzelous of ze wide open space!!

  2. Very pretty! Err, sorry- handsome, yes handsome is the word. :O) I love the sunset, but the first picture is where I would love to be… Lying on a blanket, snoozing under the tree.

    After you pick up the poop that Bentley is about to make in that pic, of course.

  3. Well, your view beats mine any time! Even at night! Nice blog, permission to come and visit again!
    P.S.: Have added you to my list of bloggers.

  4. I like the wainscoating — or whatever that is on the wall.
    Bently is posing nicely, too.

  5. ps
    it looks like central oregon — the pix with bently

    the other pix looks quite tropical

  6. Some of these are somewhat familiar, some are brand spankin’ new, BUT, two things struck me: 1) Your Wyoming property is so DIFFERENT from the Bush! It’s much more secluded looking than I would have thought given city-livin’. 2) Your front door is so COLORFUL! I’m not sure WHY that was a surprise, but it made me smile.

    Get this, I’ve had the same idea, too (have “we” all?) but never thought to write or suggest it in a post. Guess rats are clouding my brain :/.

  7. Love it ! Love it ! Love it ! Beautiful !

  8. What stunning views.

  9. I love it – the Willow Tree “property.” Calling it property instantly makes you sound like a mogul. Well, you know. A blog mogul. Great pictures!

  10. Beautiful view! Amazing sunset.

  11. I was going to take some pics too, but it was really nasty out and I wasn’t sure the shots would look like much. It was snowing most of the morning, but not the nice kind of snow. It basically looked like a thick fog. My pics would have looked like grey.

  12. Wow! So gorgeous.

    Makes me miss home. It’s amazing how much it looks like West Texas.

  13. The second pic is quite purple…is it really that purply looking?

    Did I tell you that I am your long, lost niece, and I would like to come for a visit?

  14. Very nice! And the actual picture of the front door was a nice touch. Very Willowtree.

  15. Wish I could have been awake enough this morning to take a picture of my front door. . . 🙂

    I really like your view! Wish I had some openness around me. . . 🙂

  16. Nice paint on the front door! Your idea? Or MDW’s?

    I like it!

  17. wow. makes my view look like peanut butter.
    yeah, i don’t know what that means either.

  18. Beautiful yard!

    and love that you included a picture of your front door. =)

  19. Oh, I like the colorful front door!

    Nice views. And fences–I like fences. Wish I had some.

    Wish I had palm trees, too!

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  20. What a wonderful view. Great front door, too!

  21. That second pic look downright exotic! Great views and nice painted door!

  22. So far you have the grandest view. Absolutely beautiful. All that wide open space kind of scares me though. I wouldn’t know what to do with it.

    The coast picture looks so much different. Are the landscapes different there? It looks like it might be a lot wetter where YDW lives.

  23. I love your pictures. Such color! I love the openness (is that a word?). Great picture of the door too.

  24. I liked your front door idea so well I went back and added it to my post. . . Sorry to have copied. . .

  25. Love your views!! I thought about including a picture of my front door, but it has dirty paw prints on it and I was too lazy to clean it before my photography session.

    So, you really like my shed? Get this, the name of the local company that builds them is Outback Storage. Of course, my shed is out front…I never have been one to follow the norm….

  26. Sweet, man. Great photos! That stormy sunset one is delicious.

  27. What a beautiful view you have Willow.

  28. That is the coolest front door! Totally jealous!

  29. Great front door. I added mine too. Only it was late so my shot is from Halloween and my photo archives.

  30. Wow what wonderful views you have, beats the urban jungle anyday. Have been reading some of your back posts and love the animals so I think I will be back regularly.

  31. Very beautiful! Love it!

  32. Dear willowtree. I didn’t realise the other place was in Wyoming. Or maybe I did. My nana used to live on Wyoming Road, and I went to school at Our Lady of the Rosary. And I have a great aunt who lives on Bourbon Street (which we think is funny, cause she used to be a bit of a fun old sozz). And rellies who live on Day St and Chamberlain Rd… We lived on Marangani Ave at North Gos. But we moved to Brissie ohhh about 21 years ago now!

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