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Shiny trinkets.

Before I do anything, I just want to go on record to say that I spent the better part of 30 minutes earlier today responding to everyone’s kind words on my ‘Front Door’ post. Every single person who left a comment was addressed individually with my usual warmth and humility. However I’ve just now discovered that my painstaking effort was all for naught and has disappeared (it’s now about 4 hours since I responded), and I think I know why. I cleared out my cache this morning as it seemed to be taking forever to get around to see all the Front Door posts. In doing so I cleared out my name and details, I put WT in the name field to be cute but left everything else blank and it seems TP shitcanned the whole thing without telling me. If this has ever happened to you too, I apologize.

Now onto the present….

MDW wanted me to take pictures of this and post them so that you could do the same if you wanted to, personally I think she just wants to show off. These are pictures of her earrings, not all of them mind you, only the drop ones, she probably has as many studs (mostly diamond, it’s her birth stone…lucky me), and don’t even get me started on the necklaces and rings!

Here we go….




And what’s the point of all of this, besides MDW showing off her jewelry? Well wait for it, here’s the money shot….


So there it is. Still don’t get it? Well here’s the thing, that nifty earring holder she has is actually a candle holder she got for $2 in a five and dime store. I guess she just wants show how thrifty she is, despite having an ‘Imelda Marcos-like’ jewelry collection.

**Update: How remiss of me not to thank Vicki for her fun idea, and also thank everyone who let me have a look into their world.


25 Responses

  1. She likes the dangles! And yes, she is very thrifty. However – I have a couple of silver earrings I can’t put out in the air (they tarnish too badly). So, I keep all my pretties inside a tarnish-free jewelry box (even the costume stuff is in there – which there is WAY more of than the nice stuff).

  2. TP shitcanned

    I like that. I may use it.


    I’ve been searching for something – and now I know what to look for.
    A week doesn’t go by that I don’t knock my little ear ring holder over and they scatter everywhere.

  3. Thank you so much for commenting on my post and for reminding me of our recent Ashes disaster!!
    No, really! Thanks!!!!

  4. Wow. YDW and I have the same taste in jewelry! I have some very similar pairs of earrings. But I don’t have YDW’s creativity. That thing is cool. I would never have looked at a candle holder and thought, “Earrings!”

    Matthew lucked out in the birthstone department. Garnets for me.

    And Karmyn and I both have tarnish-free jewelry boxes.

  5. You win the prize…I’m sitting here looking at that thing and wondering 1) What in the heck it really was and 2) at the same time, wondering what I could use so my necklaces (especially the multi-strand ones) don’t get tangled. I have two right now I can’t wear b/c of this :/.

    You win the prize for reading my mind before I even thought it (and telling us what “it” is).

    Color me impressed you STILL got out a sensible post after TP ate your comments; then again, you didn’t realise it til hours after it happened, and it’s usually the immediacy that kills me….

    Oh, yeah, YDW has lots of studs…hmmmm….i n t e r e s t i n g.

  6. Clever idea.

  7. TP Shitcanned ! I love it but hate that all your work went down the drain or up in space. Sorry about all that time you spent doing whatever the heck it was you were doing, but in doing-so whatever it was you were doing, you lost all those personal comments to us.
    I love the earrings and am so jealous because I can’t wear that particular “loop” style. I only like “studs.” H-m-m-m!
    I’m impressed that Robin is now reading your mind. What a talent that is !
    MDW is also a talented lady. I see a candle holder and think, CANDLE GOES THERE ! Lastly, I know you’re waiting for me to hurry and finish…which pair do you wear when you dress up as a pirate?

  8. I have a tarnish free jewelry box too! We can start a club.

    That thing is much cooler than the mesh/screen kind of earring holders. Very cool. And I want to know the answer to swampy’s question as well….

  9. Actually it is a great idea. I also notice how tidy it is. My earrings are tossed all over the place.
    Also I have to ask–what is the dog eating in your photo on your header?

  10. Awesome idea! YDW is a lady after my own heart in 2 respects… she loves jewelry and she is crafty.

    Tell YDW 2 thumbs up, I love finding other uses for everyday items. I once made decorative pillows out of some really pretty place mats to save money. I saved over 30$.

    Sorry about your comment getting eaten b the TP monster, that’s too bad. I hate when that happens.

  11. Your wife has some nice jewelry!! and the idea for storage…brilliant!

  12. So, WT, am I getting this right? You’re a tool? Wait, almost forgot. Married. There haven’t been enough insults lately, so I’m trying to get the ball rolling again.

    I will say, very clever idea, but my earring collection isn’t large enough to warrant such things, yet.

    Oh yes, thank you Vicki – great idea.

  13. I like that earring holder. My earrings are here and there and left as breadcrumbs to find my way home.

  14. Pamela – If you can’t find one, I may be able to get one and send it. I’m not sure if it would stand the trip but they are cheap enough and light enough.

    Erik – Nice to have you on board. ‘Disaster’ is such a subjective term, we didn’t see it that way at all.

    Stephanie – Mine’s a Peridot (what?), who makes this crap up? Her mother’s is opal, guess what’s an Aussie gem? Yep double whammy.

    Robin – Oh there was immediacy! While it ate my work a few hours beforehand, I didn’t realise it until I was about to do the post.

    As for the necklaces, what about one of those coffee mug trees.

    Swampy/Melissa – I used to wear an earring a long time ago and I still can. I often wore one that looked jut like a pirate’s.

    Sarala – That’s no dog, that’s a dingo! (play on words guys) and that’s a new toy from Mattel it’s eating (courtesy of Mark). You might say it’s a graphic depiction of the blog title.

    Mert – What a great idea! I’m making those pillows too, they should work well when I get so drunk that I pass out at dinner.

    Mark – OK you win this time! I tried for about 3 minutes to come up with an appropriate comeback and simply drew a blank. You…you…ah fuck it!

    Heather – If you gathered up all those breadcrumbs and put them with the peanut butter view from yesterday you could make a decent sandwich.

  15. Hey did anyone else have to do a WV? My settings must have got blitzed when I cleared the cache. I’ll go see. If you did, I’m sorry. I hate WVs.

  16. You childless people. I’m so envious.

    There’s no way in hell I could have something like that anywhere in this house of mine. My hooligans would have them scattered from ceiling to floor, and would probably bend the wires and make some bizarre sculture, then walk away from it and move on to something more fun. Like my makeup.

    You childless people.

  17. From the beginning I was thinking, “Yea nice earrings but where did she get that holder?” I thought you were going to say you made it yourself.

    Glad to know it’s something I can get at the dollar store.

  18. Your DW is a GENIUS! I would have NEVER thought of that!

    And you’ll have to let her know that I’m particularly fond of the earrings in the top picture, on the top row, right hand side – looks like amethyst (my Bstone) and aquamarine? Beautiful! Gorgeous! I LOVE them!

    In fact, I like them ALL. Good taste and thrifty. I’m neither one of those. You should count your blessings, WT!

  19. I have one pair of earrings that I wear every damn day. I’m allergic to everything else. I can’t even wear a watch.

    So jealous I could spit.

  20. Your wife’s a genius.

    No pierced ears here.

    My 9 yr old said, “They put those on their dog’s and cat’s ears?” LMAO!

  21. My 9 yr old was supposed to be sleeping, and I was supposed to be doing my online college class–we were both busted thanks of you!

  22. Oops, I meant “thanks to you”.

  23. OH, my, ever-loving word! A coffee tree! Why haven’t I thought of THAT??? Your work here is done. You may go home now.

  24. “What a great idea! I’m making those pillows too, they should work well when I get so drunk that I pass out at dinner.”

    ROFL! Now there’s and idea! I’m still laughing.

    At least your av isn’t a Dingo eating a pooping Barbie dog. . Now that would be in bad taste.

  25. I’m going to look around here and see if there is anything similiar … or available…
    If nothing else I am now thinking outside the box.

    … but thanks for offering.

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