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Aww how romantic.

While we’re on the subject of jewelry, here’s a picture I took of our wedding rings last time I was on the Coast. I don’t wear mine anymore but MDW still wears hers occasionally (in case you haven’t read the Wedding Story, we replaced her rings for our 10th anniversary, and I don’t wear any jewelry not even a watch).

I’ll show you the picture then I’ll tell you the story…


Our wedding was a DIY affair as I mentioned in that post I just linked to, and part of the DIY aspect was going to a jeweler in the Town and Country Village in SJ and picking rings. As it happened he didn’t have anything we liked, but he did have a big book of designs and we found one that we liked (and he was cheap). We wanted matching rings so the design had to lend itself to that.

The original design was not meant to have a gem, rather there was a carved flower (you can almost make out bits of it in the gold ring), but he said he could put a gem in there somehow, unfortunately he wasn’t a very good jeweler (that’s why mine looks like shit). But it gets worse, we came to live in Australia the week after we were married and two weeks after that, MDW’s stone fell out while we were at the beach, if you’re a bit slow, let me make it easy for you…a ruby (the original stone) about the size of a match head plus a sandy beach equals "so long Mr Ruby, hello ring with a hole in it".

The good news is that when we went back to the States to live a few years later, the jeweler was still in business (yeah I know, unbelievable) and he put a diamond, not for free, but at least he only charged what he paid for the gem and no labor, (but he didn’t refund the cost of the ruby). Well what do you know, I got a whole post out of that. But wait there’s more!

And now for something completely different…..

This is really a totally different post but I’ll just post it here. It’s an update on the Bobby (the stray). He is looking a lot better and his coat is starting to get a bit of a shine to it. As you can see he seems to be settling in quite well, this is where he hangs out while I’m on the computer so he can keep an eye on me…


Ok, now this is funny! Bentley isn’t all that pleased with the new situation, or to put it more bluntly, he doesn’t like the new guy. They’ve had a few fights so far but I just let them go at it, they have to establish the beta dog (I’m the alpha). Bentley wins all the time (its strange, for a such placid dog he really doesn’t take any shit from other dogs) and the fights are getting shorter all the time with Bobby submitting quicker.

I could do a "what is happening here" deal but I won’t, I’ll tell you.


Having low fences hasn’t been an issue up until now because neither Buddy nor Bentley can jump, not so for Bobby, Border Collies are renowned for it. He jumps over it all the time (sometimes he clears it without even touching it). But here’s where it gets funny, if Bentley is in the yard when Bobby is outside, he won’t let him back in, which is what’s happening in the photo, that’s Bentley chasing after Bobby who is trying to get back in the yard. Bentley positions himself where Bobby is trying to jump back over the fence and fakes him out. It’s really funny to watch.

**Bonus points if you know where the pop culture reference in red comes from.


22 Responses

  1. What’s in red? Damn it. Discriminating against your colorblind readers, are you, Willowtree? Monty Python’s Flying Circus (I’m guessing about what’s in red). Nice rings and I hope the dogs figure out the hierarchy soon so they can decide who gives you the orders.

  2. a John Cleese movie.

    I had a dog named Bobbie when I was a kid. Loved him.

    So the other Beagle didn’t come back (the one I named Skip) tsk.

    And I see you didn’t pick up on the name Skinny, either.

    (speaking of making posts out of nothing — someone commented on that massive old stump across the street – so the ARTSY FARTSY post – which I tricked you into reading.)

  3. I’m beginning to suspect you like the letter ‘B’.

  4. When will you add the dead parrot to the routine??

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog!
    Please take part in our next “Fun Monday” posting (see my blog for details)! God bless!

  6. Love the rings. Very classy! Thanks for the update on the Bobbie the Border Collie. The picture is hilarious. Would love to see one of Bobbie coming back over the fence.
    Monty Python? Uhh-h-h, am I too late with the answer?

  7. Durn…when I saw the title I thought you were going to ask your readers to visit my blog to recommend their favorite romantic getaways. I was wrong. But, wow, I managed to get it in in a totally subversive way, and maybe one or two will actually follow my link and throw in their two cents.

    Shameless. Blog. Slut.

    LOL, I KNEW better!!

    Curious what your rings were sitting on when you snapped that shot, interesting background. But why have you stopped wearing it? Tad rarely wears his (he works at a production facility, sometimes around machinery that could rip not only his finger off, but his entire arm…), but he does wear a watch. I’ve wanted to have my diamond reset, but I guess it’s not a priority. It’s pretty plain, an oval solitaire.

    Yeah, border collies are jumpy; our Australian Shepherd has jumped? scaled?? an 8-foot kennel before. We didn’t see how she got out, we just learned the hard way she wouldn’t be boxed in :/.

    I always knew Bentley was the smartest knife in the drawer;). He’s totally incognito with that vague expression on his face.

  8. The quote’s from both a Monty Python’s Flying Circus episode, and the movie “And Now For Something Completely Different”.

    Why don’t you guys wear the rings all the time?

    My hubby designed my engagement and our wedding rings – at first I wasn’t sure, but now I am, I love them. (Lucky, eh!)

  9. Ruby red? Don’t see no red. Just a blur of a dog defending his digs.

    I wear two rings, an engagement and wedding band. No watch though, I hate watches. Slave to time.

  10. Dude!!! I got here late, but I totally got the reference. Mark can back me up ’cause I reference Python myself all the time at his place!

    I love your rings and the story!

    And that picture of Bentley really cracked me up!!

  11. Monty Python. And I totally heart Bobby. My cat Sammy was named after a black and white border collie named, um, Sammy.

  12. I was distracted by the rings and the wedding story, so I’ll have to look for the Monty Python reference as I read the rest of the post. Your rings are absolutely beautiful! I especially love the silver.

    I think our rings probably cost about that much. We had a fairly cheap do it yourself wedding, too. I haven’t worn my ring in over a year because I accidentally put it back on the ring finger of the wrong hand, woke up with it stuck, and had to have it cut off. Doh! Now I’m waiting to get it fixed. Dh says we should just replace it with a “nice” ring, but this is the one we picked out together and I love it, battered and cheap though it is. If I ever did replace it, I think I’d like silver and turquoise. I’m not big on *fancy* jewelry.

    Dh doesn’t wear his ring any more, either. It got ripped off his finger at work and his finger almost went with the ring. It’s lying broken in the jewelry box on our dresser. He says if I ever got him another ring, he wouldn’t wear it much anyway since it’s too dangerous in his line of work.

  13. My daughter just came up behind me while I was reading your blog. She was convinced you have a picture of our cat Mr. Bojangles (Bo for short, and no we didn’t name him) on your page. He does look a lot like your Booey.

  14. My husband’s on his 4th wedding ring. In one marriage. Of a year and a half.

  15. The rings are very pretty, they look almost vintage. :O)

    Th diamond came out of my engagement ring about 9 years ago and I still haven’t had it reset. For my 8th anniversary, instead of getting air conditioning I got a very nice 10 yr anniversary ring, 2 yrs in advance. Mostly to make up for being a poop for about 4 months, until I told him I was going to leave his punk butt;O) It all worked out, nothing says I love you and I’m REALLY sorry like a diamond ring, LOL!

    I love Monty Python, the Holy Grail is my favorite. The Life of Brian is pretty good too.

  16. Thanks for the links back to other posts so I can catch up on pete life.

    Okay why don’t you wear jewlery? And those rings are beautiful.

    We had a border collie but we couldn’t call him off the horses. He ran them to show off when we came outside, after trying my best to train him I gave up and gave him to a sheep man we know. I seen him not long ago and the Border Collie did just fine for him. So goes the dog training career.

  17. Ahhh, Karmyn- the letter B, I hadn’t caught that!

    Bobby looks like he is doing well. Is it spilled milk that’s making his coat so shiny? :O) I love Bentley and the fact that he isn’t going to take any crap from the new guy.

  18. Those are beautifully unique rings. I have a sapphire as my gemstone in my wedding ring – it was used in the past to determine if the wearer was unfaithful. If the stone darkened over time, then the spouse had most likely committed an infidelity.

    When I got mine, it was already VERY dark. Yours looks very light!

    And I knew the Python reference, but I’m a lazy blog-checker, so I missed out.

  19. Very funny about Bentley and Bobby!

    Don’t you get all those B names mixed up? My kids’ real life names all end in the same sound, and that’s bad enough. I’m always saying the wrong name, going down the list.

    I like the rings–unique, not just a gold band.

  20. Ah, Monty Python, of course! Damn good stuff, it was. Nothing like it since, sadly.

    D 🙂

  21. That was quite possibly the easiest quote to guess ever. Something a little harder, please.

    And more pug pictures. I’m not getting enough pug.

  22. theotherbear – Correct! And the reason we don’t wear those rings anymore, my finger is too fat, plus I don’t wear any jewelry and MDW has better one now, though she does wear hers occasionally.

    Jenni in KS – Welcome to the Dingo.

    Heather – does he lose them on purpose?

    Vicki – That’s a common problem, Border Collies can be a bit aggressive, but they’re great dogs.

    Jenny – will do.

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