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Here’s my setup

Theres seems to be an unofficial "Post your Hot Chocolate Equipment" post off going on, and I’m going to jump right in. If you don’t like to drink your Hot Chocolate out of Fine Bone China (do you think they really use bones?) or a Mug with Moose Turds, you might like my old fashioned large capacity type mug…


To get the milk hot I use the steamer on my espresso machine, it’s not only much quicker but it gives a nice froth, just like the picture on the can.

**Immediate update>>>

When I went to get the link to Mark’s post, I noticed he had a puppy picture (must go back and read it when I’ve done this). Coincidentally, when I turned around just now, this is what I saw…


I like to call this one "Soixante Neuf des Chiens".

**Update #2>>>>

The Hot Chocolate post-off was Mark’s idea.


20 Responses

  1. NICE setup, my friend! Steamer on the espresso machine huh? Maybe I ought to get one of those because there’s no way I’m going to stand around stirring a cup of milk everytime I want hot chocolate. Your brand of hot chocolate looks good too. This is a great idea – do I get to take credit for it?

  2. Mark – Fixed! Attribution has been accorded you, as it should have been in the first place. If you think I’m going to plagiarize a lawyer, you can think again.

  3. Hahaha, I wasn’t Asking you to attribute it to me, I was just throwing it out there as an off-the-cuff question since I started this (accidentally, no less).

  4. Hot chocolate and hot dogs.

    Well maybe, cute dogs???

  5. Mark – I know, I just saw it as a chance to take a cheap shot. And it was your idea after all.

  6. AWWWWWWW!!! Aren’t they precious! They made me completely forget about the hot chocolate! Well….almost.

    Your method is much better than my “scalded milk” method – but I don’t have an espresso machine 😦 Now you’ll have to post a picture of YOUR hot chocolate! Of course, it is summer there, isn’t it? Probably not high on your priority list.

  7. Susan – Exactly!!!

  8. So, that’s the secret – scalded milk. I will do that first thing tomorrow morning in my new little saucepan.

    What really looks inviting is that nice little spot right b/n the puppy’s – kind of a concave area perfect for a head to rest on.

  9. Aww, no room for Bobby.

    You’ll have to add him to “My Posse”. Maybe line them up in alphabetical order. I don’t think the dogs would appreciate the cat being on top.

    I’m not a hot chocolate drinker, but my boys drink it every day. They just warm it up in the microwave, poor deprived kids.

  10. “Morality is doing what is right no matter what you’re told. Religion is doing what you’re told no matter what is right.”

    Can we talk?

    Loved the first sentence. Was nodding my head in agreement. Then got to the second sentence, slammed on the brakes, and thought, “Huh?” Were you just being sassy? Or if you’re serious, I’d like to hear the thinking behind it. Just curious.

  11. My hot chocolate will be posted tomorrow…yours looks great. I’m always envious of those “special” brands. I must try the steaming milk thing. Never realized I could use it with my hot chocolate. Duh!Love the pic of the puppies. Where’s Bobbie? Jumpin’ the fence, maybe?

  12. I have to admit I HAVE NEVER used that turd coffee cup.

    I didn’t want to post “I have nothing”…. so instead, I posted “I have nothing but a coffee cup with two moose turds”


    I drink hot chocolate in one of my stoneware mugs that heats up in my hands and thats part of the ritual….. mmmmmmm

  13. I have no espresso machine, but I do whip up my milk with one of those little whipper doo-hickey’s. The only way to Hot Chocolate.

    I really wish I had my camera back… I’ve wracked up a big cell phone bill by emailing photos to myself so I must knock that off.

    Oh, I have a secret. A really really good one. If you would like to find out you will need to shout at me on Yahoo because it’s not postable.

  14. The only bone china I have was my grandmother’s, and it’s on a display shelf. My cocoa? Swiss Miss baby. Just add microwaved water. I’m so gourmet.

    I like your new byline.

  15. I think that is the purtiest Yin and Yang I have ever seen. There I said something nice… and clean too!

    Buddy needs to get his Yin out of Bentley’s Yang.

    Ok, I couldn’t resist. 😛

    I haven’t used my Krupps Espresso Machine in ages, that’s a good idea about steaming the milk though. I used to make Ghirardelli Hot cocoa w/milk, but who has the time?*sigh* I wold even settle for moose turds right now.


    And Momto3cubs is right: you have to add Bobby to the Posse.

    But don’t change the order, ’cause the opinion of the dogs is not the priority. It’s all about the cat. Just ask him. Phydeaux the cat agrees.

    My ex gave me an expresso machine years ago. Matthew used it ’til it broke. My mother gave us another one, but the kitchen counter top space seems to be monopolized by baby bottles right now!

  17. I can’t be bothered with the long cook kind of hot chocolate. I know, lazy American. I prefer the instant suger free kind .Hot water – or coffee is even better, then milk.

    Adorable puppies. Yea, Bobbie is gonna have to prove himself in order to gain acceptance. What ever happened to the other stry you saw?

    D 🙂

  18. next thing you’ll be posting about the view outside your front door…..

  19. What? I missed something here…who said hot chocolate???

  20. Froth, gooooood.

    Mounds of whipped cream……..better.

    Both…….ahhhhhhhhhhh :).

    I’m getting pretty excited at the thought. It doesn’t take much these days, lol.

    Oh, and the pups……geez, do they ever stop voguing for the camera??? Even in their sleep!

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