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Bobby has left the building

Well folks, sad news. I let Bobby outside for a pee the night before last at around 3:30am, and that’s the last I saw of him. Too bad really, he was a great dog, very affectionate. Obviously there are several scenarios, 1) he just got lost again, 2) he continued on his journey after getting his strength back, 3) his owner spotted him and grabbed him (my preferred scenario), 4) someone else spotted him and grabbed him, and I hope this didn’t happen 5) he got hit by a truck or bit by a snake.

He enjoyed himself while he was here, and I have to say I’m a bit surprised that he has gone again as he’s been free to come and go for the last week and he always came back. I didn’t have time to get a tag with a my phone number so if someone else picked him up they’ll be in the same boat I was. Hopefully he ends up on a property with sheep, because it looked like he had experience with that.

You never know, he may show up again, but I seriously doubt it. On the bright side, Bentley is much happier since he left, and the cats have started showing up again.

So to cheer us all up, here’s a picture of the other guys…..


Pizza anyone?

And for those who have mentioned that Buzz isn’t in the sidebar, that’s because I don’t have any decent pictures of him, he’s funny that way. But here’s one of the him and Booey luxuriating in the dirt….


Oh, I forgot to mention, that bloody Bobby took off with Bentley’s spare collar!


18 Responses

  1. I can’t compete with your endless supply of adorable pet photos. This is when I graciously concede defeat. As for Bobby taking Bentley’s collar – I would bet that Bentley feels that is a small price to pay for being rid of him. Who knows, maybe that was part of the deal.

    Bentley: “Look, You need to go.”
    Bobby: “I like it here, that owner of yours is smashing.”
    Bentley: “Quite right, MY owner, not Yours. I’m willing to make a concession.”
    Bobby: “What’s that, mate?”
    Bentley: “The collar. Deal, or no deal?”
    Bobby: “Cheers. I’ll leave the next time he lets us out.”

  2. I can’t help but think you hit the nail on the head with that conversation. Good work you dog whisperer you. Oh, except for the ‘smashing’ but.

    This is working dog country, he wouldn’t last too long if he said that around here. it would be more like “Mate, your owner’s a ball tearer”

  3. I could be wrong but I suspect your other dogs may have had a hand in the “disappearance”.

  4. I think Mark’s scenario sounds right…I hope he’s ok wherever he is. Probably found a place he could be top dog.

  5. Crikey – that’s too bad, mate.

    (I’ve been working on my accent)

  6. That sonofabitch!

    I mean that quite literally.

    Buzz….marching to the beat of his own stinkin’ drum…how catlike!

  7. He’ll come back. In the movies they always do.

    We had one of our dogs die this week. Very sad. Had her 13 years. She made good loyal puppies. Hate to loose her.

    Karmyn, good accent eh?

  8. Sorry to hear that mate… did you consider the possibility that it could be Lindy Chamberlain?

    A Dingo’s got my Bobby!

  9. Oh-h-h! I guess Bobby is just continuing his “Incredible Journey.” Hope he finds someone else along the way who was a gracious as you. I’m sure Bentley is doing back flips. The tongue in the pizza pic is just too funny. The cats look like they have a pretty good life, too. A-choo ! Or should I say, Ah-choo, in my best Aussie accent.

  10. he was on a quest.
    you helped him get back on his paws.

    I wonder what happened to skip, the beagle.

  11. Jenny – I agree, that beagle may look dumb, but underneath that exterior is a really stupid dog.

    Claudia – That’s what I’m hoping.

    Karmyn – Can you repeat that please, your accent was so strong even I couldn’t understand what you were saying.

    Robin – You betcha.

    Vicki – Hey, I didn’t know you could speak Canadian.

    Resilient – Ok, now that was funny!

    Swampy – Send me your mailing address, I’ve got a whole box of cat fur for you.

    Pamela – I’ve wondered that for the last week too. I guess he just skipped out.

  12. Seriously, talk to the cats about this. It would seem to me it has cat planning written all over it. Maybe they had Bobby dog-napped.

  13. Thats a bummer, too bad. Maybe he will come back and visit. :O) I am glad your guys are getting back to normal though, looks like they have been compensated for their troubles. ;O)

  14. I think Bobby will be back. He couldn’t possibly find a better home. He and Bentley will miss each other, even though they would deny it.

  15. Aww. Well at least you cleaned him up and fed him well. Maybe he found his way back to his original owners.

  16. PoP – Those cats are conniving alright.

    Kila – Bentley was actually just starting tocome around.

    Melissa – That’s what I’m hoping, I’d love to have him here, but I’d prefer him to be where he belongs.

  17. Ha you lose on and I gain one.. whats up with that? Darn I have to work on the potty training again.. that sucks and here I thought I was done with training the darn dogs at least.. *sigh* ahh well I have to work with the kids anyway… sorry he took off and with the spare collar at that..

    cute pics;)

  18. I’m thinking good thoughts for Bobby here!

    I like Buzz’s attitude. “I pose for no one!!” Hee!

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