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A special request from Jenny.

Further to my rant… Firstly let thank you all for your kind words of encouragement (I mean it), but I must say that I’m disappointed with you all. You guys read this blog, and yet you still don’t realise how shallow I am, I want a shiny award! Waaahhhh! I don’t do this for me, I already know all this shit, what do I want to read it for? I do for it recognition and adoration, and the possibility of one day getting a shiny award or maybe a gift certificate. Or even better, someone coming up to me in a restaurant (if we had a restaurant around here) and asking "Say, aren’t you that guy who won an award for blogging that time?" Ok, so now I’ll let it go and move on with my life, but I may never blog again, that remains to be seen. Yeah sure.

Back to my regular blogging…

Jenny asked for two things yesterday: A harder quote and more pug pictures. I’m always happy to oblige when I can, so Jenny just for you (but anyone can read the post, even if you aren’t Jenny).

First off the quote: "What are you doing?"   "Adjusting your breasts, you fainted and they shifted all out of whack."

Now for the pics: (Caution, potential cute overload, look at you own risk)



I know some of them have been posted before, but they are just so darned cute.


21 Responses

  1. I know this is for Jenny, but I just LOVE the smiley pug picture!

    Oh, and that quote was from my husband.

  2. Let’s see, “Dead Men don’t wear…” wait I know this…”paisly?”

  3. I meant “paisley”, but now that I think about it, it could have been herringbone.

  4. Min – Very impressive! Were you plaid to say that?

  5. The pics just melt my heart. Like I’ve said before, that last pic looks so much like Bubba…except Bubba is about 50 pounds heavier.
    A shiny award, huh? What would you do with it?

  6. We can’t get enough of them! And they’re a nice contrast to your last post. You can’t stay mad long with those sweet guys around, can you?

    I’m partial to the third picture myself.

    Okay. This is going to freak you out. Funny Girl is sitting on my lap looking at the pictures (don’t worry, I screened your post prior to her viewing). Here’s what she had to say:

    “HA! Look at that! That puppy is soooo cute. I think I’ll call him Buddy. Hellooooo Buddy puppy!”

    I SWEAR! I did NOT make that up! Do you hear the theme to the Twilight Zone in the background?

    Doo, doo, doo, doo……

  7. LOL, they still make me smile.

    I want a beanbag.

  8. Buddy’s grinning like a Cheshire cat because he’s proud of the fact “little buddy” sneaks his way into the picture…. Teach that mutt to cross his legs!

  9. Swampy – Your guys always look like Buddy to me, except the one with the cropped ears.

    Susan – Wow, that is eerie. You wanna hear something even weirder? I actually know one of the writers of the Twilight Zone, he’s a good friend of ours. In fact his wife is MDW’s best friend and a regular lurker here.

    Kila – I guess you could wrestle Buddy for it.

    Robin – Are you crazy? It took me months to teach him to expose himself like that.

    And now for being so stupid, the next picture I post of him will have him showing his little red crayon, and I will be telling everyone that you are the reason it’s being posted.

  10. LOL, Robin! Show of hands for a doggie thong?

    He is terribly cute, exposed wiener or not. :O)

  11. Oooh! How exciting! I’m a HUGE fan!

    So, tell the truth – did you ever pitch him any ideas for an episode? Anything you would share with us? That could be an interesting post.

  12. I am so very disturbed that after reading Robin’s comment I went back to check out the dog’s exposed parts. I need help.

  13. That last one positively makes my hiney tingle. I can’t handle it.

    The penis one doesn’t. I never had anything but girl pugs and I think I’ll keep it that way.

  14. I’m all about the second picture. Now, I used to want a pug but then I read that their eyeballs can pop out. Do his eyeballs pop out? Give me the scoop, here. You could change my mind.

    Did I mention I want to kidnap your dog? Because of the second picture? If only you didn’t live so far away….

  15. Melissa – I’ve never found any of Buddy’s eyes lying around the house, so I guess his are ok. It may be the Cavalier cross, but then they have bug eyes too.

    Prior to owning Buddy I would have said you were an idiot if you suggested I got a Pug, now I think they are one of the best dogs you could possibly have.

  16. Response to the Bloggie Rant….

    While I’m happy for Ree getting a nomination, I have to say the entire thing sounds to me like a scam. Kind of like the invitation I got in the mail yesterday with Donald Trump’s picture on it invting me to a seminar at a local top-ranked hotel inviting me to learn the secrets of Trump’s wealth creation, and the $150 fee would be waived for me. Only thing was, it was being presented by Trump’s punk kid, D. Trump, Jr. who probably has difficulty spelling investment, but is trying to exploit his name to garner investment management clients.

    Point is that these are not the Oscars, they’re not the Grammies, they’re not the Emmys, they’re not the ESPYs (American Sports performance awards), and they’re not the Cannes Film Festival. Wait a second, they’re not the Outback Banjo Festival or even the Cattle Ranch Roping Festival either. I have no idea what is going on in Austin, but my guess is that there is a profit motive involved, and the nomination selection is going to be based on revenue maximization from that motive. Or, maybe I’m wrong… maybe it’s just some egomaniac stroking her friends, or better yet, her business clients. There is some ulterior motive occurring here… and I am fairly certain that if the selections are the sham that they appear to be (evidenced by the non-comment blogs selected), then their should be a reasonably viable way to usurp the “Bloggies” and become the bellweather award for this medium.

    But, that begs the question.. is it really important? You, WT, and my sister, Pioneer Woman, get tons of readership and feedback from the readers. Many people, myself included, get a lot of enjoyment and entertainment from reading your blogs (a good way for an antisocial person like myself to get social interaction). I’m guessing that you get daily stimulation from the readership and comments. So, what is really more imporant to you… is it shiny medals, or the positive feeling that you get from the response?

    You guys have fantastic, successful blogs, as I’m sure the many others who comment on your blogs do as well. Would a Bloggie bring more readership? I’m sure it would… but is it necessarily the type of promulgation that you want? Or is the word of mouth that currently brings exponential readership increases in quality readership you desire? My guess is that its the latter.

    Cheers, WDS

  17. awwww how cute…

    can we say spoiled?

  18. Okay I’ve never heard that quote before so I assume it’s a personal quote of you talking to the girl who passed out in the subway.

    The pug pictures are perfection. Love, love, love.

    Also, you may not have won a shiny award but you are the ONLY blog I’m commenting on while I’m on vacation. And isn’t that not even close to being as good as winning an award?

    And anyway, who cares about awards? The real reward is feeling like your voice has been heard and that you aren’t alone.

    Oh wait a minute…Mama Drama didn’t win one either?! Those fucking bastards!

  19. Jenny – Min got it right straight away.

  20. There was a pug at the beach. It didn’t want to step in the water. It held one paw up and then the other as if to say… don’t make me do this.
    It was fat.
    I think I got one picture of it on the sly.

  21. Geezaree, Pete. Whattheheck is Resilient pontificating about??? ‘nother case of man love if you ask me. I found it interesting that he pointed out the stimulation you receive from blogging (a h e m, cough, cough) and that he found reason to use a bigass word like “promulgation” (and did so properly)(he’s smarter than he looks).

    The boy need to start a blog…BEFORE MARCH!;)

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