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Fuck the Bloggies!

Ok, so I’m a sore loser, I’ll admit it. But at least I’ve got someone to admit it to, not like the majority of the fucking half-arsed blogs who gained nominations for this year’s bloggies. While my content may not be spectacular, it is at least all mine,
unlike those blogs who use photos and/or text from various sources.

Except for Tabloid Whore (commenting on checkout magazine articles), Post Secret (a good idea but no actual authoring) and Go Fug Yourself (well written but such a narrow focus it gets tedious), the majority of nominated blogs I looked at averaged between 0 and 5 comments per post. What a crock of shit! If they looked like they had a respectable readership I wouldn’t be having this rant.

I’ve only heard of around four of the nominated blogs, and, apart from Ree, those were nominated in multiple categories (Ree was nominated only for best kept secret, despite a very large and very loyal readership). The only Australian blog I recognised was Holtie’s Place, g’day Peter and congratulations. The first one I saw in the best Aussie category is by a British girl, but get this, the same blog is also nominated for Best Asian Blog!! What the fuck you morons!

I got a bit suspicious yesterday, before the nominations were posted as I went back over the winners for the last 7 years, and guess what…the same blog won Best Australian blog for 6 of the 7 years, yeah sure! Oh and get this, the reason I was poking around in the first place was because the nominations were delayed a few days because the guy was sick. I was lead to believe that this was a serious affair, instead, it’s just a fucking hillbilly wasting my time.

So what I’m saying is this, Nickolai, you’re a fucking joke and so are your bullshit bloggies.  And no, I will not be voting. Thank you to all those who took the time and effort to nominate me, but don’t bother next year. The whole thing is an embarrassment, and I want no part of it.

**Updated to explain my reasonings after reading some comments, and as a result of the love I’m feeling for your kind support….

What really got me was that when I checked out the nominations, there were quite a number of blogs that had multiple posts with zero comments, my point is this: if their readers aren’t motivated enough to even comment, how could they be motivated enough to go to the trouble of filling out the stupid fucking forms to nominate the blog (and I assure you it wasn’t an easy thing to do).

On the other hand, I did a ‘Miramax/Gwenneth Paltrow’ deal and shamelessly cajoled my readers into nominating me, and from the feedback I got (ie comments saying they nominated me), I’m pretty confident that I got more nominations than a lot of those that were selected.

Plus one of the Australian blogs only does reviews of restaurants in Melbourne, isn’t that a food blog you fucking dipsticks. I’ll say it again, the whole thing is full of shit, and I wouldn’t be surprised to find it’s some kind of a scam.

While I’m on a roll…here’s something I found interesting: Despite Ree having a writing ability and a range of subject matter that would make any aspiring or even professional writer green with envy, and despite having some of the most spectacular photographs featuring all kinds of subjects, she only managed to get nominated for the ‘best kept secret’ blog (I wonder what the 200+ regulars who comment, not to mention the regulars who don’t comment, would think of that). On the other hand, Heather Armstrong, who has put me to sleep many a time with her endless accounts and photographs of Leta, is nominated for best photography, best writing and best blog. What the Fuck?

So in case I have forgotten to mention it, Nickolai, you’re full of shit and your bogus bloggies are a fucking joke.


33 Responses

  1. I just went and looked at the results. That is pretty lame, and I’m sorry you didn’t win. You’ve got your fans, and you won my last stick of doublemint gum last week, so keep on blogging for us, and I’ll be emailing you, um, soon about your address to ship you that gum.

  2. And I think I speak for all your readers when I say Mark’s last stick of gum outshines any bloggie you could have received.

  3. I haven’t a clue what you are talking about. But fuck em! Cuz I got your back any day of the week, WT!

  4. I will have to go look. that sucks.

  5. Awww thanks guys.

  6. Okay, I’m back – you are right – geez. I’ve only heard of about 5 of the total nominated blogs…

    And I’m sorry – Aussilicious??? That sucks. Sure the guy is hot, but come one – how many shots do you have to show of yourself naked.

  7. dude that sucks…

  8. so, Karmyn thinks you needed to post more nudies?

  9. same old fucking story ain’t it? I nominated you and Ree…I haven’t gone and looked at the results but it would probably irritate the hell out me…so why bother? You did the work for me!

  10. Your gang *hearts* you, WT!

  11. F ’em! Who gives a shit who’s got the best blog.

  12. Gee, WT, you can’t even give the speech “It’s an honor just getting nominated”???? Oh, the humanity…..:/. You were robbed. Beaten first, then robbed. Insulted then beaten then robbed.

    Here’s another, much-lessor-known “awards” blog:


    There ARE a few things that “affect” its credibility–namely, she had a post up just now when I got the link that she thought “all the Bloggie nominees are winners” AND she hosts her awards four times a year.

    I’m awed by the blog pimping! Hey, that ought to be a category!

    Anyway, you stand a much better chance of winning that, so check it out. Sidebar bling is sidebar bling;).

    Next post, tell us what you REALLY think about the Bloggies for goodness sake!

  13. What the f*ck???
    When did blogging become so competitive??
    And why the f*ck has nobody voted for me??

  14. Dang, WT, way to burst my bubble this morning! I was all giggly and surprised I even garnered one nomination…I didn’t realize I should be bent out of shape it was only one. Damn…you’re bringin’ me DOWN, man.

    Awww…ya just gotta take this with a grain of salt. I did what I did (and so did you) before I had even heard of the Bloggies…and I’ll keep doin’ what I’m doin’ (and you’d better, too, you cranky bloke) whether I win or not.

    And if you don’t vote for me, at least, I’ll tell everyone your McDonald’s uses Koala meat.

  15. (((Group Hug)))


    And now I’m LOL at Ree’s comment….

    If there was an award for Most Interesting Comments Section – you’d be a shoo-in! The dialog that goes on here is priceless. Someone who can title a post entitled “I Give Up,” I’ve got nothing, and then get 19 comments…..well, let me just say, you must have something.

  16. Wow. Going back and reading my comment….I actually wrote, “Someone who can title a post entitled…”

    Sounds a little redundant.

    And now I’ll bet I have to type in a WV since I’m leaving two comments so close together.

  17. Oh, one more thing.

    We heart Willowtree.

  18. sorry you didn’t win something. I don’t go to any of those other blogs. They shoulda asked me.

  19. We ALL know who our favorite AussieBloggie is. That must count for something. How can Ree be a secret? The whole World knows Pioneer Woman.
    We *heart* you DubYaT.

  20. I know that I personally nominated Ree for about 4 categories. I can’t remember the categories for sure, but I’m thinking humor, writing, and photography as well as best kept secret. I also nominated you for best Australian blog. Okay, so you’re the only Australian blogger I know of, but I like you:o)

  21. LOL, I have never even heard of those blog awards. I would rather read a blogger writing than just repeating the news with no opinion attached. I like your blog so just keep doing what you’re doing…it works! 🙂

  22. Yes! Nickolai! What he said!

  23. I’m with you, DubYaT. Fuck ’em.

    But, think about this – who are you really doing this for? Granted, anyone who blogs is part narcissist – but do you really give a crap about the general, moronic public? Aren’t you glad to have a close-knit group of fans who love you for who you are, and that you haven’t had to stoop and compromise and pander to your readers in order to keep an audience??

    You have INTEGRITY, man…and as far as I’m concerned, the hottest pirate in panties that I ‘know.’

    Give ’em hell, WT!

  24. Ah, F’em WT. Who needs an award? Besides, it’d lead to all sorts of problems. Like, t-shirts with your logo, fancy schmancy collars with lots of bling for the dogs – and cat, eventually, a talk show – broadcast internationally. You wouldn’t have time for us anymore. 😦 We would cry. 😛

    Give ’em hell, Mate! D 🙂

  25. Bloggie?? What kinda fuckwad name is that???

    I think you are great, and I love reading all your posts. Even though there is no poetry. 😦

    Maybe that’s why you didn’t get nominated.

    If I get one comment I am happy, but I’m just a comment whore. 🙂

    Have a great weekend.

  26. I’ll drink to that.

    Dooce is way overrated. I grew tired of her (and her boorish language) quickly.

    I nominated Ree in several categories, and I nominated you, too. And I meant it. You have talent.

    You’ve got us, to hell with the rest of the world 😉 They aren’t good enough to appreciate you.

  27. Well Aussies wouldn’t be able to like you anymore if you’d won anything due to that tall poppy thing, so it’s just as well you have won nothing, you can stay an underdog and have our love and respect. But once you win anything, you’re dead to me.

  28. People are blowing so much air up your skirt you’re libel to float your way to the States….sheesh…!

  29. tobear – Thanks, I take your point but it would have been ok cause even if I won I’d only be a short fat poppy anyway.

  30. I can see why you are upset. I did vote for you. :O) They don’t mean anything, it sounds like a stupid popularity contest. AS you said, you have an actual fan base that comments, if no one comments on their blog, it can’t be all that great.

    BTW, who the heck cares what anyone else thinks. As long as you like your blog (pimped or not ;O) ), that’s all that matters.
    That’s my 2 cents , take it or leave it.

  31. While I’m happy for Ree getting a nomination, I have to say the entire thing sounds like a scam. Kind of like the invitation I got in the mail yesterday with Trump’s picture on it invting me to a seminar at a local top-ranked hotel inviting me to learn the secrets of Trump’s wealth creation, and the $150 would be waived for me. Only thing was, it was basically being given by Trump’s punk kid, D. Trump, Jr. who probably has difficulty spelling investment, but it trying to exploit his name to garner investment management clients.

    Point is that these are not the Grammies, they’re not the Golden Globes, they’re not the ESPYs (American Sports performance awards), and they’re not the Cannes Film Festival. Wait a second, they’re not the Outback Film Festival or even the Cattle Ranch Blog Festival. I have no idea what is going on in Austin, but my guess is that there is a profit motive involved, and the nomination selection is going to be based on revenue maximization from that. Or, maybe I’m wrong… maybe it’s just some egomaniac stroking her friends, or better yet, her business clients. There is some ulterior motive going on here… and I am fairly certain that if the selections are the sham that they appear to be (evidenced by the non-comment blogs selected), then their should be a reasonably viable way to effectively replace the “Bloggies” and become the bellweather award for the medium.

    But, that begs the question.. is it really important. You, WT, and my sister, Pioneer Woman, get tons of readership and feedback from comments. Many people, myself included, get a lot of enjoyment and entertainment from reading your blogs (a good way for an antisocial person like myself to get social interaction). I’m guessing that you get daily stimulation from the readership and comments. So, what is really more imporant to you… is it shiny medals, or the feelign that you get from the response?

    You guys have great and successful blogs, as I’m sure the many other who comment do as well. Would a Bloggie bring more readership? I’m sure it would… but it it necessarily the type of promulgation that you want? Or is the word of mouth that currently brings exponential readership increases the type of quality readership you want? My guess is that its the latter.

    Cheers, WDS

  32. Doug – Well said, and I think you nailed it! And that’s what pissed me off, the fact that they are wasting people’s time. I’ll elaborate in a post, but the truth is I’d rather have one funny comment than a shelf full of awards. I do it for the interaction too, and you can’t talk to a certificate.

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