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I’m OK now.

I’m sure you guys all know that I was just playing up the bloggies thing for laughs, and while yes, there is always some truth in sarcasm, the reality is that I do it for the comments. I don’t mean  I blog to see how many comments I can get, I mean I do it so I can read the funny, insightful and supportive ones (all my comments fall into one of those categories). I think I have the smartest group of commenters in the blogoshpere and I’m happy to boast about it. I not only don’t mind being outshone by my readers, I look forward to it.

However, that doesn’t mean I don’t like shiny awards and medals, so it warms the cockles of my heart (when was the last time you heard that expression) when someone goes to all the trouble of stroking my ego, while at the same time managing to insult me. Thank you Mert for your wonderful effort, and yes, I realise you were bored at the time but I still appreciate it. She even gave me one for my sidebar…woohoo!

Another thing that you might find surprising is that I very, very rarely check my stats. I honestly don’t care how many hits I get or where folks come from, as long as I get a few funny comments I’m happy. But recently I’ve seen a few posts that have mentioned searches that have brought people to the their sites. I’ve only ever looked at his once before (I’ll bet you find that surprising, but it’s true) and found it amusing, so for your pleasure, here are the searches that brought folks to the Dingo over the last 48 hours….

Tippy Hendren

pepe la peu

Awards Night  barbie

barbie woods photos

susan hairpulling fight  (Ok, this one may have been mine, WT)

the superlative of ‘stupid’

mallaig pictures

picture blue tongue Big lizard

i told you it wasn’t too big  (I know this one was definitely mine, WT)

spam processed-american-meat

peppy le peu cat

fur lined panties  (does anyone remember anything about fur lined panties? WT)

interesting pictures of bean buddies

play pepe the pew show


Dingo – When Big Just Ain’t Enough # 2 (this is a porn movie, WT)

Here’s the kicker! The last time I did this (about 4 months ago) there were a number of pepe le peu searches then too. I ask you …WTF is it with pepe the stinker???


29 Responses

  1. Ahhh… not like me not to get it… duh!!!!

    P.S. Do you guys have any spare cargo planes available in Aussie? We in America are trying to figure out how we’re going to get Serena’s ass back to the States….

  2. I had this really good google search a couple of weeks ago but I can’t remember it. I told Marnie, maybe she remembers.

    I predict I will be awake from now until Cory comes down the escalator at the airport, at which point I will collapse in a fit of sleep-deprived hysteria.

    I’m glad Buddy’s eyes don’t fall out.

    That’s the best comment evah.

  3. I suspect you left an additional category from your post, as I am having trouble trying to decide if I am funny, insightful or supportive. I was about to decide none of the above fits, then I realised how much thought I’d put into it, which makes me realise I am clearly insightful. I am now going to update my resume with this fact.

    Funny search terms – must have another look at mine. I’m so classy that mine always seem to have heaps of searches relating to peeing in ones pants. Which I hardly ever do.

  4. “I don’t mean I blog to see how many comments I can get”

    R i g h t…

  5. Melissa’s comment WAS the best comment evah! Trying to picture Buddy without eyes does NOT warm the cockles of my heart.

  6. WTH is a cockle of your heart???

  7. Do you wear your fur-lined panties with your pirate hat?

    The definition of “cockle” sounds like something for debate at a Testicle Sorority meeting. I’ll ask Mindy to put it on the agenda.

  8. Warming? Massaging? Stroking? And you wonder why there are so many searches looking for big ones!

    The whole point to blogging is to be completely shameless in groveling for comments and links.

    Just to show you that the blog rankings are totally bogus, according to one site, my blog is 22,000 while Ree’s is only 75,000 most popular. Since Ree gets about 3,000 hits more a day than me, I think we can safely say that people prefer calf nuts to poetry.

    That being said, if you want something shiny and smooth, just fondle Barbie.

  9. Robin, here’s what I found:

    The English phrase ‘cockles of my heart’ refers to the ventricles of the heart.

    Sounds like a hot flash for your ventricles!

  10. Robin – “cockle” is right up there with “balm” and “salve” (thanks for that one WT). Who really knows?

    Is it rude to talk to a person other than the blog author in the comments section?

    That’s got to be the best question…..EVAH!

  11. It’s okay, Susan. We can talk amongst ourselves right now. WT’s asleep!

  12. 😀 Glad you liked your award. Your searches were hilarious! Yeah, Pepe Le Pu would concern me. I am surprised you don’t have more Barbie and pirate/panty searches.

  13. I love Pepe le Pew! I have never even tried to figure out how to look that stuff up, which is probably a good thing. I don’t know if I want to know!

  14. Good point, Stephanie! It would only be rude if he were awake. And it’s not like we’re talking about him behind his back.

  15. Resilient – You’d need to talk to the Russians about that, they’re the only ones with a plane big enough, you’d need at least an Antonov An-124. When she crossed court, I felt the vibrations all the way up here.

    Melissa – We’re all with you.

    Tobear – Sorry, but peeing in your pants puts you in the funny category. Now if you figured out why you peed in your pants, that would be insightful.

    Robin – Ok that just landed you in the ‘snarky’ category.

    Robin et al – when researching meanings, it is important to include all the relevent wording, which I did just this minute, and here’s what I got…”warms the cockles of my heart”. Meaning: Causes a pleasant feeling of a sentimental kind, is comforting, is reassuring.

    Brian – oh I’ll fondle alright.

    Stephanie and Susan – Could you keep the noise down please, I’m trying to sleep.

    Mert – Those were just for the last 48 hours.

    Claudia – You’d be surprised what searches found you. They sometimes relate to comments rather than posts, and as long a Matt comments on your blog you’ll have some interesting ones.

  16. Resilient, Why do we in America want her back in the States?
    Cockle: any of various bivalve mollusks of the family cardiidae – having rounded or heart shaped shells with radiating ribs.
    Cockle: to stir up water so as to form ripples to gather something into small wrinkles or folds
    Cockle: any of several weedy plants especially corn cockle (cockle burr)
    Idiom: One’s most innermost feelings.
    The pirate with the fur-lined panties and knee socks warmed the cockles of our hearts.
    There! That should give you a few hits from anyone from shell diggers to horiculturalists, to weirdos looking for pirates in panties whose Barbies have been eaten by Dingos.

  17. Swampy – Who are you calling an idiom?!

  18. U-m-m-m! U-h-h-h! O-H, sorry, I meant to say idiot.

  19. Willowtree, Me? Snarky??? My skirts pullin’ a Marilyn Monroe from all that sweet talk.

    Susan, that WAS the best question EVAH!

    Ok, I had to go back AGAIN and look at this stuff (searches) and I was totally grossed OUT!!!! I may never look again. I’ve mentioned before that it’s old PENSIEVE that gets the hits, apparently the new one is in obscurity (yeah, I know…the writing’s been stellar since the switch). BUT GET THIS “SEARCH” to find me (and I don’t know what post it went to)(and I don’t want to know).

    Are you ready? It’s sooooo GROSS I don’t think you can handle it Willowtree. And if you don’t believe me, email me and I’ll cut and paste it. I’m stalling now because it’s so gross.

    Okay, I’m closing my eyes while I type this…

    “girls licking bloody tampons pictures”

    Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Can I say sick, twisted bastard? Because as the blood drained from my brain, that’s all that came to mind.

    I need to go take a shower.

  20. ok….my curiosity is up…how do I do this?

  21. Nice one Robin, I’ll bet we’re all glad you shared that with us. You need to go back to the search, and find the link to your blog and see what it picked up.

  22. Well, Willowtree, I wasn’t trying to give her the meaning of the phrase, because, the way I read it, Robin asked what a “cockle of your heart” is, not what “warms the cockles of my heart” means. Since you’re big on details and all. Cockles = ventricles. Or the mollusk thing Swampy mentioned…I found that too. 😉

    Robin, I’m sufficiently horrified at your search results! That’s just wrong!

    (Still waiting! Not much longer now!)

  23. Well, it came with a warning…I guess I’ll check the link (waiting on the girls to show up BUT all I want is a pillow and BED! Raging cold + antihistamine = time to go night-night NOW) :/

  24. Oh, Robin, I didn’t mean *you* were wrong for writing it…I was referring to the nutjob doing the search. 🙂

  25. Oooooh, Robin joins me in the Snarky corner, cool!

    I am going to have to post my searches, mine sound like a really bad Jerry Springer episode.

    I know you are all so surprised. ;O)Robin, yours takes the cake though.

    Still laughing from Swampys comment about pirates in fur lined panties. *so many gross thoughts right about now, I can’t even tell ya*

  26. Melissa – Point taken, I didn’t really read Robin’s question properly. My point was that the omission of just one word yields vastly different results.

    You need to get some sleep now, Corey will need you to be awake while you perform your wifely duties.

  27. I’m just trying to get over the fur lined panties.

    I had a really horrible one a couple of weeks ago:

    “I like to sniff my stepdaughters panties.” Knowing someone like that was reading my blog gave me the creeps and I was ready to quit blogging (for about 2 minutes)

  28. I didn’t get to comment the other night, but I DID go back and follow that SICKTWISTED link…for 40 friggin’ pages. I could barely read the URLs and I tried my best to avert my eyes to the content BECAUSE IT WAS SOOOOO FREAKIN’ PERVERTED EVEN THE LIKES OF YOU COULDN’T HAVE STOOD IT >:(. Damn net FREAKS! Let’s just say it was shades of porn I never knew existed and I was careful not to accidentally hit anything while I was going to “next page”. Never saw MY URL, it had to have been 300 pages down or something. Get this, there were 3,500 entries for that search. Guess it could’ve been worse, but I cannot believe anyone would look for “that”. Then, I spent longer deleting my history than I did scrolling those stupid pages…the thought of ANYONE else in my family even SEEING that in the history made me want to disinfect my computer more than my previously-rat-invested kitchen drawers!! 😡

    Hmmmmmmm, did you suggest I follow the search to PUNISH ME FOR POSTING IT HERE??? lol, I think you did!

  29. I have only one thing to say”

    Hot Midget Sex.

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