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Fun Monday #2

The very nice man known as Erik to his family, has this thing about photos of kids, just kidding Erik! He has come up with the idea for us to post pictures of ourselves when we were young. If you want to look at a bunch of photos of what the bloggers you read looked like when they were young, click this and follow the links.

Some time ago I did a post featuring me when I was a kid so I’m just pointing to that one, if you’ve already seen it too bad. As a consolation prize I’ll give you some dogs pictures…..


Oh, I’m sorry WT, is this your chair?


No, he’s not stretching, that’s how he sleeps.


Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, Bobby surprised us all and showed up a couple of days ago. Right now I’m treating it as an anomaly, there was a bit of rain the night he disappeared so he may have lost his scent and got lost. But if he goes away again in the next week or so, I’ll be visiting the neighboring farms to see if he is two timing his owner.

**Updated thanks to Stephanie….


Stephanie asked how Bentley was taking Bobby’s reappearance, by way of a response I have added the above photo. This is not a picture of everyone frolicking in the TV room, this is a picture of Buddy and Bobby frolicking and Bentley sitting in the middle of the room, not moving and saying to Bobby "If you so much as touch me, I’ll rip your front leg off and beat you to death with it" which is pretty much what happened just after I took this photo. But things seem to have settled down a bit since then.


22 Responses

  1. Bentley sleeps on more cushions than my baby girl! Like he’s royalty or something!

    ROFL at Buddy standing under Bobby!

    Oh, what was Bentley’s reaction to the return of Bobby?

  2. Stephanie – I think the term is ‘totally underwhelmed’. I actually have a couple of pictures that sum it up nicely. I think I’ll update the post as I was b going to put one in but changed my mind.

  3. tell bently I still love him b est…. and that he can hump my leg, but the other two can’t

    that should beagle him up!!!

  4. Too cute!! And the dogs ain’t bad either, teehee!!

  5. Loved the link. Can you give us a photo essay next showing you at current age in a cowboy outfit, riding a fence.

  6. I would rather see dog pics than people pics any day 🙂

  7. As a new reader I loved seeing you as a cowboy, you have to be the cutest cowboys I’ve ever seen.

  8. I think Bentley just has a case of “man love” jealousy because his buddy Buddy has taken up with the Bobby. Yep, Bobby seems like a “love ’em and leave ’em” sort to me…

  9. I am enjoying the Bobby/Bentley interaction. I hope (for your sake) they work it out.

  10. bobby’s back! Cool…BTW…I love that you always change your headers!! v. funny!

  11. It is awful surprising how chubby and sedate Bentley can transform into Captain Territorial. Now that I’m back from my blog hiatus I see I have much to catch up on here. Guess I know what I’ll be doing during my lunch hour 🙂

  12. I love a dog with attitude!

    My jack russel came home with marks on her face and her ears bleeding. I’m not sure what she got ahold of but I think she won.

  13. YEAH! Glad to see Bobby return, just to ease your peace of mind if anything.

  14. Both posts’ pictures were fun to look at…

  15. I remember your kid post!

    Ditto to what Pamela said, what a schweeeeet dog!

  16. Cute puppy pics, as always!

    Glad to see that Bobby is OK. Too bad he is still having to learn his place in the pack though. :O)

  17. That second picture cracks me up. Even if it isn’t pug related.

  18. Bentley: “Bollocks. Why are you back? I gave you a bloody collar.”
    Bobby: “‘Twasn’t enough. What else have you got, mate?”
    Bentley: “I’m going to kill you in your sleep.”

  19. i heart you in Pamelas comments.

  20. The stiff legged dog on the sofa is too funny. Thanks for sharing. What a hoot.

  21. I knew he would come back! Glad he’s OK. Do Buddy and Bobby get along pretty well?

    You were a cute young thing. That’s the ranch outfit Ree should have had on as a child.

    The photo of Bentley sleeping cracks me up no matter how many times I look at it.

  22. I’m a sucker for cute animal pics. Utter contentment (pic 2)

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