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Play ball

Nothing to say so I’ll share a private picture with you. And before you say anything, yes I know I look like I’ve got a rod stuck up my butt.


First off, let me assure you that the batting tee isn’t for me, I was coaching a junior team at the time as well as playing myself. That mobile of the glove, bat and ball was made by a friend who came out for a visit. He brought a bunch of Aluminium rods and asked me what subject I wanted so I said ‘baseball’ and he made that while I watched, it was very impressive.

He also made huge mobiles where he used old water heaters as balances, those things were great! That keyboard onthe right is a Yamaha DX-27 and it’s up here with me. Those are just some of my baseball hats, the four on the end are LA, Detroit, NY and SF. All of which were won in bets with ET on baseball games. I wear the Pittsburgh hat because that’s my initial, plus they were the first team I saw play (when Kent Tekulve was pitching).


19 Responses

  1. I think you’re standing like that ’cause your clothes shrank–you had no choice!

    Very cool mobile. And I’m ever-so-slightly amused at the thought of you coaching, lol, what that might “look” (sound) like…

    Don’t think I’ve ever heard of a fan becoming one of a team because the team’s name matched their initial. Hmmmm, sounds either very metro or incredibly narcissistic….

  2. Are those the same white socks you wore in the Pirate Picture? If you turn that cap upside down, it’s still your initial, “D”…for DubYaT.
    Interesting mobile.
    By the way, could you ask the folks down your way to maybe next year schedule the Men’s Australian Open Finals at a rather decent hour here for us. 1:30 in the morning makes it difficult to stay awake and watch. Although, I could have predicted the outcome myself.
    Oh, and it’s not a rock, it’s a corncob.

  3. hmm dosn’t look to comfy,, did you at least have some fun? like the beard:)

  4. Corncob *snort*. I also like the moblie… so that’s what ya look like! I couldn’t really make you out in the Pirate pic, and your wedding photo- pardon me for saying- was old-ish. 😀

    I see the SF hat, that was the first MLB game Anna went to at 4 months. :O) We got her a Barry Bonds Beanie Bear as a memento. Which we now regret.

    Great picture! Getting the itch? My husband is, he plays in a fantasy baseball league.

  5. I’m wondering why you need so many baseball caps which are shown in the background. I now suspect you have 3 heads.

  6. Swampy – Corncob?

    Tobear – Huh? I know of two, but a third??

  7. I was going to comment on the all the hats, but after reading “theotherbear”s comment…..well, I just can’t top it. Good one.

  8. Yeah, in Oklahoma we say, “He looks like he has a corncob stuck up his Bu++.”

  9. Before I read your post, I had to enlarge the photo and check out that mobile. Freakin’ impressive.

    And I totally thought the ‘P’ was for ‘Pirate.’

  10. I would guess you like hats?? baseball hats? and things baseball? Hey! Willow, do you like baseball or something??

  11. ps…that mobile is pretty damn cool

  12. Aw…you’re so cute in your little league outfit!

    But um…how old were you exactly?

  13. Did you try on all of the uniforms for your junior team members first, or just this one? Nice hat collection and that is a friggin’ cool mobile.

  14. Did your pants shrink?

  15. So – did you match the kids uniform too? And I would say you have to be a baseball fan…I know you are definitely NOT a cricket fan.

  16. Ahem…
    Me out to the balllll gaaaaame,
    Me out to the crooowwwwd!
    Buy me some….

    Oh, what the hell. You know that song!!

    You know I *heart* you just ’cause you love baseball.

    Oh, and ’cause of your cutie-pie fuzzy babies.

  17. a man can never have to many hats.

    I’m going to start looking for the perfect hat to add to your collection.

  18. This picture made me cackle laugh. A laugh like, “Oh my gosh! I can’t believe you did that!”

    Great picture!

  19. Great hat collection

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