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Where’s Springer when you need him?

Seeing as I don’t have access to Jerry Springer or a major TV network to allow me to publicly confess, I guess I’ll just have to use my blog.

I don’t know what got into me, it must be a midlife crisis or something, I had a long term committed relationship that I was happy content with. So what was I thinking when I risked it all for someone younger and thinner?  It must have been the ego stroking that I got from a level of affection not seen by me in years, or it may just have been the thrill of something new an different. I honestly don’t know what could have caused me to be so reckless as to risk everything for some cheap thrills.

IN the end, Karma has done a number on me to teach me a lesson in loyalty. And just like something out of the pages of a Mills and Boon novel, my heart has been ripped out, spat on and thrown in the kitchen tidy. Yes that’s right folks, I’m pretty sure Bobby has just been having a fling, and I’m the other guy.

He took off again last night and I’m now almost positive that he has a home on a neighboring property and he’s just coming here to mooch food and play with Buddy, and for this I risked alienating Bentley. There’s really only be one place that he can come from, a house that was recently completed about 2 miles from here. I hear the new owners have just moved in, and everyone else within 10 miles has been here for years.

Next time he shows up I’m grabbing him and taking there to expose his nefarious scheme, then we’ll see how cute he is. In any event, he’ll be getting no more food from me!


23 Responses

  1. Not only will you hand feed him kobe beef, you’ll brush his coat, look lovingly in his eyes, let him frolic then sleep in your bed, photograph his every movement (not necessarily the bed stuff) (who am I kidding?), train him to pose spread eagle, and make Bentley watch as you do all of the above.

    Then, you MIGHT just take him to the new neighbors, kind of in a “Fatal Attraction” getting-to-know-you move.

  2. Admit it: you have a “thing” for fuzzy babies. You just cannot resist.

    And who can blame you?

  3. Well, we’ll see. I’m on Bentley side.

  4. Ah yes, the *new* model syndrome. I know it well. 🙂

  5. You’ve been had. You’ve been taken advantage of. Your love has been used up and you’ve been thrown to the side without a second thought. That fluzy of a dog!

  6. That two-timing whore! I’d vote for shaving “SLAG” into his fur next time he comes back.

  7. You failed your test. You failed Bentley. Shame on you. Someone needs to throw a chair at you or something (in keeping with the J.S. spirit).

  8. The more, the merrier
    .. or is that the ****** the hairrier.

    I bet mr beagle is over there, too. BUT, why so skinny???

  9. I expect Bentley knew the whole time, too. He tried to warn you that your infidelity would only wind up hurting you, but would you listen to him, your old, steadfast companion? No, you just had to go for exciting, risky, and new.

    For shame, willowtree, for shame.

  10. Why not just go and meet the new neighbors and expose the two-timer? And like Pamela asked, why so skinny and ratty looking???

  11. Scheming, sneaky STINKER! He’s nooooo Bentley!

  12. “…In the end Karma…”
    With my lysdexia and all I read that Karmyn…that would have been some BlogGossip…
    I hope Bobby finds a home that takes care of him ’cause I feel sorry for Bentley.

  13. Never trust a Herder. They’re no good…always looking for a flock and the greener grass.

    (like my mom suggested with ozzie – put a note around his collar)

  14. Thanks guys, I feel so used. I’ll definitely be taking him to the new neighbours when he comes back. If he doesn’t belong to them I think Karmyn’s idea is a winner.

    As for why he’s so skinny and ratty, I’ve asked myself the same question.

  15. Don’t feel so bad, he probably just can’t resist you, and who can blame him really.

    (On the skinny thing, maybe he is just really old!)

  16. He likes you! (And your food.) Maybe he doesn’t get love and attention at home. As for the skinny thing, he’s probably got worms. HA!

    I can’t wait to hear what happens when you take the little two timer home, if it is in fact his home.

  17. I figured that you were Bobby’s flavor of the month.

    We “took in” two “abandoned” cats once. The owners (who lived across the street) later thanked us because it cut down on the cost of cat food.

  18. That’s what you get for cheatin’! ;O) It couldn’t last forever… he was never going to leave them for you anyway. Now I am wondering if – when you find out for sure about his owners- you will be making late night calls, only to hang up when they pick up the phone. Oh, you’ll call back a few times more to leave cryptic messages for Bobby… but they will erase the messages and Bobby will never hear them… because they suspect hanky panky.

    That’s just my take on it. I could be wrong:O) Sounds like a Springer episode if I’ve ever heard one.

  19. Yeah, well…before you go stomping over there and making an ass of yourself, just remember, YOU are the one who put photos of THEIR baby on the internet!

    And he’s a MINOR!

  20. ToBear – NO, he’s only about 12 months old.

    Julie – That’s what I think too, I spent $15 on worm pills for him!

    Marnie – We’ve had this with a cat too, that’s why I was wise to him so soon.

    Mert – I think you need a hobby.

    Tiff – That’s a good point, maybe I’ll just let cheating dogs lie.

  21. Next thing you know, Bobby will be boiling your pet rabbit on the stove.

    Move. Don’t bother to pack. Just move.

  22. Hey, I’ve got a hobby… and a good one too.

    It’s annoying you. 😀

    Darn, I blew my cover. My secret mission is no longer a secret. Whatevah shall I do?

  23. No post today? Hope nothing is wrong. I need my Bobbie update.

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