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Where’s Willow?

Talk about a coincidence! I was just looking for a photo to go with this post explaining why there was no post, when I Mary posted a comment asking why there was no post. The post was going to be "Gone Fishing" but after looking at a hundred crappy images about Gone Fishing I gave up!

I’m back down on the Coast for a few days, I took Jenny’s advice and moved out without leaving a forwarding  address (amazingly I did this even before Jenny gave the advice). Before I left I went to the property where I thought he had come from, but that house isn’t even finished yet, there were a few construction guys there so I asked them and none of them knew anything about him. I’m talking about Bobby, after I published the post I read it to check for typos (probably should do that before I publish) and realised even I didn’t understand what I was talking about.

I just got sick of the constant blues skies  (I know that sounds strange, but after three years without any real rain it gets a bit old), so I came down to the coast house which as I’ve said before borders a rainforest, and sure enough I got some rain this morning. I also went out and got some really crappy neat prizes for my next competition. Vicki, you prize from the last comp got delayed due to circumstances within my control, but it will be posted in a coiuple of days, and its even crappier better than the original.

One more thing, Stephanie, I tried to send you an email but it was undeliverable, could you email me so that I can check the address? I want to send you a link to my Clan’s website. Oh and btw, you were off the mark with the info for Julie’s husband, McD stands for McDreamy not McDonald.

Well I know that was a useless post, but considering I had nothing to say, I’m surprised it took 4 paragraphs to say it!


19 Responses

  1. I knew exactly what you were talking about.
    BTW I would definitely have to on the coast. Just saying. Enjoy.

  2. I’d have to BE on the coast.
    (Didn’t want to leave that open for discussion.)

  3. I knew you were talking about Bobby, too.

    But, I didn’t know you left for the coast and the rain

    it was freezing rain here this morning.

    I’ve got Email – and some internet back. I have one of those bundled deals and my phone isn’t working either.

    Have a wet one!

  4. I knew you were talking about Bobby, too.

    But, I didn’t know you left for the coast and the rain

    it was freezing rain here this morning.

    I’ve got Email – and some internet back. I have one of those bundled deals and my phone isn’t working either.

    Have a wet one!

  5. Mom, was that double talk?

    Well, my post is all about you mister. Enjoy. (both my post and the coast.) Hey – that’s a rhyme. I’ll do that again sometime.

  6. Good luck solving the Bobby mystery. I’ll be awaiting whatever it is you find out.

    I wish you and I could switch places for a couple days/months. I need some summer weather and blue skies. Too bad you don’t have snow on the ground there, for tracking Bobby.

  7. Echoing the good luck with bobby.. he’s a mystery all right…

    Enjoy the coast as well..

    it only took me four readings to finally follow the post.. it’s late, maybe I should call it a night LOL…

  8. have fun at the Coast! Take YDW shoe shopping!

  9. Weird, man!!

    Your post and the fact that my email isn’t working!!

    I’m sending you my address again.

    Oh, and be safe!!

    BTW, YDW needs more jewelry.

  10. I read it and got some bits. Mainly the bits about Bobby. The rest is somewhat beyond me which I am going to blame on the lack of rain here too – I need me some rain to moisten up my brain. HEY!! That rhymed! And now you have a comment that makes less sense than your nonsensical post. Glad to be of service.

  11. Yeah, well, I wasn’t as smart as the rest of your readers. I thought you were smoking pencil shavings or something…which makes for some spastic blog writing. NOT your best…post…EVAH!

    Peter, IT’S SNOWING HERE! WAHHOOOO! Forget your drought, I’ve been in a three year snow-deprived depression. It has now lifted. You might not be able to stand me I’m so stinkin’ giddy. Giddilicious. Now THAT’S a word!

    Happy trails with YDW!

  12. I insult you on my blog and you aren’t even around to see it. Figures.

    I have to see the rain every few months or I feel unstable.

    Soak some up for me.

  13. So am I to understand you are fishing on the coast, left no forwarding address, the Bobbies are looking for YOU, you’ve decided to hideout in a rainforest, have sent out requests for addresses, and McDreamy is coming to rescue you?

  14. Yeah, what Swampy said. 😀

  15. Only you can make a post of nothing that forces me to keep reading to find what else you don’t have to say.

    =) Take a picture of the rainforest please. I’m so jealous while I’m ankle deep in snow and my office is so cold my fingers are frozen.

  16. It’s snowing here too, Robin!

    I just had a blonde moment (and I’m brunette). I was looking at the date that your comments were posted and, of course, the date reads “February 2.” I freaked out (because credit card bill is due on the 1st) ran to my calendar thinking I somehow missed a day, and then……it hit me. I remembered where I was.

    Here at Willowtree’s. Where today is tomorrow and yesterday is today.


  17. Hey…it’s snowing here, too!

    WT – do you take the other babies with you to the coast? And leave Bobby alone, hoping he will go away?

    I’m all a twitter, wondering about the next contest. But knowing me, I’ll forget to check your site and miss the whole dang thing.

  18. Where’s Willow? In Australia! hahah!

  19. I’m in love with Bentley. Well, you said to stop lurking and comment, and I commented.

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