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Whoa there Nellie.

Boy, you just never know what kind of a hornet’s nest you going to stir up when you have a rant. Yesterday it seems that everyone took my post for the tongue in cheek bullshit that it was, that is everyone except one. Seems like I offended someone pretty bad, and obviously that wasn’t my intention as the post was general in its content (on purpose). I’m obviously not going to name names, it’s their business and theirs alone.

However, they took it to heart and wrote a blistering post attacking me personally, then thought better of it and deleted the post. But here’s the thing, once you burn a feed, you also burn your bridges, and even though you may change your mind, the post has been sent out to all the aggregators. While the post was pretty vitriolic and somewhat insulting, it was not without reason and I took no offense. I’m not mentioning this for any reason other than as a cautionary tale to anyone who may do this in the future. Decide before you hit publish, not after.

But just so that we’re all clear, I’ve been told on numerous occasions that we blog for ourselves and not necessarily for others to read. This is true to a certain extent, not totally  but close enough. So with this in mind, if anyone thinks I say things to rankle others, they are mistaken. I may write stuff to make people laugh, but I don’t wrote to piss people off.

The good news is that I’ve got some new photos for my upcoming posts, and they are full of wonder and wholesomeness. The bad news is that I can’t get them on to this computer. So everyone, just chill out and be kind to your fellow human beings, hell be kind to everything that inhabits the planet.


36 Responses

  1. oooh! I haven’t been your first commenter in a while!

    I usually assume that your rants are “tongue in cheek” so I likewise reply “tongue in cheek.” The thought that I might inadvertently offend someone freaks me out (don’t get any bright ideas).

    P.S. Are you going to share the copy of the post? Heh heh heh….

  2. well if you get mad at Bently… can I have him?


  3. Well – I would like to point out that I read “said post” and I commented and stood up for you buddy.

    So bring on those cute fuzzy photos (and kiss YDW while you are at it).

  4. damn, I missed it! poop damn and hell. I’m out of the loop.

  5. Dang.

    I breeze thru the blogosphere, and find myself going back to read stuff I thought I read. DRAMA! This blogging stuff can be brutal.

    Thankfully, in true Neophyte form, I’m still trying to figure out WTF bloglines are.

    (And what conjugation I just used there.)

    Gonna sit back and watch. From a safe distance.

  6. And we’re supposed to stay away from MATT?

    Gosh, you’d think after that crazy blogger story Marnie told us, someone would have warned me!

  7. Settle down everyone, there will be no emailing of anything to anyone. It’s all a misunderstanding. Ironically it got worse when I tried to fix it.

  8. As usual, I’m totally out of the loop. In fact, I’m so lost I’m offended.

  9. Tune in tomorrow for another episode of As The Blog Turns….is WT really a 6ft blond swede with…a big heart? Is Bobby a two-timer or did he just lose his memory and has no clue?? Why did the Dingo steal the barbie???

  10. I just closed my eyes and started to try imagining taking any of your posts in a serious and stern way and being upset. I got distracted with daydreams that the good fairies are coming to clean my house and cook my dinner soon.

  11. To all those who haven’t got a clue what’s going on, please take a number and sit quietly until you’re called, thank you.

  12. Why haven’t you called my number yet? Do you have any snacks? I’m starving.

  13. Well anyway….
    Sorry about the mess. Silly stuff.

  14. Susan in Va., you crack my arse up, girl. Quit it. I have to pee and I don’t want to get up.

    I’m glad Susan was the first one to say “where’s the post?” We don’t want to get involved, of course, we just want to eat popcorn and watch from the sidelines.

    Going to pee now…

  15. Bloglines has been a curse recently.
    I’m going to tr del.icio.us to see if it is any more reliable.

  16. If they misunderstood you, they haven’t done their homework. Or they may have “issues” that have nothing to do with you.

    Don’t get too wholesome on us. That would really ruin my day.

    Can’t wait to see your new photos.

  17. Don’t worry, WT, I’ve never taken you too seriously. I’m not offended.

  18. Ohh I wanna read. I wanna read.

    I think your a funny lad.

    (I said that in my best english accent which isn’t all that good)

  19. Drama, who needs it, sorry about that. :O) Hope your day is going well, and I am glad we email chatted last night. BTW, I think one of your emails may have side swiped one of mine as they passed each other. Do you have email insurance?

  20. Come on, everyone join hands!!

    We aarrre the woooorrrld,
    We aarre the child-reeeeen.
    We are the ones who make a bright-er day
    So let’s start giviiiiiiing.
    There’s a choice we’re ma-kiiiing!
    We’re sa-ving our own liiiives.
    It’s true we make a bet-ter day
    Just you and meeeee!!!!

    Let the healing begin!!!!!

    (((group hug)))

  21. Once again Stephanie comes up with the PERFECT song for the occasion. Or did she?

  22. and I was humming the theme from Rocky..

    I saw him on TV (Sylvester) and his face was all puffy.
    Did he get a face lift that went awry?

  23. I have some issues that are totally off topic, but I know you’ll still love me even if you chide me for being off topic..someone actually took you seriously? No way, man! mmmmm..

    Anway, I’m having a serious reaction to two Australian bloggers..both of them stopped blogging when I started corresponding with them.. The first one just stopped cold turkey and the second one, well she just made her blog private the day after I commented…Is there something especially irritating that I do to Australians? Please any clue would be most helpful…

    Also, what happened to the Wolfbaby stories? Is this part of the drama?

  24. Karmyn, I think THIS may be the PERFECT song:

    Keep smiling, keep shining
    Knowing you can always count on me,
    for sure
    That’s what friends are for
    For good times and bad times
    I’ll be on your side forever more….
    That’s what friends are for!!!

    I am SOOOO ROFL!!!

    Stephanie, you are hysterical.

    So. Are you up yet, WT?

  25. maybe WT got tired of the soap? No as far as I know beth I aint a part of it.. lest I hope not since I haven’t got a clue as to whats going on. Hope things get straightened out.

  26. Wolfbaby – I’ve been reading the Wolfden. I haven’t read the latest episode because I was on the Coast and was busier than normal, but I’ll be getting to it soon. I read JIP’s last week, hell she’s crazier than me!!

  27. Wt…dude thats the reason I love readin yall so much;P

  28. Damn. I step away from the computer for a few days and miss all the drama.

    Personally I think it’s only fair that you don’t get nominated for any of those awards. Testicles automatically preclude you from getting any awards, recognition or Nobel Peace Prizes. I don’t make up the rules, WT. I just follow them.

    (But seriously, if you want to get nominated for an award just bribe others to nominate you. Or blackmail them with nude pictures of themselves. That’s what I do.)

    Also, I’m not sure who wrote the rant or why but I’d like to remind you that you wrote quite a vitriolic post about Mindy once when you misunderstood her and she was good-natured enough to blow it off and still appreciate your fabulous blog. I hope you’ll do the same for whoever wrote the post about you.

    Unless it was Matt.

    Bastard still hasn’t shown me his “Jenny is not un-hot tattoo” and I’m begining to suspect he’s just being sarcastic in saying that he’s working on it.

    PS. I have some pictures of you in several compromising positions with kangaroos. They may or may not be photoshopped. Nominate me or else.

    Love ya.

  29. Jenny – It’s all water under the bridge. And no, I don’t recall writing a vitriolic post about Mindy after she blasted me. (you forgot that part)

  30. Speaking of Mindy, not one person except me recognised her for the fact that she was the only one who knew where that quote about the breasts came from.

  31. Thanks, Wolfbaby, for clairfying…I love those stories, man.

  32. Very true.

    If it has to do with breasts or balls our Mindy is in charge.

  33. I think I deserve an email with a link to this “alleged” nasty post.

    I’m wearing my Aussie under-shorts. Come on!

  34. Head’s spinning…too much commotion…I’m on 97 minutes’ sleep and trying to sift through this mess is starting to leave me dizzy and lightheaded.

    Love Stephanie’s song…love Susan’s rendition…all I can think of is Rodney King saying “Can’t we all just get along?” while I’m whistling “Don’t worry, be happy…!”

  35. Sheesh! Why oh why am I always a day late? I know, I am more than a day late but I missed it is all that matters.

    Who is Matt and why are we avoiding him?

    I won’t even ask to read the post, although – nope, I won’t even go there.

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