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Put on your thinking caps!

Woohoo! Big news indeed!! The Dingo is having another competition, and this time it’s serious (it has to be because the prizes are even crappier than before, so they’re really worth fighting for!).

Stay tuned because sometime tomorrow I’ll be posting the questions, but to get you thinking here’s a clue…..


Take your time and look at this painting, this is where the questions will be coming from. The contest won’t be closed to Australians, but they will he held to a higher standard.

19 Responses

  1. Great…. you’re contest will overshadow mine now. (going up in the morning). I guess they say great minds think alike. What’s the guy have in his pipe?

  2. Are we doing a quiz on the Australian national anthem?

  3. I’m glad you’re holding the other Australians to a higher standard…I’m not feeling good about a couple of them right now…as I’ve mentioned before, they’ve either stopped writing or closed their blog since I started commenting…I think I need to see a therapist for Aussie withdrawal..whatever shall I do?

  4. Morning WT.

    Any post that requires brain power is a stretch. I have no idea who painted the picture.

    I guess I should watch “The Man From Snowy River” again.

  5. Already I am guessing that Pamela will win.

    Does whining count this time?

  6. My first thought was “Rip Van Winkle.” but he didn’t have a dog.

  7. I’ve never won A Willowtree Contest, only a few skathing remarks.. ha!

    it looks like an aboriginee Uncle Remus.

    But it’s monday morning – and the Colts are the Champions – and I don’t watch basketball.

    Did I win?

  8. Hmm, intriguing. The photo looks very pioneer days-ish. Curious if that white halo around the top half of the photo is significant. Hmm….

  9. He looks like a guy who says “what in tarnation?” a lot.

  10. I was thinking Uncle Remus, too.

  11. Mark – I’m sure yours will be as riveting if not more so than mine, so you’ll have plenty of interest. Plus we only intersect on a few readers anyway.

    ToBear – You wish!

    Beth – I don’t know what to say, you just have that effect on Aussies.

    Brian – Ah sure, watch that movie.

    Vicki – No, whining will not get the prize this time (unless it’s exceptionally good whining), this one’s serious. PS, I sent your prize yesterday.

    Karmyn – Ah ha, so you’re going with the ‘what it’s not’ again eh? Well it worked for you last time.

    Pamela – What are you bitching about, the scathing remarks are better than the prizes anyway! The adjectival form of aborigine is aboriginal (plus there’s no such word as aboriginee).

    James – I’m kinda curious about the halo too. Unfortunately the site that I got the picture from was all in Japanese so I’ve got no idea.

    Melissa – Doesn’t he just!

    Robin – Yeah that’s right, go with an American classic on an Australian blog.

  12. Okay, it’s quasi-Biblical: “And the doggie shall lay down with the lamb…and the prospector.”

    No? Okay, um, it’s that dude from the move “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid”: “That’s what happens when you live ten years alone in Bolivia – you get colorful!”

    No? Then,
    He’s a mi-nor
    And his doooo-gie

    Yeah, not Australian at all, and I’m probably jumping the gun, anyway.

  13. Stranger things….!

  14. I worried that this picture might have something to do with doggie porn, considering where the doggie is sticking his tongue.

    Or am I the only weirdo to notice that? *snort*

    I like Melissa’s idea. I bet he says “dag-gummit” a lot, only with an Aussie accent.

  15. ohhh a contest… I am SO NOT LISTENING TO MY HUBS THIS TIME!!!!

  16. Mert – Ah yes, I think you may be, at least you’re the only one who mentioned it. Even I didn’t notice it, and that’s saying something.

    But now that you mention it, maybe he’s going to a party where the invitation said ‘bring your own likker’

  17. That painting is disturbing. The man has crazy eyes and I think that dog is dead. (I suspect the man killed him with the paint bucket.)

  18. I’m with Jenny. And is the bucket on fire? Is he destroying evidence? And has the stricken lamb next to him already been taken out because he knew too much?

  19. Whining from Oklahoma. I’m ready for the party to begin

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