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You can thank Stephanie.

Well, this is really exciting! Jeff Probst has just arrived and wants to be part of the competition, so I’ll hand you over to him.

"Thanks WT…Dingo competitors, want to see what you’re playing for?"


Now don’t go getting too excited! That’s the total prize pool, not everything is up for grabs for this competition. I just bought all this scrap because it was all together and really cheap. The grand prize (read: most expensive, is the full set of Aussie money fridge magnets, that’s them just in front of the blue hat, sweet!).

The prize for the first part of the comp (yes, I’ve decided to drag it out) will be this little marvel…

I almost called the whole thing off so that I could keep this for myself when I realised that it had three different signs in the same fridge magnet. Can you believe it, it’s some kind of voodoo magic! But that’s not my style, I’m all about sharing the love, so the competition goes ahead.

Now for the bad news, thanks to Stephanie outing me on her blog this morning, the competition will be postponed until I have posted the ‘death scene’ from Willow’s big adventure. I’m sure you’re all as disappointed as I am.


18 Responses

  1. Hello

    This is a Q & A game then ? Open to anyone? Sounds interesting. Perhaps I’ll be able to play along. I’ve a story to write for Cindra’s contest due tomorrow.

    I really enjoyed Tom Robbins’ books.. Even Cowgirls get the Blues was one of my faves as well. I also liked Still Life with a Woodpecker and Another Roadside Attraction.. all of his earlier works. He has a very unique style. I haven’t read Wild Ducks Flying Backwards yet.

  2. I’ve been waiting so long for the Grand Finale that if I’d known I only had to OUT you – I’d have done it myself months ago.

    AND – I am seriously eyeing those magnets. They’d match my signs I’ve already got!!!

  3. Oooooooo……Ahhhhhhhhh (exclamations of wonder and amazement at the voodoo magic magnets…how do we know you didn’t just photoshop it?).

    LOLOLROFLHAHAHA (maniacal laugher re: your “all about sharing the love” comment). Put your sidebar bling where your fingers are (that doesn’t sound quite right, but neither does “put your money where your mouth is”…).

    You should win the contest for d r a g g i n g out a post the longest!

    Sad thing is, I bet that contest really exists…:/.

  4. I love those magnets too, I can see why you were considering calling it off.

    I do need some new oven mitts… :O)

  5. Katie – Of course you’re welcome to play along. I’ll see your Woodpecker and Roadside and raise you a Skinny Legs. I haven’t read the ducks yet either.

    Ok everyone, just let me set the record straight! You have obviously missed the point on just how special this prize really is. That’s the same magnet! If you move it you get three different pictures!

    I didn’t realise I had stumbled across some magical artifact until I went to take a picture of it. Spooky!

  6. oooooooh….. awwwwwwwwwwwwww

    I’m maaaagnified.
    I gotta win that magnet.

    won’t hold my breath for the finale on the mine — but I might stomp my foot.

  7. OOOH! I want to win an Australia hat. I realized as everyone got their prizes this week that I never sent you my addy to get my used condom. What in tarnation was I thinking? Dag Nabit.

  8. Dang!! I was so ready for this competition. Now it is postponed and I have to go out of town. It will probably all be over with by the time I return. And no telling what dramas I will miss. I am perpetually on the outside looking in…bummer!

  9. Melissa – Yup, that’s what ya get fer not claiming your prize. You just wait, you’ll probably get invited out to dinner by a horse now, and you’ll have to pass because you don’t have protection.

    Songbird – Not likely, I’m milking this one for all I can. It will be multi-part so you should be able to get in on the act when you get back.

  10. cool I want a magic magnet..

  11. I will pop in the morning then before I head out to the horses to see what’s what. I think the magnet is fabulous myself. Then again, I can’t recall winning anything since the Bingo game back in 1980…except a few poker hands. Still.. it’s a go if I can catch the tide. Thanks! 🙂

    I’ll match your Skinny Legs and raise you Half asleep with frog pajamas. 🙂

    Laughing at that! What an image! Ciao!

  12. So when does the contest start??

  13. Yeah well, I’ve been preoccupied. Only now, with the Budweiser clydesdales in the superbowl ads, have my thoughts turned back to horses and the necessity of said condoms.

    I won’t forget this time!

  14. Melissa…it’s only the horses that made you think of the necessity of condoms???

  15. I would truly treasure any of it. I can’t go there, so you’ll have to send Australia to me.

    Is this contest going to be like a week-long assignment?

    Loved your photos the other day, BTW. Sorry I didn’t get a chance to tell you that. Looks beautiful by the coast.

  16. Is it Christmas again already??!!

    No? Then OH the embarrassment of riches!! A contest with cool prizes AND the conclusion of the mining story!!!


    (That’s Texan for “Groovy, Man!”)

  17. The oven mitts are MINE!

  18. Well, it was a horse condom. And a used one at that. I’d like to think the players have slightly higher standards in protective gear.

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