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Time for the contest.

Seeing as how the prize (fridge magnet) is an ancient (whatever happened to ‘i’ before ‘e’ except after ‘c’?) artifact that possibly has mythical powers and may even be able to magically teleport you to Australia, obviously this has be a slightly more difficult contest than the rock soap contest. If you do a minimum amount of research you should get it…


Here’s what you have to do: Identify all the numbered items in the picture.

The closing date for the contest is 5:00p AEST Friday 9th Feb 2007. And before anyone tries to get cute and ask if that’s my time or your time, AEST stands for Australian Eastern Summer Time, so that would be my time.


31 Responses

  1. 1 – John Wayne
    2 – Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
    3 – the great Australian cesspool
    4 – A willow tree
    5 – haggard old dude’s pocket
    6 – neck of lamb
    7 – duvet
    8 – pot in a campfire
    9 – Gobbles!

    That was easy.
    You never said we had to identify them correctly.

  2. Mark – Damn lawyer! Always trying to exploit the technicalities.

  3. 1. A horse with a man on it.
    2. A couple more horses with a couple more people.
    3. A small body of water (i.e. pond, fishin’ hole)
    4. Willow Tree (I’m not copying Mark’s answer!)
    5. Elvis
    6. Baa Baa Black sheep’s illegitimate child.
    7. A rope.
    8. A pail. On a fire. I’ll bet it’s really hot.
    9. A ram’s head.

    This was fun!

  4. What happened to your template just now Pete? Are you messing with it?

  5. Mark’s gonna be good…IF he can answers the questions on the bar CORRECTLY…!

    Do we get extra points for creativity???

    I bet you’re going to laugh AT us, not with us :/.

    I’ll be back…………

  6. 1.
    3. boolabong
    4. gum tree
    5 a bushwacker (bush ranger? John Ceaser?)
    8 Billy
    9 Swag

    I have to go to art class… otherwise I’d have a go at the rest

  7. 1.
    3. boolabong
    4. gum tree
    5 a bushwacker (bush ranger? John Ceaser?)
    8 Billy
    9 Swag

    I have to go to art class… otherwise I’d have a go at the rest

  8. 1) jackaroos
    3)spring or pond
    4) gum tree / eucalyptus
    5 aboriginal or sheep muster
    6) lamb
    7) busmen

  9. 3) billabong


  10. Correction to number 4

    4) coolabah tree

    7) swagman

  11. I am pretty sure these are the right answers. But I think there must be a trick that I missed… and I wasn’t exactly sure where various bits were pointing. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. And I don’t really need the fridge magnets, by the way.

    1. squatter
    2. troopers
    3. a billabong
    4. a coolabah tree
    5. a jolly swagman
    6. jumbuck
    7. tuckerbag
    8. billy
    9. swag

  12. Okay, theotherbear totally has “Waltzing Matilda” stuck in my head. And okay, those are the right answers. But I still think that guy is disturbing enough to warrant this interpretation:

    1. This is clearly a character from one of my mil’s westerns – probably “Big Valley.” He’s on the hunt for the maniacal fellow sitting in the shade here.

    2. The guys from “Bonanza” chasing after “Big Valley” guy because they think his show sucks major ass.

    3. Ye olde fishing hole and/or site where haggard old dude (thanks Mark) has dumped his victims.

    4. Coolibah tree under which HOD plots his crimes. Lots of shade. Also keeps him out of sight of the Bonanza brothers.

    5. Pocket where HOD keeps hypnotic Australian powders, used to incapacitate victims.

    6. Jumbuck, unconscious from Australian powder overdose.

    7. Tourniquet for HOD’s heroin habit.

    8. Sure, that’s a billy – a billy full of beergaritas.

    9. That’s a swag. Haggard old dudes gotta rest after a day of crime, heroin, and evading the authorities.

  13. ToBear – Your entry has been noted and unpublished (not deleted, it will be put back tomorrow) because I don’t it too easy. And in case you’re wondering, you are 100% correct. But the next part may not be so easy for you.

    Melissa – Okay, some of your answers are actually correct. The rest are just bizarre.

  14. All I know is there are going to be a bunch of blogs whose sitemeter says they were referred by Google with the searches: Australian folklore, old man under a gum tree, Aborginal man in Australia on walk-about with dog, and sexy George Clooney pics. Oops? How did that last one get in there?

  15. Oh lord…

    1. Ned Kelly
    2. and the gang
    3. Snowy RIver
    4.Eucalyptis tree
    5.Aboriginal Drover
    6. a sheep
    7. A blanket or a string tied around the guys pants to keep things from going up pant leg.
    8. something cooking
    9. Picture is too crappy to tell…

  16. ps. I before E except after C has so many exceptions

    are just a few

    and I should be in bed and instead I came here to
    check out the picture again.

    He must have stolen the lamb because he was a crook and he was on the lam and he was hungry. the dog sure looks devoted to him or hungry.
    the tie on his leg is what? to keep out spiders and snakes?? which are probably hungry, too.

    I’m totally going to bed.

  17. 1. A person on a horse.
    2 People on horses.
    3. Water
    4. Tree
    5. Coat
    6. Lamb
    7. Pantleg with rope tied around it.
    8. A paint can.
    9. Man’s Parcel

  18. Willow: I would have relinquished my citizenship if I got any wrong. I can’t wait for the next bit – maybe it’ll be “OK, now everyone dress up like the picture and send in a photo”. Sweet.

  19. 1.Squatter
    2. Trooper
    3. Billabong
    4. Coolabah tree
    5. Swagman
    6. Jumbuck
    7. Swag
    8. Billy
    9. Tucker bag

    but if I get them all right please don’t send me any refrigerator magnets. I’ve had to buy a second refrigerator just to hold all our precious magnets and I don’t have room for a third one.

  20. here is what I am doing today.

    Going to the parts store to bring back to my lovely mechanic.

    Ignoring the phone and taxes due so I can research this picture of yours


    All else fails…


  21. Here we go…

    1. The Horse Whisperer
    2. and his team of apprentices
    3. Yellow River (Tony Christie)
    4. Potato tree
    5. Uncle Remus
    6. Shaun the sheep
    7. A rope
    8. Firewater (Whisky)
    9. Computer-bag

    I win, I win!!!!

  22. You’re just calling my answers bizzare because you don’t want to call them what they really are: pure genius.

  23. Well I see my question was answered here. I wasn’t sure if it was best to email the Waltzing Matilda Questions or post.

    1 squatter
    2 troopers
    3 billabong
    4 coolibah tree
    5 swagman
    7 tucker bag
    8 billycan
    9 swag

  24. Let’s see if I can beat Stephanie to this:

    Oh there once was a swagman camped in a billabong
    Under the shade of a coolibah tree
    And he sang as he looked at his old billy boiling
    Who’ll come a waltzing Matilda with me

    Who’ll come a waltzing Matilda my darling
    Who’ll come a waltzing Matilda with me
    Waltzing Matilda and leading a water bag
    Who’ll come a waltzing Matilda with me

    Down came a jumbuck to drink at the water hole
    Up jumped the swagman and grabbed him with glee
    And he sang as he stowed him away in his tucker bag
    You’ll come a waltzing Matilda with me

    Down came the squatter a riding on his thoroughbred
    Down came the troopers one two three
    Whose is that jumbuck you’ve got in the tucker bag
    You’ll come a waltzing Matilda with me

    But the swagman he up and he jumped into the water hole
    Drowning himself by the coolibah tree
    And his ghost may be heard as it sings in the billabong
    Who’ll come a waltzing Matilda with me

  25. Susan, you and a are song-sisters. Or like co-La-La girls from Name that Tune.

    And THAT’s the song I was being snarking about it being the national anthem of Australia. But it’s not. But it should be.

    Sorry, WT!! It really should!

  26. My Daddy used to sing this to me when I was little and since half my family lives “downunder” much of the time, I’m not going to answer. I think you should know, though that Tom Waits does a killer variation of this (very little resemblance to the original). Fun contest!

  27. Man – what words did Susan use to Google that song? Way to go, girl!!!

    I think she wins.

  28. I don’t even understand the answers other people are giving so I’m not even going to try but I will say that:

    1. That man is a serial killer/taxidermist. I suspect he’s a modern-day version of Norman Bates.

    2. The dog, turkey (?) and sheep seem to have been ritualistically sacrificed.

    3. The can of dog blood was unnecessary.

    4. The horses should watch their asses.

    5. Rainbows in Australia are incredibly drab.

  29. I missed all the fun

  30. I don’t get it.

  31. Fun? Fun???

    Chris needs to get out more.

    Me, either Ree.

    I bet Susan didn’t know to google “Waltzing Matilda” until Melissa mentioned it. Don’t let that pretty face fool you…she’s conniving.

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