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We have a winner!

There’s no point keeping this going until Friday, given that the correct answer has been given already (several times). The first correct answer I received was actually from Peter, but he emailed it so as not to spoil the fun (thanks Pete). This was followed closely by theotherbear, whose answer I unpublished so that you guys could keep playing. Both of these bloggers are Aussies so it was no surprise they got it right.

There probably should be some kind of consolation prize for Mark for his innovative solution to the problem or Melissa for her total disregard for her reality, but there’s not. And I actually thought Fish-2 had it until I realised he had mixed up #7 and #9 (note to self: check out this blog, it looks interesting).
And so that leaves us with… (drum roll please)… Katie as the winner!! (Loud applause and cheering). Katie, I don’t know if you’re an Aussie or not as you live in the States, but if you want your prize please email me.

Now to the honorable mentions:

What happened to your template just now Pete?  Are you messing with it?Susan
I thought this was brilliant, disguising her lack of knowledge by feigning hallucinations.

I’ll be back…………Robin
Misread the question, thought it said "What is the Governator’s signature phrase?"

Thought it was something to pretty up a stream  (never mind, it’s a private joke).

Though it was so good she just had to enter it twice.

jackaroos, muster, eucalyptus, aboriginal or sheep muster, lamb,
busmen – Wolfbaby.
Actually this was a very good attempt, apart from being almost completely wrong. All these are Aussie terms, they just don’t relate to the picture. Except busman of course – I guess the swaggie is sitting at a bus stop. And I’ve never herald anyone called a sheep muster before, given that a muster is a roundup. It was later corrected to the right answer btw.

Okay, theotherbear totally has "Waltzing Matilda" stuck in my headMelissa.
I suggest you go and read Melissa’s answer (it’s too long to put in this summary) as it’s very funny. I took ToBear’s answer out so the rest of you couldn’t see Waltzing Matilda which was the key to the solution, but not before Melissa had seen it unfortunately.

Picture is too crappy to tell…
Strangely, I consider this to be a correct answer.

I before E  except after C  has so many exceptionsPamela
Yes I know, but does it have a jumbuck, a swag and a billie?

Man’s ParcelBeth
I’d expect that from you.

I know it worked for you last time, but I needed a little more for this one.

…Yellow River (Tony Christie)…I win, I win!!!!
I thought Yellow River was by I.P.Daley.

Let’s see if I can beat Stephanie to this:
Well yes you did, although Stephanie alluded to this a few days ago when I announced the contest. But you still didn’t answer the questions.

And THAT’s the song I was being snarking about it being the national anthem of Australia.  But it’s not.  But it should be. – Stephanie
This was actually put to a vote in May 1977 with the following results:
Advance Australia Fair’ 43.2% (2,940,854)
Waltzing Matilda’ 28.3% (1,918,206)
God Save the Queen’ 18.7% (1,257,341)
‘Song of Australia’ 9.8% (652,858)
As you can see, less than a third of eligible voters wanted a song about a sheep thief to be our National Anthem, it’s bad enough that an Irish armed robber is held in high esteem (not by me).

I think you should know, though that Tom Waits does a killer variation of this (very little resemblance to the original)Mins Sis
Yes in fact I do know this, as I have the CD (I have it on vinyl too), and you’re partly right, I would say it bears no resemblance to the original, but that’s ok, there are actually three versions of the original anyway.

Man – what words did Susan use to Google that song?  Way to go, girl!!!Karmyn
Karmyn, that would be "Waltzing Matilda", or even "Australian folk song". Given that Melissa’s comment actually says Waltzing Matilda, I’d put my money on that.


12 Responses

  1. i’ve known that song since i was little kid.. why didn’t i think of that.

    i’m just to paniced over my episode of wolfden bar/grill

    congrats to Katie and susan, for her singing it out

  2. ps.
    typepad wrote my post twice… not me.

    had i written my post twice it would have said something worth hearing

  3. Now are you going to tell us what all that Aussie talk means or am I going to have to look it up in my Australian dictionary?

  4. Are you accusing me of not knowing the Waltzing Matilda by heart? I sing it to Funny Girl every single night! My family tours the country singing the tune at selected venues nationwide!

    Okay. I Googled “Waltzing Matilda.” So sue me!

  5. Susan – I should have thanked you for including the lyrics to the song so everyone could see what we were talking about. Sorry, my bad.

  6. Thank you (although no offense was taken). I must say, I’ve learned more about Australia in the past week than I’ve learned in my entire life. (You deserve some sort of honorary degree or something!) And after reading the lyrics for “Advance Australia Fair,” my vote would have been for “Waltzing Matilda!”

  7. So the tucker bag is laying on the sheep?

  8. I am truly surprised! Excited!! I actually won something! I canna believe it! Thank you!!

    I was born in the States actually. I claim Montana for my home State; although I’m in Texas for a few more months.

    Thank you again! I shall email you soon!

  9. I don’t have total disregard for my reality, just most of reality.

  10. Oh, SO BUMMED!!

    I had a very busy day, and I thought I had ’til FRIDAY! (*grumble, grumble, gripe, gripe, grumble, grumble*)

    I was actually taking the time to think about it and not be a smartass! (gripe some more, grumble, grumble*)

    At least I got a horse condom from the last contest. Hmph.

    I’d drink a Fosters if it wasn’t so late!

  11. I am most impressed you HEARD my accent. I almost wrote it “Ahhhl beeee baaaack.”

    Secondly, that Stephanie found a way to insert a phrase that will have googlers ending up in Oz looking for equine birth control.

  12. This contest was rigged. I’m filing a complaint with the blog gaming and contest commission. I answered them all, and first and I get no thing? Maybe I’ll go chew a stick of doublemint.

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