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A Geography Lesson

I’ll be posting some more pictures of the trip the Coast in a few days. But first a brief lesson in geography.

This is a Map of Australia, the Yellow arrows on the left are two of the mines I worked at, the southern one is where Willow’s Big Adventure takes place, the two arrows on the right are where our houses are.

This next one is part of New South Wales, specifically the Central Coast. The Top arrow is where I am, and the lower one is where MDW is. I’m drilling down so that you don’t have to figure it out for yourselves

Finally here is a blow up of geography that will feature in the series of pictures I’ll be posting over the next few days. The red star just under Gosford is where we live and the bottom one is where I took a bunch of photos from.

Here’s a sample picture to give you the idea. It’s taken from a bluff between Ocean and Pearl Beaches (or as I just explained, the bottom red star) and is about a 30 minutes drive from our house. I’m looking North(away from the ocean).I probably don’t need to tell you, but the red arrow is our house. So, now we have laid the foundations I’ll be able to post some pictures with an explanation of what we’re looking at over the next few days.

But first, I’ll be doing the next part of the Aussie trivia quiz.

Just one more map for anyone who likes things put in perspective…



18 Responses

  1. Let me be the first to say it…Gee, Texas doesn’t fit in. Durrr.

  2. Well, well, every day is a school day! Thanks for the lesson!

  3. I will study this for hours..anything to get the Australians to like me.

  4. Always appreciate a Geography lesson.

  5. And the first thing I noticed is that if you flip the US upside down it’s pretty much the same shape as Australia. (actually, my first thought was to flip *Australia* upside down, but I thought that would be rather rude on an Australian blog) 😀 mk

    p.s. Although if you did flip it, would that make “The Land Down Under” now “The Land Rightside Up?”

  6. laughing about Texas! No worries!
    I appreciated the information and the photos, thank you!

  7. As in Gosford Park?

  8. excellent – you missed your calling. If you didn’t have such a nice retirement pckg you could be enjoying a second career as a teacher.

    I’d love to see you in a classroom of teenagers.

  9. It’s a shame Swampy’s out. She’d love the lessons.

    As do we all.

  10. first…you are begging for people to come visit aren’t you??
    second…and here I thought Pamela liked you and then she makes a comment about sticking you in a classroom of teens…granted you’d have the fortitude it takes but still….

  11. O WT O WT. . .Wish I had known you about a year ago. . .I had to do a paper on Working Abroad and Australia was my country. . .

    Thanks for the lesson! ! !

    LOL – to you in a room full of teens! ! ! 🙂

  12. That last picture was great! I like “putting things in perspective.”

    Thanks for the lesson, WT!

  13. That last picture made me chuckle.

    ….classroom of teenagers while wearing a pirate hat, black undies, and knee socks.

  14. Markira – I used to have a world map that was upside down, the writing was the right way up, and it had Australia at the top and in the centre.

    Heather – Well, there is a park in Gosford.

    Pamela – I don’t have a retirement package, I just refuse to work (I’m way too young to qualify for a pension, plus I don’t pass the means test). Don’t even joke about me in a classroom, next to clowns, teenagers scared me the most.

    Claudia – first, No! Second I agree.

    Vicki – Still fixated I see.

  15. Packing my bags and checking flight information 😉

    Thanks, I enjoyed the maps and photos. Gosford looks like a beautiful area. I’ll be checking back.

  16. see why they gotta be so mean to WT to stick him in a room with a bunch of teans

    and in the pirate costume no less LOL

    thanks for the lesson;)

  17. Huh. Looks like I live in Australia’s Pancreas. Thanks for the perspective.

  18. Dear willowtree. I was born in Gosford. Then I moved to Brisbane. Then I moved to Sydney. And I visited my family a lot in Bellingen. And now I live in Ukraine. But I feel like I know just the places you’re talking about…

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