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Holy Crap!!

I can not believe you guys got the answers so quickly! It’s no point holding this over until everyone gets a chance to answer seeing as the correct answers have already been given (and it’s not a subjective thing like Ree’s photo naming, which I think I should have won more than I did, especially the one with the camera for a prize).

The Answers are:

Question 1. The Swaggie was never actually named, however as a joke a lot of us call him Andy because of the the line "And he sang, as he watched and he waited til his billy boiled", which many of us sing as "Andy sang as he watched…"

Question 2. While the reference to the shearers’ dispute is correct, it not the link to the German tradesman (or more correctly ‘Journeymen’) that I was looking for. Yes in fact it refers to the term (and the practice) of Auf der Walz where tradesmen, usually carpenters but also masons, upon completing their apprenticeship don a specific uniform and spend the next three years and one day traveling and learning more about the trade. References to the Germans calling their coats Matilda are new to me but are probably true, however the swag has also been called a Mathilda. Here’s another link about the Walz if you want to read even more crap about it.

For those of you too busy, too lazy, or too disinterested to follow the links (and I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with being any of them), here’s a few photos to provide CliffsNotes…



A German Tradesman and an Aussie Swagman (Ithink from tourist park)

Presse1_200 Swagman
A group of Walzers 

and a group of Swaggies.

Yeah yeah that’s fine, but who won!!

Ok the winners:

Katie got the name right (I’m beginning to suspect she has some Aussie blood in her), and as that one was almost impossible to find through an internet search, she gets the Fridge magnets. What that doesn’t make any sense at all?

Mary got the Auf der Walz question correct and even pasted the explanation (although I don’t know where she got it) so she gets the tea towel.

And finally, because Pamela gave a pretty acceptable answer, even though it wasn’t the right one (and an even better sob story about her mother), she gets a tea towel too.

So send me your mailing address if you want your prize, Katie I’ve already got yours so you don’t need to.