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Fun Monday #4

Why I love were I live.

I know you’ve got a lot of posts to read this morning so to speed
things up I haven’t put in any photos, but you’re welcome to poke
around if you’re new here. *update, I decided to put in some pics after all.


I suppose the main reason I love where I live is because it’s where I choose to live here. And the reason I choose to live here is twofold; the people and the employment opportunities. First off, the people; seeing as my nearest neighbour is almost a 10 minute drive away, basically there aren’t any. So that leaves employment opportunities; I’m a mainframe analyst programmer, and seeing as I’ve got the only computer for a hundred miles in any direction (ok, that’s an exaggeration) there are about as many job opportunities here as there are people.

So not only do I not have to talk to anybody, I don’t even have to act like I’m looking for work. But I think the real reason I love it here is that I got to use three semi-colons in the paragraph describing why I love to live where I live, and that’s not something you get to do everyday.

There are bonuses that make living here my own little piece of paradise, I drift off to sleep at night to the sounds of cattle lowing (that’s how educated people spell mooing), and I wake to the sounds of birds jostling for the best position in the tree just outside my bedroom window. And there’s always a good show put on by the wildlife, I’ve seen kangaroos, echidnas, goannas and foxes all from my computer room window.100_0845

The other thing I like about the geography of the place is the intense weather conditions. I’ve seen the strongest winds, the hardest rains (when they fall) and the most intense thunderstorms I’ve ever seen in my life up here. When
MDW was here once, we had lightning and thunder that lasted nearly 36 hours, with no more than a minute between strikes.

My housemates never argue with me, they never clean up after themselves either but that’s another matter, and they are always happy to keep me company. But they are good fun, and without them there wouldn’t be much to wrote about.

I love living here because the house is just the right size for me and the critters, the furniture fits me just nicely and everything is always where I left it. I get to watch what I want to watch on TV and my musical preferences always take precedence. It’s only an hour’s drive to a reasonable sized regional town, and forty five minutes to a decent supermarket.


Of course the downside is that MDW lives three hours away, but when you
think about it, it only takes three hours to drive there, and I’ve been
doing that quite a bit lately. This picture shows the first steps on the way to the Coast.


20 Responses

  1. Of course the 36 hours of thunder made me think “Poor Bently.”

    It was a nice visit Peter! Thanks for having us.

  2. Well there’s some very good reasons for loving where your living.

    Loved the jokes in other post!

  3. Okay, why am I only seeing one pic? The rest just have little blue x’s…

    By the way, your life sounds ideal…As I’ve mentioned, I’m a hermit, too, living in a family of five..what do I do?

  4. Well, how strange..the pics have suddenly appeared. I say, these blogs are haunted.

  5. Beautiful countryside .

    Bentley and Ken look so sweet!
    My critters like to take over the chair in my room – and the couch in the living room. I never use them anyway.

  6. Well, looks idillic – the sort of place where foxes and rabbits hang out together.

  7. great pictures.

    Your pictures have satisfied my nosey side for a few days.

    and last but not least…


  8. Wow…I don’t check your blog for a few days, and I’ve missed so much!

    I’m so glad you included the photos. The one of the brooding clouds is spectacular.

    I want to walk down that path to the coast…

  9. i am so jealous! your pictures are fantastic.

  10. Are you going for the “educated blogger of the month” award with your lowing cattle reference? I know how you’re always trolling for an award…

    Beautiful pics!

  11. Great pics.
    Okay. I get so behind in your blog. How on earth do you have enough time to post so much?

  12. Very nice. I wouldn’t mind being ten minutes away from people right about now!

  13. I’m trying to imagine what it was like for you when you WERE working and FORCED to be around lots of people who walk on two legs (as opposed to animals who walk on four or hop on two or whatever).

    I think I’d like living there for the weather alone…I LOVE a good storm!

  14. A 36 hour lightning storm? Holy crap – now that is something I’d like to see.

  15. Loved the humour in this post, great photos

  16. Haven’t been out and about much lately. Love the pics, as always. Can almost hear the thunder. Oh wait, that is thunder.

  17. Great pics. Especially love the photo of the tree with the black clouds behind it.

  18. I love your pictures and the description of your life. I think that you live in the peaceable kingdom.

  19. Love the pics!! The first three remind me of scenes from The Man From Snowy River.

  20. It’s a beautiful country. But the spiders! The snakes! Yikes. My fella wants to move back, he hates Canadian winters but I just can’t do it. The spiders. God, I’m such a girl.

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