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Fun Monday

This is a little thing we like to call Fun Monday, and this week it is "Why I love where I live" courtesy of Marnie. For a full list of participants, just click on her name.

Why I love where I live
by Willowtree
I tried loving where my girlfriend lives, but her husband caught us.
                                                                        The End.

Ha! I kill me. That was just a sample of how blindingly brilliant I can really be, really. I’m just kidding of course, the reason I love where I live is because my wife lives three hours away. Ha ha somebody stop me! Ok enough of the chuckles, I’ll be writing mine later today so it will be on your Monday not your Sunday, because as Susan in Va once so eloquently put it "Here at Willowtree’s.  Where today is tomorrow and yesterday is today."

Updated at 6:00pm Monday my time: Hmmm, I could have saved myself the effort. I think it’s about time we agreed with Melissa – hardly anyone blogs on Sunday. Anyway with a bit of creative datestamping, the real Fun Monday Post is directly below this one.


11 Responses

  1. I thought you knew better than to mess with the space-time continuum.

  2. does YDW read your blog???

  3. HA! I kill me, too!

    And you kill me!


  4. Okay, that second one actually did crack me up.

  5. Mark – I did know it, three days from now.

    Pamela – No, but I’m not hiding it from her, in fact I’ve made a button on her toolbar for it, but she’s not interested.

    Susan – Looks like we kill ourselves and each other.

    Jenny – Don’t laugh, you’ll just throw your neck out again.

  6. I do the “real creative date stamping” thing too. In fact, I did it yesterday 😉

  7. what counts is that you think your funny.

    that makes me laugh.

  8. I only read blogs on weekdays anyway so any updating that occurs on weekends either gets read on Monday or just gets written off as my loss. I will be reading several of those meme entries though, as I like to travel vicariously 🙂

  9. you are soooo funny

  10. Regardless of what day it is, you will be funny to(day)(morrow).

  11. Ha, ha, ha….

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