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Now that’s funny

I’ve talked before about a standup comedian who has a blog over where Mama Drama lives. I won’t say what it’s called, if you want to read it you’ll have to find it. When I mentioned him before it was in the context of him not being very funny and not having any comments, now I know this is a churlish thing to do, but it just seemed funny to me.

I have never seen this guy perform live, I’ve only read his blog a couple of times and from what I’ve seen he’s about as funny as a toothache. So why am I bringing this up again? Well as it happens, I just went and had another look, you know, to see if he found some humor somewhere. Sadly he hasn’t. What did make me laugh though was that he finally got a comment, it simply said "You suck".

Now that’s funny!


16 Responses

  1. That made me laugh! 🙂 Thank you!

  2. hehe…Willow, I think I can see the grin clear across here…

  3. Bless you’re heart, Peter. You keep TRYING to give him a chance.

    But for the life of me, I can’t figure out WHY!

    Very funny, Seinfeldian post about NOTHING! 😉

  4. Is he on youtube? If he’s worth a damn, there MUST be a youtube of him onstage.

    Unless, of course, he doesn’t really perform. On a stage. Where he might have to face hecklers…

  5. Tiff – I think he is more of a wannabe comedian. You know, open mike nights and that sort of thing. He must be pretty classy though, as he was asking readers to help him come up with an Anna Nicole Smith joke (and yes, this was a day after she died).

    I still want to be a princess.

  7. D.R. is a friend and part of our family. I recommend you do see him live…you might just enjoy it.

  8. Min – Thanks for the tip, next time he’s in Tamworth I’ll make sure I go see him. Maybe you could help him out too, by adding some of your wit to his blog.

  9. Maybe we should all leave “You suck” comments??!

  10. W.T.,

    I think you should ask him if you could be his joke writer…you are the man.

  11. you type
    and I read
    funny how that works

  12. If he’s that bad, why do you keep going back? Is it like the surgery channel?

  13. i wondered the same thing heather g. did, if he sucks so much why go back? isn’t that like poking a bruise over and over again while saying “Ow, this hurts!

  14. I remember reading him before and have quickly forgotten his name.

  15. Heather and Nikki – I wouldn’t really call twice in 7 months a case of ‘keep going back’.

  16. Well crap. I don’t even know who you all are talking about. I wish I did. Someone email me!

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