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I give up, almost but not quite.

Hmmmm…What to say?…What to say?… Who knows?… Who cares?  Seems no matter what you say someone’s going to get pissed about it so why even bother? Maybe people won’t get so bent out of shape over a picture. Yeah that’s it, a picture. Better make it a cute one, people don’t seem to get their knickers in a knot if the picture is all sweet and cuddly…..


Or maybe I can distract them with something shiny….

100_1859 or


Yeah, maybe that’ll do it.

Happy Valentine’s Day to anyone who reads the Dingo.


13 Responses

  1. Happy V-Day to you, too!!

    PERFECT choice of pics for today 😉

    And I’ll take the earrings in the second row on the right.

  2. Hey, WT – Happy VD! Buddy looks worn out – is it from more photo sessions?

  3. aww sweet picture of Buddy!

    I was thinking of you last evening as it was a two dog night here – Binkie and Bella. Bandera likes to sleep outside during the winter. Come summer she’s a sofa puppy! Right in front of the AC/Fan!

    Lovely bling. Simple rubies suit me fine, thank you!

    Happy Valentines Day! 🙂

  4. Happy Valentine’s Day Pete!

    I hope you get back to your regular type of posting soon. I miss them.

    Hugs to your Posse!!! Extra to Buddy!

  5. rings. pretty. shiny. You sent me some, right?

    Don’t let the bastards get you down, Pete. Happy Valentine’s Day to you, your wife and your posse!

  6. thank you!!!

    candy kisses to you and the menagerie

  7. cute dog, and pretty bling bling.

  8. Mark – Happy VD? I guess you mean that in a good way, so thanks.

    Katie – I just realised your critters’ names all start with ‘B’ too. In my case Buddy and Bentley always sleep inside while Buzz and Booey always sleep outside.

    Julie – Me too!!!!

    Melissa – Thanks and the same to you and Corey.

    Pamela – Are they those hard little candies with the weird sentiments on them?

    Leann – Thanks, and welcome to the blog.

  9. I was thinking of Hershey’s dark chocolate rasberry kisses….

    but if it was the little hard ones with weird sentiments mine would say
    You’re hot.

    of course we would be talking about the weather.

  10. Happy V.D., Willowtree! We heart you, man. Big time.

  11. I noticed your critters names started with “B” . Why is that?

    I started with Binkie… a chihuahua puppy with an over bite.

    Then brought home a throw away pup – the litter was left behind when the peeps moved…Bandera….

    Gave Special K a chihuahua puppy – named Biscuit.

    Then named my rescue Bella because she’s so beautiful.

  12. Hi WT! Thanks so much for the insider blog tips AND for actually reading my blog! Those facts alone will keep me from attacking you. Well, that and the fact that I’m quite thick-skinned. Correction MENTALLY I am thick-skinned (thick brained? no- that sounds insulting). PHYSICALLY I’m normal skinned. But anyway, thanks you’re a great mentor!

  13. Happy Valentine’s to you too, Mr. Grumpy Dingo! :O)

    By the way, did you say Snickers? I love Snickers… nuts, carmel and chocolate. 😀

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