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A pleasant surprise!

Yesterday I was in a bit of a funk because of the whole blogging thing. When I say "I was in a bit of a funk" I mean it like the "Grand Canyon is a small hole in the ground". I won’t go into the details, now that’s a pleasant surprise! Suffice it to say that someone set the wheels in motion and the car rolled down a very steep hill while my equilibrium was still in the glove box.

I spent the better part of the day ruminating over whether it was even worth continuing with the whole blogging deal, as it seemed to be making me unhappy more often than happy of late. This may just be a natural phase of ‘blogging evolution’ (people who used to be regulars here have been disappearing lately, presumably due to other commitments but you never really know why, which is sad). Then there’s the whole ‘people ragging on me’ thing for not measuring up. But in the words of the great Popeye (my all time hero), "I yam what I yam".

So just when I was at my lowest ebb, help came from the most unlikely of sources, I got an email from Mindy, you know, the one I had the big fight with a while ago. Yes that’s her, the one with testicles on her ceiling with my name on them (you think I’m kidding, well maybe about my name, but not about the testicles, that part’s true). Anyway she gave me some words of encouragement that made all the bad thoughts go away. As did Melissa, (someone who has also taken me to task recently), and I thank them both for their kind words (but mostly Min because she had more words).


This is just a nice picture of Lion Island, it’s here for no reason other than it’s pleasant.

This is probably about as close as I get to one of those depression driven, ‘my world is black’ type posts that you see every now and then around the place. It’s not that I don’t suffer from depression, it’s just that I tend not to mention it. (After all , we are talking about a guy who one day just walked away from a six figure income and went to live by himself in the middle of nowhere because he just wasn’t happy.)

Ok, maybe I’ll do one more post.


35 Responses

  1. Hello my friend. I don’t know you really but let me just say: Anyone who walks away from a six-figure income to follow his heart has got to be a great guy in my books!! Life at best is a prickly beast but it is by far better to take some steps yourself rather than letting life happen to you, as so many people do!
    I hope you will hang around the blog-universe coz we would miss you!

  2. Stay right where you are young man, you aren’t goin’ ANYWHERE!

    Got it?


    You had me at your first comment. It’s been love ever since. Ups and downs just make the ride a whole lot more exciting.

    Since you’ve led such a boring, staid life, you need said excitement.

    Y e a h, that’s it ;).

  3. Oh, Pete, you know we heart you.

    You’re the only reason why, when I watch a story about your crazy prime minister and the graphic says ‘War with Australia’, I take a picture, even though I know by the time I find my camera cord I will have forgotten all the witty paragraphs to go with the picture. You make me want to go to war with Australia just that badly.

    Only a friend can bring out the international incident in me.

  4. Oh my gosh. I just read your tagline and it’s hilarious. Did you make that up, you freako?

    My dad’s a depressive. I understand it. It’ll lift…just don’t quit blogging during this dark time, WT.

  5. I totally feel you on the ‘to blog or not to blog’ issue. I only recently started feeling like the effort to blog and the guilt for not posting more often was creating ridiculous thoughts in my head – like, HELLO…I have a freakin’ BUSINESS to run! I actually curse myself sometimes for not being more present in the blogosphere, and then that makes my perfectionist nature all imbalanced and pissy.

    It’s okay to go thru this – and I’m glad the girls made you feel better. At least no one can say you have a milk-toast personality!

  6. I thought you were kiding about being in a funk?

    Or are you kidding about kidding about it.

    If you aren’t kidding, you are in good compoany.

    If you are kidding, then… I’m glad your aren’t in a funk.

  7. I missed out – sorry. My brain is still hung up somewhere in a week ago.

    I think it might be the February blues….is that such a thing?

  8. Funky Co Medina
    Do you know that song? It’s now running through my head.

    Funky Co Medina is vising my house too. Maybe if we sing that song loud enough she’ll leave?

    I have a request.
    Please post tomorrow. (and the day after and the day after)

  9. Beautiful photo. It warmed me up for a moment.

    You can’t go away. I will hunt you down. Don’t think I won’t do it–I need a vacation and have always wanted to visit Australia.

    I’ve been busy lately with schoolwork and job interviews, etc., but I miss you when I can’t make it here.

    Loved your short story on Monday! Made me laugh.

    Don’t blog as if you “have to” or are trying to get readers or impress anyone, just blog for your own fun and release. (But keep the photos coming 😉 )

  10. no don’t leave! you are freakin’ hilarious! and you post really cute dog pictures and offer jewelry. what’s not to love?

    (btw- i wasn’t trying to be rude yesterday with my comment! it was just a question for question’s sake? like how much wood could a wood chuck chuck?)

  11. Be good to yourself always.

    Sometimes I blog other times I read. I appreciate your blog.. the facets of you expressed.

    Thank you for the gift.

  12. Damn. I skip for a few days with a serious illness that is KILLING ME and the whole place falls apart.

    We love ya, WT. If you quit I will stalk you. PS. Speaking of stalking, my coworker called me at home giggling about the fab Ken Hoffman comment you left me. See. Even strangers you’ve never met adore you.

  13. I give up. I tried and I searched and I dug trying to find the wonderfully sweet comment that you left me when I was considering closing up shop. I CAN’T FIND IT!!!!

    Anyway, I remember going through a little funk after everybody switched to Typepad – it felt like all my blog buddies got on a bus and left me standing at the bus stop all alone! Okay, maybe that’s a little melodramatic, but I was in a funk anyway.

    The fact is, I like your blog. I don’t know anyone else (okay, maybe Ree) that can type a post about NOTHING and get 25 comments!



  14. I’m back again because Melissa told me to.

    Here’s a big old cyber-kiss….SMOOOOOCH.

    Happy belated Valentine’s day for you.

  15. I’m back again because Melissa told me to.

    Here’s a big old cyber-kiss….SMOOOOOCH.

    Happy belated Valentine’s day for you.

  16. Oh – not only ONE kiss – but TWO. That’s how lucky you are.

  17. Glad you’re feelin’ better. Sorry I’ve been absent from the comments lately. It’s nothing personal, I’m behind on reading and commenting on everyone’s blogs. School is really cramping my style lately. Great photo!

  18. My sweet, sweet Dingo… 😀 Don’t leave me. I know I can be a jerk sometimes, please forgive me. I emailed you.

    If nothing else , all the ladies going ga-ga over you should cheer you up.

  19. Thanks everyone, it means a lot. To everyone who feels guilty about not commenting regularly, don’t. I know all your situations, and I know the pressures you are under (life, job, school and children can sure exert some pressure).

    I don’t think I’d comment at all if I had a job or was going to school (or if I had kids to raise and a home to manage), either that or I’d comment but not blog.

    Anyway, sorry to be big cry baby.

  20. I’m coming back because Melissa told me to come give ya some love.

    I know I wouldn’t be able to comment if I didn’t work for my husband and have not a whole lot to do all day besides sit infront of the computer.

    however lucky for you I am free as a bird and can comment comment comment comment.

  21. and comment

  22. Funk. It’s funk city over here. I was debating over taking a blog vacation… maybe coming here was a sign.

    A sign to do what, I don’t know.

    I’ve started 19 different posts and it’s all crap. Mindless, meaningless crap. I don’t think I want to continue to contribute to the vast amounts of mindless shit posted on the internet.

    Blah. You’re not alone.

  23. Aw. Marnie, it’ll be okay.

    Where is my camera cord? One of you took it, right? Australians!

  24. In response to your comment on my “Why I Love Where I Live” post….yep, I’m on Marnie’s list right between Shauna and Stephanie. You just missed me!

  25. I find the fact you moved way out in the boonies cool.I love the country.and wish I were out in the sticks now.the city is ok but Im a country chic at heart.if I had the cash to move into the wilderness by a lake that is where I would be now.this is the first time I think I have stopped on your blog.I must have seen it on someone elses blog and book marked it.as I was checking my list I stopped on yours.love the pictures.your house mates are little cuties.its so much nicer having a few pets.they love ya no matter what and fit into your life.I have had alot of Gods furry little angels and they were always my best friends.dont let it get to you that people get tee,d off.you cant please every one.this is your blog if they dont like what they read, they dont have to read it right?keep on blogging man.and dont worry if people seem to disapear, others will show up.some people read but dont comment.I found that out once when I was going to stop.I said something and the ones who were reading stepped up and commented.so just cause they dont comment doesnt mean they dont read.have a great day.and Happy Valentines day .

  26. Ok Im with Jenny on the getting sick and missing out on E V E R Y T H I N G Did I spell that right? blahhh I’m in a funk to but then I am always in a funk and can never compare with the elagent post that ya’ll do. So I don’t try ;P… You shouldn’t go anywhere… we would miss you, then stalk you… then miss you and stalk you some more;) You did catch the stalking part right? cause you did post maps and pics of where you live. Now all I need to do is set up a fund raiser for what is it seven grand for a trip to aussie land LOL…

  27. Dear willowtree. If it helps, I like your blog. It make me feel close to Oz. Your pictures are really cool. Do you live in the Moonbi ranges or something? I can’t remember if they’re north or south of the country music capital. Oh and your translations will be available at my blog within the hour. Thank you for using my service. I am a lot cheaper than SBS, i.e. free.

  28. Sorry – I didn’t mean to post twice. Stupid Ukrainian server connection hiccuped because their biz customers are logging in at work. Please delete one if you can…

  29. LMMoi – Ok, I’ve deleted the extra comment, even though it made my comment count go down. Oh wait, this just made it go up again.

  30. You comment sheila whore!!! You did this post just to see how many comments you could get! You KNOW when you do this give up blogging, feel sorry for me crap, you get the most comments! ..also, throwing in your former 6 figure salary doesn’t hurt either! …Seriously, you know I’m kidding about the blogging whore/Sheila thing…I get the whole hermit/depression thing….Let me write a book..oh, wait, I just did!!!

    You rock, Willow!

  31. You comment sheila whore!!! You did this post just to see how many comments you could get! You KNOW when you do this give up blogging, feel sorry for me crap, you get the most comments! ..also, throwing in your former 6 figure salary doesn’t hurt either! …Seriously, you know I’m kidding about the blogging whore/Sheila thing…I get the whole hermit/depression thing….Let me write a book..oh, wait, I just did!!!

    You rock, Willow!

  32. Man, two comments exactly alike..Who knew I could write that much? Don’t erase the double (now triple) comment this time..You want get a record amount of comments on this post, right?…and I think this one is going to double post too!!! You rigged it this way, didn’t you?

  33. Wow, I go on a course for 3 days, thus losing my valuable internet-at-work time, and find you had a crisis while I was away. Hope you feel better now.

  34. Isn’t the name of that song Funky Cold Medina?
    I had to say that first. Now WT. I don’t post everyday and then sometimes I do. Just go with the flow man. Post when you want and when there is nothing to post, don’t. Stress-free. You’ll be fine.

  35. Damn…….I’m in a bad funk, too. Bad enough to actually cuss. On a blog. You know it’s bad when I do that…:/.

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