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A City of two Tails

I know I’ve mentioned this before (a while ago now), but I’ll say it again…I’m lazy. In fact so lazy that I moved here just so I didn’t have to walk the dogs. Sounds a bit extreme no? I’m afraid I’d have to agree with you there, but as a founding member and past president of the Couch Potato Society, hang on I think I got that wrong, maybe it’s the Society of Couch Potatoes (we never knew for sure because no-one ever had enough energy to look it up), it’s my duty to take whatever measures I feel necessary to avoid physical exertion (most of you would probably just call it movement).

Where are we going with all of this? Not back to the Coast that’s for sure, and here’s why….


This is what I have to do when I stay on the Coast (it’s also where I got the post title from as Gosford is a city, and those are two tails). I hate walking the dogs, Buddy is ok, but Bentley is a real pain in the arse, he just won’t stop pulling on the leash. I know it doesn’t look too bad here, but that’s only because I just threw a tantrum about him pulling on the lead so he backed off for a second.

Now compare that with how it’s done up here…


My only real physical involvement in walking the dogs up here is to open the gate. What, you don’t get what I’m talking about? Look directly above the open gate.

Wait a minute, I’ll make it a little easier for you…

"Look Ma, no hands". Now this it what I call walking the dogs. If there’s no rabbits or foxes about, this goes very smoothly. On the other hand, Bentley has been known to get on the scent and go missing for a couple of days.

So how do I stop that from happening?…


Why, by supervising from the control room of course!


25 Responses

  1. I would run wild out there just like the dogs. Wait a minute.. did you say there were snakes.

    Maybe I could borrow your cowboy boots.

    Did Bobby show up ever again?

  2. Yeah, what’s up w/Bobby?
    And I know what you mean about walking the dogs. I used to hate it to and I am not even a couch potato. I used to go running and tried taking the dog w/me. It sucked. Huge distraction. Running off, stopping to do business etc., not to mention my arm being 2 inches longer w/all the leash pulling. Fugedabowdit!

  3. Looks like the ONLY way to walk a dog (or two or three) to me!

  4. My kind of land! Without too many neighbors! Beautiful!

    I walk Bella and Bandera together. They both heel though. When I take Binkie with us on our long jaunts she gets tired and then she wants to be carried. 🙂 Biscuit on the other hand is a small..ok tiny.. bundle of dynamite! She never seems to slow until night falls!

  5. p.s. love the photo albums!
    Truly interesting and wonderful pictures!

  6. Your package arrived yesterday. Everyone in my house was thrilled. I made them wait to get home to open it. Had to drive down the mile driveway and then into the house. My daughter did the pee pee dance with anticipation while I took pictures.

    I love my package! The pot holder is hanging next to my new stove, the dish towel is put away in a safe place and the magnet is on my fridge right next to the picture of my sister with a bra on her head.

    Thank you! My Mom was wrong. Whining does pay off.

  7. and by the way. My husband doesn’t read anything, doesn’t have time. However he is interested in your blog. Most likely because he has this dream of living far away from everything with only his dogs and his horse. Your living his dream.

    He’s not a laugher. Today he laughed at “Look Ma No Hands.” Good job. It’s not a easy task.

  8. Hi WT. No not better, but thought I’d stop by to say hi and walk the dogs. Hope you get over your funk, life happens to everyone. I post when I want, if I have something to say. Even if I don’t. You gotta blog for yourself and if your own amusement. My stuff makes sense to me, that’s all that matters.

    Take care mate.

  9. Hi WT. No not better, but thought I’d stop by to say hi and walk the dogs. Hope you get over your funk, life happens to everyone. I post when I want, if I have something to say. Even if I don’t. You gotta blog for yourself and for your own amusement. My stuff makes sense to me, that’s all that matters.

    Take care mate.

  10. Now that’s what I call a dog’s life.

  11. Nice work – you’ve definitely got animal care figured out. If I had that setup, I might even have a dog too.

  12. Your first paragraph made me laugh.

    What views you have at either place!

    I’m sure the dogs agree with you. How fun to run and explore.

  13. Oh, yes. Life is so tough on that coast, isn’t it? I feel so sorry for you. Wait. Sorry. Had you mistaken for the African walking a mile with a jar laden with water from the river to her home.
    I really need to get that sarcasm tamed. Know any good obedience classes?

  14. Ah, that’s the life…for both you and the dogs!!

  15. so, as a couch potatoe, when you sit in the dark for too long, do you grow the potatoe “eyes” too?

  16. and best yet – no poop scooping, right?

  17. Pamela & Mary – Bobby never showed up after he left the second time. I’m thinking / hoping that his owners fixed whatever it was that was letting him get out.

    Katie – Buddy is a ball of energy, but he won’t stay out long, he’d prefer the couch too.

    Vicki – I’m glad it got there, I thought you’d prefer stuff to go with your new kitchen over a horse condom.

    Brian – I enjoy blogging, just not the snarky emails.

    Heather – believe me, if there was any water around here I’d laden up a jar and bring it home!

    Karmyn – Poop scooping? Just kidding, I know what you mean and I hate it.

  18. Nice telephoto lens. Mind if I borrow it for stalki…um…wildlife photos?

    PS. I like your rock fence. Very Robert Frost.

  19. Jenny – Thanks, sure you can borrow it, I’ve got night vision goggles and some black clothing you can have too. Err, no I haven’t, sorry my mistake.

    PS. That’s not a rock fence it’s a natural rock formation. If there weren’t five bulls in that paddock right now I’d get a shot to show you.

  20. Chiens doux. Ils sont chanceux pour pouvoir courir librement.

    Hopefully, what I just said made sense. ?

  21. Wow, I must’ve been half asleep when I read this post…forget the Frost fence…I like the Dickens-hat tip of a title.

  22. Susan – Something about soft dogs singing in the library?

    or maybe, Gentle (or perhaps sweet) dogs. They are lucky to be able to run freely. (although we’d say run loose)

    It’s gotta be one of them.

    Robin – Doesn’t seem to be too many Dickens readers in this group.

  23. WHEW! Sounds like I said what I meant to say.

    Quel soulagement!

  24. I want to carry your dogs around like furry purses. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind.

  25. leash laws were created to irritate me. This is why i like the country and big fenced in back yards;P Which was a requirement when picking my house, all because im lazy and hate walkin the dogs LOL

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