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Well I’ll be.

I got this from Karmyn , who got it from Mert. I don’t do these very often and when I do it’s just for a laugh. However, from what little I know of Karmyn, hers seemed like it might be reasonably accurate so I was intrigued. So here’s mine, and in truth I can’t say that I disagree with any of it. Very strange indeed. Oh, and in case you notice it, I played around with the quote in the graphic. I took out the link to the results as I included them in the actual post, and while I was doing it I just couldn’t help myself. Everything else is untouched by Willow trees.

ColorQuiz.com Willowtree took the free ColorQuiz.com personality test!

"Probably one of the nicest blokes in the blogoshpere…"


Your Existing Situation

    Works well in cooperation with others. Needs a personal life of mutual understanding and freedom from discord.

Your Stress Sources

    for straight-forward relationships, founded on mutual trust and
    understanding. Wishes to act only in conformity with his own
    convictions. Demands freedom to make his own decisions without being
    subjected to interference, outside influence, or the necessity of
    making compromises.

Your Restrained Characteristics

    Feels he is receiving less than his share, but that he will have to conform and make the best of his situation.

    in his emotional demands and very particular in his choice of partner.
    The desire for emotional independence prevents any depth of involvement.

Your Desired Objective

    Seeks freedom from problems and a secure state of physical ease in which to relax and recover.

Your Actual Problem

    Seeks security and a position in which he will no longer be troubled by demands being made on him.

Your Actual Problem #2

    to safeguard himself against criticism and to entrench himself in a
    stable and secure position; but is himself inclined to be critical of
    others and difficult to please.


13 Responses

  1. Is it just me, or is this DEAD ON? I’m going to have to go and do this now!

    So, what do you think about the results?

  2. Interesting. I had you pegged all wrong. Thanks for setting me straight

  3. Susan – No it’s not just you, I think it’s eerily accurate too.

    Mark – That’s because you’ve only ever seen me in drag.

  4. Wow……..I think the Color Quiz people are wearing a tin hat connected to Oz…

    Unlike Mark, I agree with Susan….dead…on…

  5. Kind of disturbing in a way isn’t it? I was just telling John that not only do you get to see all of your mental and emotional attributes splayed out before you, dissected … but all from clicking on a few colored boxes?

    I was too flabbergasted to not post mine. It’s pretty dead on, as pretty as it isn’t LOL!

    Just freaky. You know I love weirdness… just look at me. :O)

  6. Mine was quite accurate, too. except for all the wild sex.

  7. Mert – I thought yours was pretty accurate too.

    Pamela – You got wild sex?! Damn, what colours did you use?

    I’m amazed that they could do that using colours, after all it’s not like the birth date one where everyone seemed to end up the same.

  8. Pamela, you weren’t the only one with sex in it, you lucky gal! I saw at least 2 others that mention nookie. 😀 I am answering here so as not to embarrass my blogmates in question, LOL!

    WT, mine was a bit harsh. But so true. I noticed that after posting mine, my comments were dying down… then I was thinking, “Dang, now everyone else is either in shock or po’d because I suggested they take the stupid test.” ;O)

    It sucks having your fears confirmed by pretty little squares… but what can I do? I’m guessing “Try not to be so much of a jackhole” is a good start.

    At least some of it was positive, though its hard to see through the glare of flaws. :O)

  9. Dude it’s your fault I had to go do the darn colors and have it turn out so earily right…. so weird.

  10. very weird. very accurate. Am posting my results on my blog. (and hey, mine also mentioned sex) mk

  11. The nicest bloke ….heh heh heh.

  12. How is “Feels he is receiving less than his share, but that he will have to conform and make the best of his situation” the restrained character. Didn’t we all know this?

  13. Heather – It also says “Wishes to safeguard himself against criticism…” I’m just saying….

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