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Let’s lay the foundation

I assume everyone has heard about Vegemite, so we won’t do him yet. But think about this, you’ve got a jar of that nasty black stuff, what do you do with it?  You put it on Australia’s national symbol, the SAO biscuit, that’s what.


This little baby should be in the Aussie Icons Hall of Fame, yet no bastard seems to know about it except us! As a savoury dish topped with cheese and tomato (or Vegemite), it’s the backbone of our great institution – the ‘Afternoon Tea’, and it can even create a decent  ‘Devonshire Tea‘ as a sweet delight when topped with jam and cream (obviously you should use scones, but I’m talking about the bachelor’s version). Then of course there’s that quintessential Australian treat, the vanilla slice. You really should click that link, it’s a recipe.

Aren’t you just sick and tired of all that false advertising or packaging that have pictures that bear absolutely no resemblance to the product inside. You know what I’m talking about, just look at any frozen dinner and you’ll see what I mean. But the SAO is different, for example this is a packet of cheese and tomato SAOs and this is what you get….

Hahaha! I’m kidding! That’s what I had for lunch today.

Now, for a change of pace, let’s look at something Little Miss Moi mentioned in her comments, Peck’s Anchovette paste. Foreigners carry on about Vegemite and how salty it is, well this shit makes Vegemite taste like strawberry jam. I had to go and buy this because I never eat it, I like the Salmonella Lobster myself. There is not a Baby Boomer in Oz who hasn’t been scared for life by the inclusion of a Peck’s Paste sandwich in their lunch box.100_2046

Moving, on…the one on the right is a jar of beetroot. There are two things I learned about beetroot while I was living in America: it’s the quickest way to tell the difference between an Aussie hamburger and a Yankie one(ours has it, yours doesn’t), and they actually do come in a form other than sliced and swimming in vinegar (I also discovered that both asparagus and spaghetti didn’t always come in cans too).  And now for a bit of fun (for me anyway) click on the link to see them side-by-side.

I’m such a kidder. Stay tuned for even more grocery posts after FunMonday!


23 Responses

  1. Dear willowtree. I love this post. LOVE it, excuse the shouting, I don’t often do it.

    Your photos are really outstanding. I’m feeling really emotional now. I’m very homesick. Alas, I have a little hangover, so my desire for your cheese and tom on a SAO is very intense.

    Mmmm mmm Anchovette Pecks Paste. Thank you thank you. And not just the domain of boomers. It’s so good straight from the fridge, but never survived the lunchbox well, you’re right.

    And the beetroot. REAL beetroot doesn’t grow on trees. Or in the ground, people.

    I must go. My Vegemite ration (one tube for one year) is calling me from the kitchen.

  2. Are Australians this fascinated with American food? Just wondering…

    I have to admit, I am strangely fascinated.

  3. I cannot believe you’re going to get a SERIES out of this, but you’re well on your way…! It might not rank up there with your trip to the eye doc, or mining adventure, or your “me” posts, but look at us…..we’re glued to what’s next out of your grocery sack! Unbelievable!

    It goes to show you something, but what that is, I’m afraid to know (hehe). So far, I think I know of a new diet to try….All things Aussie…;)

  4. Now that I look a little closer I guess we’re not so different after all.

    We have those SAO biscuits here too.

    We call them “crackers”.

    We also have Salmonella Lobster in the States.

    We call it “catfood”.

  5. Gosh, you did a masterful job of duplicating the tomato and cheese on your SAO biscuit. Great slicing!

    What kills me about all these products is just how different (unfamiliar?) the packaging is. Without even reading the words, they all just look…different and foreign.

    I might have to skip the Vegemite post…sorry, Miss Moi. When we were in Oz for our honeymoon, I tried it (to see what all the fuss was about) and just about hurled. What is it? And why? It just isn’t…right.

    That said, I’m sure I’d like it much better if I ever tried the anchovette, which ain’t gonna happen.

    Pretty pics, WT!

  6. Crackers, beets, and fish paste, huh. And you said spaghetti, in a can? This explains a lot about you, Willowtree.

  7. Anchovy paste…I had a hell of a time finding it here….but it comes in tubes. How do you use it. Mine is for escarole and some sauces.

  8. an elderly couple that I know vacatined in AU last year as their daughter lives there.
    They told me about the pickled beet on burgers.

    We like pickled beets in our green salad.

    I’m sorry about the fishy paste.

  9. jenny ha!

    aside from the anchovy paste, the cracker/cheese/tomato actually looked edible.

  10. “We also have Salmonella Lobster in the States.
    We call it “catfood”.”

    haha too funny Jenny!

    Anything that starts with salmonella canna be good for you!

    I thank my stars I’m a vegetarian!

  11. Beth – Probably, maybe, who knows?.

    Robin – You’re going to love the vegemite post.

    Jenny – These crackers are a 1/4 of an inch thick!

    Ree – Thank you, I was impressed my cheese and tomato SAO photo too. I was particularly pleased that I managed to capture the angle of the cheese.

    Melissa – I think so too.

    Claudia – We mostly put it on toast.

    Nikki and Katie – What’s the deal? I do all the work and Jenny gets all the laughs!

  12. So the anchovy paste and the vegemite – are they salty?

  13. I love anchovette…but then, I guess that doesn’t surprise you.

  14. Melissa – Is the Pope a catholic?

    Min – Not really. I’ve seen the stuff you’re prepared to eat.

  15. Ummm, salmonella is a nasty, nasty germ here. I’m going to have to assume it doesn’t have the same meaning on your half of the world. Because otherwise it seems like a very strange method of population control.

  16. Let’s face it WillowTree… Not that you are without your own personal brand of charm , but Jenny was funnier.

    I will say the post is quite interesting. I’ve never heard of some of these ” things “.

  17. Interesting…anything else on the toast? I’m thinking tomato would be tasty.

  18. Yeah, I’m with Claudia. What does one eat with paste I can only imagine tastes like mushy bullion cubes? Do tell.

  19. I don’t like Saos, they are too dry. However, I do love 2 Vita Wheats with butter and vegemite between then, squeezed before eating so that little butter and vegemite worms come out of the holes.

    Grandma used to give me Anchovette paste on sandwiches, which I loved until I found out what it was made from (eeew, hairly little fish?).

    I had burgers for dinner on Saturday and you can’t have them without beetroot. Yumm. I must say, WillowTree, you got very fancy beetroot in a jar! Mine was in a can.

  20. Ok I have to admite I am totally facinated with just how different food is for different folks ya know..

  21. I used to have a mare that ate beat pulp in the winter.

  22. Hmm, note to self, if I ever find myself in the land downunder and if I should have the, um, pleasure of meeting Willowtree, be sure not to accept any foodstuffs he presents to me. Particularly if he says it’s a requisite part of the Aussie experience.

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