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Fun Munday #5

This Fun Monday is brought to you by Karmyn, so that’s where the full list is. She has gone for the ‘treasured possession’ theme, which I think is a good one.

For this exercise I have chosen two objects, one is mine and one was my grandfather’s (who got killed in the war so I never met him).

The first item is a watch, it hasn’t worked for as long as I can remember, and even if it did it wouldn’t be much use because somehow I managed to lose one of the hands…



It doesn’t do much, and in truth it’s not really all that valuable, but what it does do, is bring back memories of another, more innocent time, like Christmas Day 1957 for example, the day that it was given to me (that’s me in the middle, we all got watches from my grandmother that year)…


This next item belonged to my grandfather, who was a sail maker. It’s a rope splicer. You should be looking at the thing with the clenched fist. I thought I had a better picture but I was wrong, oh well…


It’ s some kind of dark wood, I don’t know much more about it because, as I said, he died before he could tell me anything about it, actually he died before he met me, way before, like before my mum met my dad.

I have been chosen for next week’s Fun Monday (yipee!). I notice that Karmyn said that I had a REAL good subject. Well now, I don’t know if it’s a real good subject, but it does get us back to what Vicki’s original idea was, which was more like ‘Sticky-beak Monday’ (Erik coined the term ‘Fun Monday’, which works well  and is more appropriate), so with that in mind, next week’s subject is "My Blogging Environment". I’m going to put up a couple of photos of my workstation, which is where I do my blogging, but you are free to interpret it as you see fit. It’s just so that we can have a mental image when we read participating blogs.

On another matter….

100_2022I notice a few of you have expressed concern over my habit of eating salmonella lobster, so let me set the record straight: It’s Salmon and Lobster, salmonella lobster is what the Texafornians (Jenny&Melissa) call it. I just go along with them because I’m a big believer in the old saying "You can always tell a Texafornian, but you can’t tell them much"…


34 Responses

  1. Very nice treasured possessions. I also like your theme for next week – go ahead and count me in, but it’s probably going to play second fiddle to another post on that day. Oh, and why were you wearing socks with your sandals when your wise older brothers weren’t?

  2. Love the photo of the brothers with the watches, though it’s funny for me to see shorts on Christmas day!

    Count me in next week.

  3. Cool post! Well done!

  4. Wow, Peter, you’ve had that watch longer than I’ve been alive! This year will be the 50th anniversary of your having received it, and I KNOW it must’ve been special for you to have kept it. I also know your childhood…had it’s “moments”…so I’m GLAD you have this to tie you to an “age of innocence”.

    The rope slicer is just cool; have you tried to google info on it? I’ve never seen anything like it, it’s got to be the crown jewel in your collection of all things wooden :). Plus, if anything or anyone breaks in your house, it looks like a handy-dandy tool to crack ’em over the head!

    (Cute pic of you and your brothers, you’ll get nothing snarky from me today about the high fashion…I’ll leave that to everyone else 🙂 ).

  5. Oh, yeah, you know I’m in for next week, right? Your topic is one I had in mind, too. I’m just proud of you for not asking us to post scantily clad pictures of ourselves as part of our blogging environment ;). Of course, it wouldn’t surprise me if you got some of THOSE–I mean, we HAVE seen pirates in panties over here ;).

  6. Cute kid. Whatever happened to him?
    What does a rope splicer do? (yeah, Let me guess…it splices something…rope, maybe. But how does it work?)
    Can I play next week?

  7. Oh the sweet, heady days of socks and sandles.

    “My blogging environment.” I can clean it up first, right?

  8. Dear willowtree. How did you lose the hand of a watch? That was a bit misplaceful of you (hmmmm new word). I take it you’re a southpaw?

  9. My blogging environment. I’ll have to think on that one.

    I’m lovin’ that rope splicer. It looks very “we can do it!”

  10. Very cool rope splicer! It looks like mahogany .

  11. Love the picture of you as a youngster with the watch. Very cute.

    No idea what a rope splicer is, but I like the looks of it. almost looks like a bully club.

    and I am in for next monday – now to the question…do I clean up my blogging environment or just let it be? hmmm…

  12. Great objects. How do you lose the hand off a watch anyway?

    I’m in for next week.

  13. I always look at pics first, so my first thought was that you were saluting with the wrong hand…or maybe the other two were confused. Absolutely love the outfits.
    The watch is a wonderful heirloom even though it doesn’t work. Maybe the missing hand makes it even more special. I’m sorry your never met your grandfather.
    The wood is gorgeous. I remember these from an earlier post.
    We have something very similar to salmonella lobster here…it’s called Peter Pan peanut butter.

  14. adorable picture. Dig the sandals.

    I’m going to have to clean up my office before Monday. Don’t want you all seeing my mess.

  15. oh my goodness, what a cute picture and great objects.

    count me in too for next week.

  16. Looking at the rope splicer I realize that my mind has been terribly corrupted. All I could think of was this sort of thing (link not for the feint of heart).

  17. Great topic for next week, count me in!

  18. Count me in!
    I think you need to take the rope splicer on Antiques Roadshow, and find out what it’s worth.

  19. I have some old watches too. One was my mother’s and one was my grandmother’s. I guess that they are treasures. The real treasure may be the Salmonella Lobster, which looks suspiciously like peanut butter. Recently in here in the states, the Peter Pan brand peanut butter was found to be infected with Salmonella

  20. Mark – the answer to your question can be found in the age difference, I was still young enough to fall for the adults’ bullshit and wear what I’m told.

    Robin – I’ve seen how it works, my father was in the navy and he could splice rope too. My grandfather was in the merchant navy before the war and I that know it comes from Africa.

    Min – That’s a question I have asked myself many times. Yes of course you can play!

    Jenny – It’s up to you, but try to keep it a bit real;)

    LMM – I’ve no idea how I lost the hand. No I’m not a southpaw, but that didn’t really matter then as I couldn’t tell the time anyway. Ironically the brother on my left is a lefty, as was my dad.

    Melissa – I’ve always thought more along the lines of the Black Panthers.

    Karmyn – Rope splicing is used to join ropes together by undoing the weave and then platting them both together, that’s why it’s the shape it is, the pointy end is pushed into the rope to open up the weave.

    Vicki – Don’t get too sterile. Keep it a bit real.

    James – We use the other end.

  21. You were such a cute little boy! I love the pic of you lads proudly displaying the watches!!
    I think I’ll be able to do next week’s theme

  22. WT … I saw one of those rope splicers somewhere recently. I think I was in an antique shop. I didn’t know what it was, but I know we looked at it with keen intereset.

    What a delightful present — watches. I don’t think I got a watch until I was an adult. Thats why I still run late.

    Yes, I’ll join next monday —
    and I might even dust. (Might, didn’t say I would.)

  23. Nice watch I still have my first watch given to me in 1955 when I went to secondary school. My first husband was a merchant navy officer and used to do splicing and I think I still have some samples (turks head comes to mind but I’m probably wrong) somewhere in my cellar.

  24. Nice post!! Love the photo of you and your brothers and how awesome that you still have the watch.

    I’ve never seen anything like the rope splicer. I will start looking for them when I go antiquing.

    The salmon and lobster spread…..can’t think of anything nice to say about it!

  25. If it weren’t for the post being about something very special to you, I’d make fun of the socks and sandals, even if the adults and not you dressed you that way.

  26. Yes, black panthers too. Yeehaw Dude. (Texafornian slang)

  27. Claudia – I’ll put you down for it anyway, if you can’t do it there’s no harm done.

    Pamela – Don’t get too carried away with the dusting.

    ChrisB – Damn, if I knew that I could have got you to do this post for me!

    Songbird – That’s just because you haven’t tried it. It’s an acquired taste.

    TOBear – Don’t let that stop you.

    Melissa – I thought Yeehaw Dude was Texafornia’s State Motto.

  28. Well. We’re still working on annexing Arizona and New Mexico so we can become one large state. For now, it’s more of a saying…

  29. OK, well now I have permission and it’s a slow lunchtime at work…

    It’s not just the socks with sandals that disturb me, although I would like to know if you still wear them? How about the shorts pulled up to your armpits. No wonder you all had a funny look on your little faces. heh. your little boy bits were probably being squashed.

  30. You can count me in for your Fun Munday.

  31. Dear willowtree. You can count moi in for next week.

  32. Your to funny;) those are some neat things.. hmm i’ll have to think about joining the fun monday thing next week. Well maybe if I can get my desk looking somewhat reasonable LOL

  33. Since I am back from vacation, count me in.

    I might post pictures of my groceries… because all the cool kids are doing it.

  34. I will try to post for Fun Monday! This IS a good topic :). . .

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